Dreams can come true?

Here I am again and I’m still sporting the same headache, only bigger in magnitude. I can tell it’s one of the worst ones as it multiplies everytime I move my head. If only I could sleep. It’s taken me about 5 hours on the PS2 to get my eyes tired enough but still as I lay my head on the pillow, insomnia clouds over me again. The bad dreams must account for something. They’re not so much nightmares but they always give me this uneasy feeling when I wake up. Bad enough to make me avoid sleeping for as long as I can stand.

Last night in the two hours sleep that I managed, I dreamt about none other than the webmaster himself. Yep, Justin. Ok, I’m not saying that he’s the object of people’s nightmares, the dream was so weird I woke up in a sudden, headache and all. I don’t really remember all the exact details but basically we were having a party here at home. A pool party, except that our pool was more like a moat. And instead of blue chlorinated water, it was green. The emerald green that the sea looks like from an airplane. Anyways, I hadn’t gotten ready for the party yet when everyone started turning up, Justin included. Uninvited. After greeting all the guests I went up to take a shower, and out of nowhere my mom appeared in the bathroom to bathe me. It turned out that I had run of shampoo so I had to use some of my mom’s, which was supposedly of a special kind. Then I went to my room to blow dry my hair and went down to play hostess. Everyone looked at me weird, some even avoided me like the plague. I bumped into Justin at the staircase and saw that he was wearing a navy top with SHITHAPPENS scrawled across the front. What significance this held, I do not know. He too kept away, walking as close to the wall as he could. In the mirror, nothing looked amiss. I look just like I always did (maybe that was the problem huh? heh) then I got closer and to my dismay I saw that my hair had turned green, I mean green green. Like moss green. Slime green. Icky green. And it was curly granny hair. Like Mrs Doubtfire’s. Apart from that I don’t remember much else of the dream except people doing yoga out by the pool. Some naked.

I told you I had strange dreams. I’d give you my airplane ticket back if you can interpret it correctly. Maybe all the green stood for envy? *shrug* You tell me.

And you thought your christmas sucked?

Well I promised Justin that I’d take care of his site for him while he was away. Y’know, post. Say Happy New Year for him. That kinda thing.

So, Happy New Year! Or at least a moderately good one. I’m one of the unlucky ones who’s stuck at home when I should be out partying, burning the dance floor, drinking like a fish. But no.. my 2 day fever turned into 3. Sick as a dog, maybe sicker.. that’s me. Headaches, shivers, the works.

Anyway, that’s all I can muster in my present condition. I did promise Justin at least something.

And oh, Thess, make that a legion of camgirls, two dudes, you… and me.