OOOOh wb Justin wtf. Great, just great. You piss off for “G”od knows how long and you expect ME to email YOU and ask if everything’s OK. Perhaps you forgot that our “relationship” doesn’t work like that and if you want me to post anything here for your horny little clientele ever again, then the site had better FUCKING WELL BE HERE when I look. OK?

Anyway, I suppose that your little clique of pre-pubescent girl followers will be posting here again soon. Believe me, I’d love to hit some of them, but the drivel they post here is extremely off-putting.

Some of your readers are a damn sight more concerned about where I am than you seem to be. I know you are shy and scared and ruddy pathetic, but remember that you are my little project and your education is important to me.

So what have I been doing then. I’m sure your little cock is almost lactating at the very thought of me telling you, so I won’t. Yet.

Dildos. Why to they make them look like penises? Penises are ugly (that’s why they have to be punished) and I have to say that if am choosing what I am inserting into my vagina (and I always choose. You have no input) then I would never choose something ugly. Lesbians use dildos. Lots. One of the reasons they are lesbians is because they don’t like men and their penises. I agree that the shape has to be fundamentally phallic, but show some initiative. How about a Mona Lisa dildo. The head and fucking shoulders of the Mona Lisa, recreated in rubber. That would look good. I’d use that.



The usual crap

Hi again assorted losers,

What a load of crap. There certainly are some freaks spending time here at this website. I imagine that a good portion of them have been just waiting and salivating, hitting the refresh button every 5 minutes just in case Jenn has posted again. Get out, do something, and only check every hour – That’s an order, right.

So what shall we talk about today? Me seems a good choice as always. I wonder if I am strange as I am the only person I know who is truely sexually excited by their own body, or images of said body. I have tried everything, videos, magazines, who wants to be a millionaire, but the only thing that really turns me on is pictures of my own naked skin. In some ways, it makes things very easy – I can sexually excite myself any where and any time, just by looking at my breasts. Pictures are best, but the real thing is also sufficient. I turn myself on.

Anyway, enough of that. I will post my thoughts here from time to time (for my own benefit you understand, not for yours) and perhaps we will explore together some of the more interesting activities available to fill that 1 hour window that you are allowed between hitting that refresh button.

Does anyone else post on this site, or all of you scared that the nasty lady might pick on you?



Oh, and by the way, I nearly forgot, Justin, make sure you wash your asshole really well, and do those exercises that we talked about to get you ready for the big day you fucking little pansy

So you think I’m stalking you? Just wait…….

Hi Justin,and hi to all the sad freaks who crowd around this site like it’s something special,

Well, I suppose that I should introduce myself, not that any of you have any right to know anything about me, but I’ve got manners, so….. I’m Jenn, yes, Jenn the terrible stalker….ooh, I bet that sends shivers down your spine doesn’t it.

So anyway, I’m 23 years old, and the average age of you lot is probably 14, so you should and will respect me. I work in publishing. Yes, anyone can publish the sort of crap that Justin spouts on the internet, but in my job, one requires talent. None of you have talent.

So why am I here I’m sure you are asking. Well, believe it or not I saw this site by accident and read a bit of the shit, and felt sorry for this Justin character. BELIEVE ME, I don’t normally go for guys, let alone sad drop-outs like Justin, so I surprised myself rather by this. I like some fucked up shit….none of you will have even dreamt about some of the things that I have done so don’t even try.

Justin said that he would let me post once on his site. I think that he will have to let me post more. Don’t you want to learn more about me?

Well, I’ve wasted enough time on you all today, so go back to your wanking and don’t forget, love your anus.