I never post here but since it’s almost 3AM where I’m at and I’m bored, I figured why the hell not.

Anyways, If you have not already seen the movie 100 Girls I suggest you go watch it now. It’s a really good movie with lots of boobs. It’s one of those “teen” movies that never came out in theatres so you automatically assume it sucks worse than the ones that actually do come out in theatres. But it’s better in my opinion. It has some things that might be considered trying too hard for laughs but the thing I liked most about this movie was probably the fact that it wasn’t funny. I mean it had funny parts, but I don’t think it was made to be a comedy. Something about it just wasn’t like all the other movies. Maybe it was just the perspective. So go rent it.

On the topic of girls I decided to take it upon myself to find some hot girls for you guys. I have compiled a short list of unknown/lesser known ladies that are sexy or “teh sex” whichever you prefer.

First we have Marisa Coughlan – I think she’s gorgeous. I first noticed her when I was watching Super Troopers (funny movie) and I thought She was hot in a sort of goofy looking way. The more you look at her the prettier she gets.

Next there’s Marley Shelton – I saw her in Bubble Boy….The first time I watched it I didn’t even notice her because bubble boy was is so hot, but then the second time around I took a gander and she’s pretty cute. Turns out She was The lifeguard on the Sandlot which is one of the best movies! She’s also going to be in Boondock Saints 2.

Emmanuelle Chriqui – is the next girl. She’s in that movie 100 Girls I was just telling you about. She’s hot in a kind of skanky way. She was also in That movie with the crazy eyed guy from n’sync. Which I never saw.

That’s all….wait no it’s not!!! haha I actually have some more (yes I was really that bored). These ones are soap opera bitches though.

Erin Hershey – She plays a sweet Girl Next Door Type Alison Barrington on Port Charles….She’s really adorable.

Kelly Monaco – She plays Livvie on Port Charles. Her character is so evil it scares me. I mean like REALLY evil. She’s still pretty good looking though, as long as she keeps her mouth shut cause her voice is really annoying.

And Last There’s Rebecca Budig – She’s on “All My Children”. I don’t think she’s all that great looking because she has a birdish look to her and her arms are too muscular with no boobs. BUT some of you may like her. She’s growing on me.

Sorry there’s no doll porn or monkeys this time. Goodnight, Good Morning, Whatever..

I’m on crack.

So here’s the REAL deal. Justin gave the site to me. And Just for your information Both Eve and Liz’s boobs are nicer than mine. However here’s something fun for you guys to do….who do you think has the nicest boobies?? (<—before giving me the site Justin suggested I ask that). Moving on within the next week or so I will probably be making some changes to the site. The layout will now be a David Hasslehoff layout because he oozes sexiness <3. All the naked girly pictures will be replaced with doll porn. Examples 1, 2, 3, 4, and here’s one for the lady fubar readers. If you’re lucky I may even bring you some Sim porn, and yes I do have some.

Also….with me now running the site…stuff like this and this is what you have to look forward to.

And now some monkeys: