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Hitler bad, Keli good.

Fucking Over Pangwinking

Teh Bubba: holy shit, i should write a post about smash. he’s creepy as fuck, and he scared me!
pangwinking: how?
pangwinking: did you touch your bad place?
pangwinking: sigh
Teh Bubba: hohoho, funny you ask! welllll…
pangwinking: i lose again
pangwinking: did HE*
Teh Bubba: shit, this is when the post starts
Teh Bubba: i better start writing it…

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I’m glad we’re in agreeance!

First off, this is one of the greatest sites ever…endless fun.

Now to the subject on hand: I still hate stupid people.

Embody the Jotun: bad religion should be taken out and beaten by Euronymous
Teh Bubba: taken our from where?
Teh Bubba: out
Embody the Jotun: taken out back
Embody the Jotun: taken from wherever they are
Teh Bubba: …and beaten by whom?
Embody the Jotun: Euronymous
Teh Bubba: mhmm
Embody the Jotun: im glad you are in agreeance
Teh Bubba: i guess…if that’s a word. not sure who euronymous is, but whatever. bad religion is old, and they still rock.
Embody the Jotun: what word are yo unsure of? Euronymous or agreeance?
Teh Bubba: agreeance
Embody the Jotun: it is, and its spelled correctly
Embody the Jotun: look it up shmoe
Teh Bubba: you look it up
Teh Bubba: i’m pretty sure i’m right
Embody the Jotun: it says cnn said scholars say that agreeance is in the oxford dictionary and dates back to the 18th century
Embody the Jotun: it says agreement is more common but both are right
Teh Bubba: well there you go. i don’t use it though.
Embody the Jotun: i dont think many people do
Teh Bubba: still not a word

I hate when people send their friends that I don’t even know to bother me…fuckers. I was going to write some long-winded rant on stupid people, but once I started writing I decided I just didn’t care enough.

If I felt like thinking, writing, thought I could actually make some people un-stupid, and just plain cared enough, then I would have probably made a site just like this one here; however, I don’t. Stupid people will always be stupid, but it doesn’t mean I have to learn to accept it. This is where I’d end with some kind of point, but I won’t just to spite any stupid people who might have actually read this shit. Anyway, in the words of the great J Davis 074 (he’s another stupid person story all by himself, but I won’t be bothered with writing about him):

J Davis 074: oh eat one


Oh eat one, stupid people.

House of DOOM!

None of the following is relevant to anything in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. I didn’t even put in the effort to try and make it interesting and/or comedic. Why? Because I’m hungry, bored, and my fingers just want to push on the little buttons….they’re just so cuuute! Reee!

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“Explosivo Diarreo”

Hello people who don’t know me! Hello people who do!(all five of you or so) Alright then, now that that’s all said and done…

Aye mateys, diarrhea wins the ‘Worst Shit Award’ indeed. I was sitting here, minding my own business, doing what I do best…. absolutely nothing. Then, all of a sudden, my ass feels the need to scream. So, I try to hurry my way to the toilet without shitting myself and whatnot. Success! I rock so fucking hard, it’s not even fair anymore. Alas, before I can even celebrate, I have to pull down me pants and pull the release valve. …In one explosive clump of diarrhea….*sploosh* ….my ass beckons. I think to myself “Is it over? Can I leave now? Hello? Is anybody there?” Right after that my ass answers “Yes.” and spits out some of the remains of the beast, as if to spit on my thoughts and demoralize me…yeah…it worked. I scream like a girl….um…”AHH!” “Blimey, I’ll meet the rope’s end before this day is done!” I think to myself like a pirate for some reason or another. In fear that my arse is not yet done, I sit; ass wide open, I sit. As I try the good ‘ol push and chomp technique, all I can hear is a squishy sound; like my butthole is salivating at the thought of the great fear I have of what may come next. It’s the sound your moist tongue makes as you stick it to the top of your mouth, then remove it; go ahead and do it a few times, I’ll wait……….. Yeah, it sounded kind of like that. You didn’t do it, did you? Fucking gay…oh well. I give up on the push and chomp after a minute or so. I attempt the open and wait strategy instead, hoping my luck will differ. After a good ten minutes or so I get this awkward, gay,Justin-like vibe; it appears my ass has been open far too long for my liking….I close it tightly and lock the door….to my ass. What? You act like you don’t have locks on your asshole or something? It’s sort of an anti-grud mechanism…or something.

Anyway….it is done for now. As I wipe the ANALJUICE from me arse, I feel the need to see the beast that tried to best me this humble day. I’m quite frightened, terrified even, but I suck it down and take a quick glance at it; oddly enough, I don’t whip my head back after the site of the poo-monster. No, no….not remotely. Actually, I get quite hungry at the site of the ‘lil bugger. My shit looks just like somebody grabbed a can of chile beans and plopped it in the toilet. I think “Aye, that kind of looks like the chile dog I had the other day…go figure. I could go for another right about now.” This could have definitely been a sign of some sort to eat a chile dog or something, but fuck if I’m going to heat up some scurvy chile beans at 4:30 AM. I mean, seriously, it didn’t quite make me THAT hungry. If it were a bit later, people were up, and I hadn’t eaten in several days….I’d definitely give it a maybe. My voracious efforts had paid off…the peril is now over. The clouds seemingly turn from black to white, as they faded away. The sun can now rise, once again. The birds awaken, and I hear their joyful chirping once more. My hair, blows effortlessly in the wind. A gleam in my eye, a smirk on my face…..victory. I am the most powerful being on Earth at this very moment. I am the ruler of my own bowels. I am a hero to my faithful people. I will rule you all with my iron fist! I saved the day Betty! I saved the day…

I got so pumped after my great victory that I figure I’d write about this fantastic journey to all my Derby brethren….alas…..it is not there. Have you payed your dues Bus? The check is in the mail……I can only hope. :'(

THE END!(or is it?)

(The Bus Man never did pay his dues….and as a result The Derby Empire fell….and fell….and fell some more…until there was no more fell to fall. It was sad….IT WAS SAD…to bad yep to bad)