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been so busy 🙁 so very busy 🙁 finals start next week, and all that.
but i thought i would take a break from studying to ask for a very small, big favor. 😀

a few weeks ago i helped do a little iddy bit of design work on an xbox related wall paper thing (i didn’t make it, just helped some), and now it’s in an xbox related wallpaper contest thing, and i’m going to be so crushed if it doesn’t win 🙁 i have a very vested interest in it winning because my pride is on the line, people. anyway if you have a minute to waste, i’d really appreciate your vote :))

so if you wouldn’t mind doing something fabulous to help the starving children around the world (minus everyone except me), go here:

xbox-scene wallpaper contest

the crap thing is you have to make/register an account (i bet you can just fudge the email addy as long as it looks valid… ¬.¬), but after you’ve done that you can vote!

the wallpaper i want to see win is for “Anusbis333 (#2) DCMA Santa” so please select that option and vote before 12:00 midnight eastern time (it is currently 1:30 pm eastern time)! 😀

see, wasn’t that fun?!

i wanted to post something you guys could benefit from but i really can’t beat justin’s post below mine. alba is a sexy mother shut your mouth.

but i can do something i don’t think justin has ever posted before. although i’m probably wrong. but i present to you, the funniest and most sad waste of time i’ve encountered in a while:

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in dedication of bligity-man & smashy-poo

greymatter sucks. i wrote up a post earlier and the damn thing decided to pull a “page cannot be displayed” upon preview, and then an “i’m a piece of shit so i decided to lose all of your data” when i hit the back button. my folly for not copying before previewing, but i really wasn’t expecting it to mal-fucking-function. >:O


allow me to try to recreate my beautiful vision. 😉

–~scoobidydoo~scoobidydoo~scoobidydoo~ (or whatever they say on wayne’s world)–

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pointless, but hopefully still amusing :x

so im standing in line at publix paying for my sub

and the bag boy is bitching about how his name is RICHIE. it says RICHIE clearly on his name tag. but people keep calling him by names that AREN’T HIS NAME. names that AREN’T ON THE NAME TAG. like chris, or greg.

and when they call him by some name that isn’t RICHIE, he points to the name tag with a vengeance, and gets pissed that they pissily respond with “ohhh, soooo sorry–RICHIE”

and i’m sitting here thinking to myself. my god man. does it really matter?

i mean a rose by any other name… a bag boy by any other name tag!

but he’s RICHIE and he’s ANGRY.

so he hands me my sub in a plastic bag

and he says “have a nice day” in that insincere way (like they’re programmed to do)

and i said

thanks, gary

and walked away

what in the hell is wrong with people???? hahah

i am so easily amused. and easily confused. i could sum that all up in one word: blonde. ha! i crack me up.

actually, this is not the first time it’s happened to me, but it is the first time in a long time. it happens on a regular basis to other girls (namely more popular webcam personas or celebrities or models or whatever), much moreso than it’s ever happened to me. but regardless of who it happens to, and with what frequency, i don’t understand why it happens.

which is why i want to ask all of you–since you might have some ideas to offer on the subject–what the hell possesses a person to pretend they’re someone they’re not?

if you’re confused as to what i’m talking about, let me briefly explain.

i have pictures on the internet, on my website, along with a description of myself, what i like in a mate, and all that other personal-page crap. pretty much the same thing every other girl (and guy?) has on her (his?) site, more or less. call me average. i am not exactly a celebrity. 😛 i don’t really warrant fanatics or psychotic people who stalk me. i can’t even spell for christs sake; in other words, i’m really not that special! honest!

but yesterday someone IMed me with this link: FTJ profile

guess whose pictures those are? yeahp, mine. guess who’s description of self that is? yeahp, mine, as worded ‘exactly’ on my website. did i create that profile?

…is my name laura?

ehh.., no.

i guess the expected reaction to learning someone was trying to *be* you would be annoyance? aggrivation? but i’m not annoyed. confused, a little bit, but not annoyed. mostly i’m just amused. i cracked up when i first saw that. i mean, isn’t it cute? someone wants to be me! (why????) not just look like me, but have my personality as well! (again, i ask why???) i think i find this so amusing because i don’t exactly see myself as the sort of person people are dying to be. like i said, i’m pretty average. i guess you could consider it flattery, though it’s not exactly an entire fansite or anything (*cough*justinyoustudyou*cough*), but it is someone who i guess thought me worth embodying?? as literally as digitally allowed?

but what really bothers me is i don’t understand WHY? what’s the point? pretend you’re someone you’re not so guys may take interest in “you” to talk to you…? but you can’t get any further than that because it’s not really YOU you advertised in the first place. i just dont get it. where does that get you? make a fake profile in hopes the real person will see it so you can get a rise out of them? but then not tell them about it, rendering any attempts at spiting a person useless. ok so i’m pretty sure ‘laura’ doesn’t want to piss me off, because if she did she would have made the profile obvious to me somehow, and if she did want to piss me off, too bad cuz she really just gave me a good laugh. so if not to piss me off, and if it makes no sense to try to get other people to talk to you (seeing as though you can’t get any farther than that), then why do it?????????

someone tell me please before i go nuts! .. or before i’m forced to ramble more! both, equally scary sights.

actually.. maybe she just wanted to make me feel hot. im, err laura’s.. er, i’m already listed as like #129 — almost the top 100 hahaha. blah.

i hate face the jury.

ruh roh, here it comes!

he’s lost his mind. i swear he has. justin, i mean. you’ll agree with me. just as soon as you scroll your little eyes down and see who’s posting this little diddy.

