What has happened 2 U?!

Two nights ago, i dreamt up the best post ever.

It was the best post ever.

In that post, i officially changed my posting name to Enrique Iglesias. It was still pronounced ‘Justin’ but it was spelt E.n.r.i.q.u.e I.g.l.e.s.i.a.s. In that post, i was the biggest ass ever. So much more than i was like i was yesterday to Will.

(One day, i fear Will will go postal as a result of my being an ass to him; and he will hack my site.)

I also had very bad grammar and sentence structure in that post.

But regardless of which, the post that i dreamt up was so good, i think i even remember me laughing in my sleep. Because it was so funny. I was very bitchy in that post. I made fun of this one godawful little site. I made fun of it’s name too. I thought to myself, “What the fuck kind of name is that?”. Because seriously, any site that has the word dump and core in its title must be alluding to it’s own shit filled center. Kind of like a blue M&M with shit instead of chocolate in the middle.

Then i clicked on a link. And a godawful little site about that godawful game Counter-Strike or whatever the fuck it’s called came up. I started reading and then i cried. I felt dumber for having read that site because it had terrible English.

People who cannot write proper English should never make websites.

I should also probably be telling myself the same thing but it’s okay. My immense ego renders me immune to my own good advice.

I wish i could remember the other dastardly thing that i wrote about in that post that i dreamt about. Because it was really funny. I mean, would i have laughed in my own sleep if i didn’t find it funny?

Most likely yes. Because i am quite easily amused.

Actually it’s all coming back to me now. I remember why i had that dream. I was reading up on this other little site and it had a little section about all the silly little wars that it had been in with some other silly little sites. I was amused and thought, hm, wouldn’t it be great to be completely immature for a while and start pissing off people and getting into silly little wars?

Then i fell asleep.

And then i dreamt my silly little dream.

Now please go to the real Enrique’s website and buy his latest CD which has the song ‘Hero’ on it. If you watch it on the MTV, it has the Jennifer Love Hewitt on it. His father Julio would be so proud!