(oh my god.. oh no he didn’t… he wouldn’t… is he mad!!!)

apparently! but damnit i love a guy with balls. i already warned him this would probably cost him the integrity of his site but he said…. anything goes. and so it shall. just as soon as i make it clear not to blame justin in his time of temporary insanity. he still deserves all of the love in our hearts 🙂 (aww.. mushmushmush). actually to be honest i’d really like to thank him for this opportunity. i have a few things i’d like to make clear. and on what better forum than on a site called “bad in a good way” ???

let’s be honest with eachother for a moment, shall we?

apparently in some very, very, very small and insignificant ways i have muddied the water with controversy. or, at least managed to do something (technically nothing) to make a few (very very few and an insignificant number of) people–how can i say this–not happy with me? now the funny thing is, the people who aren’t happy with me are people who i have never spoken a word to beforein my entire life! how do people who have never even met me grow to dislike me? how the hell am i supposed to know?? i never asked them… (never had the opportunity 🙁 )

but i could make a few guesses. is it the fact that i had a couple saline-filled silicone bags shoved under my pectoral muscles at the “tender” age of 16? is it the fact that i adore MAC makeup and wear it like it’s going out of style? is it the fact that my warddrobe has pinks, blacks, and blues sprinkled here and there in it??? or maybe it’s the fact that i have a personal site on the web just like everyone else? oh wait, it must be because i bought a webcam and use it on occasion. yes, those are all *perfectly* good reasons to hate me.

do you buy that? i don’t. mandi speculates that maybe people are just jealous of me, or that they think that i am fake. surprisingly both of these things come as a bit of a shock to me. first because, (remember we’re still being honest), i am not even remotely perfect enough for anyone to be jealous of me, and second, because the only remotely fake thing about me is my cup size. my actual breasts–which consist of mammary tissue–are real. it’s the silicone parts beneath them that don’t exactly occur on their own in nature. but does having ‘fake tits’ make me a fake person? think about it. my tits have no more to do with me as a person than the amount of earwax building up inside of your ears at this very moment has to do with you as a person.

i chose to get them, yes. it was a conscious decision, yes. i had my valid reasons, yes. i am happy with the outcome, yes. they are me and i am them, ….no. they’re just boobs! i wanted bigger ones….. to go along with my child-bearin’ hips and semi-broad shoulders. to bring proportionality to my body, to bring balance. to be able to look in the mirror and think “cool my shirt actually fits today.” a bit of a self-esteem booster, yanno? same reason you goobers get braces, opt for contacts over glasses, try to wash all the acne off of your faces, etc. not to have sexually-frustrated guys drool over them or think anything more or less of me–which is why you’ll never see me “bearing all” (these puppies are staying clothed thankyouverymuch….heh heh, sorry guys!).

so now that it (hopefully) makes sense to you that i am not my boobs, perhaps you can come to the mature conclusion that i am not fake for having them. in fact i’m probably one of the more straight-forward, honest, and open individuals you may ever meet. the day that those qualities equates to being fake is the day …. [insert cliche about hell freezing over–or something along those lines–here]

ok so we’ve established why i did what i did, we’ve established that it bears no relevance to my persona, and we’ve established that i’m not fake. oh, and we’ve also established that you have no need to be jealous of me. i am not a threat, i swear and i promise. i won’t steal your man (already got a great one of my own.. [well, two if you count justin he-he-he kidding! ;)] …not that i’d ever do that anyway :P), i won’t bite you (unless of course you deserve it), and i sure as hell will never get all-up-in-your-face or even all-sneaky-behind-your-back to talk shit about you for no reason. so i’d appreciate it if you did the same for me. sounds cool?

oh, and as if you couldn’t tell by this point, i’m not flawless and i know that. that does not make me stuck-up or snobbish in any way, shape, or form. i am well aware that i have my shortcomings–for one thing, i am long winded. (have ya noticed? have ya? i have a real knack for it!). for another, i have self esteem issues. and yet for another, just to put icing on the cake, i can’t spell for shit. but that doesn’t mean i’m not edjumacated. i may be giggly and hyper and even downright weird at times (sometimes i wonder if i have a tendency towards manic episodes..), but that doesn’t mean my head is full of hot air. i just adore having fun, being fun, and that to me, is enjoying myself to the extent where i ‘hehe’ a lot. does that make sense? i hope so.

ok now i fully realize a lot of the problems people have with me stem from their misunderstandings (or lack of understandings) about me, my intentions, and motivations. it is true these things are not always available in black and white for your reading ‘pleasure.’ which is why, to bring this post to an end, i want to extend myself out for you to contact if you ever have any questions for or about me. don’t be shy. you’ll never get any honest answers if you only talk behind my back. i’m really open to answering anything, as long as your questions aren’t obviously stemming from your hormones or anything like that. my name’s crystal, called stal for short. i’m sinnah on aim/aol, if you’d like to e-mail, and my site is at if you ever want to read up on me before you jump to conclusions or make any unfair assumptions. feel free to contact me any time. i’m almost always online. i live a pathetic existance and i’m damn proud of it (haha not really) so feel free to take advantage of that at any time 😉

lastly, i <3 justin for letting me do this. but someone who i've recently developed an even stronger thing for is "trent" (yeah, you baby 😉 ). which is why i have to say this right here and right now. TRENT WILL YOU MARRY ME?????? you can have my babies and we'll name them all after you, it'll be great! ;D haha kidding child, don't get your panties in a bunch 🙂 but please do feel free to contact me so i can spread my lameness all over you like butter on hot sticky buns, baby! thanks for reading kidlets 🙂 hope you feel a little… less tense about me. 😉