oh canada

ahhh canada. you all seemed to get a thrill ripping on bryan adams in amy’s last post so i thought i’d dedicate a whole post on my homeland. actually, i’m just really bored.

first of all i must say, please i invite you to maim, rape, & muder bryan adams. i can’t stand that man. stab celine dion as much as you want…please run over jim carey & my god get rid of avril lavigne! okay, sure we do have a few bad apples. but what country doesn’t? (three words – the olsen twins) in fact, i do believe you’ve got a few million…err…billion of them. americans are stupid. we have television shows based around americans’ stupidity. how many of you actually believe that we do indeed live in igloos? or that it snows year round in every single province? or that ontario is right beside british colombia? waiiiiit a minute, isn’t ontario in california? what?

you are all severely uninformed.

in other news, i may be canadian, i may not be an idiot, but i still do insanely stupid things. i am the girl who runs into walls…one time i decided it would be a great idea to make some kraft dinner (a canadian delicacy of course) & ended up melting the coffeemaker all over the oven. also, i blew up the microwave with my mom’s wedding gold-laced plates. i just have bad luck. perhaps you’d all get a kick out of my latest retarded antics… this is the results of a mishap with this evil appliance. i do believe i am worthy of the klutz of the year award.

pointless half assed post (i envy those who are either extremely intelligent or creative in thier writings). i didn’t sleep at all last night & i’m off to school…be kind, i’m too lazy to spell check.

once upon a time…

there was a boy named justin. justin was a quiet boy, a nice boy. he had a girlfriend named zoe. zoe was a spunky girl, a pretty girl. they were together & they were happy.

then came liz.

liz was a vixen from canada who was neither nice nor quiet. she weaved her evil way into that beautiful fairytale land of fubar & made both zoe & justin love her. late at night she would sit sneakily at her computer snickering happily at the beautiful evilness she was creating.

one day, zoe, justin’s beloved went offline to do laundry. & oh my god, folks, she didn’t return! so instead of being a man & calling her himself, he told this silly evil canadian liz to do it. so she did & talked to teh zoe.

& you know what? i’m dropping the story…because its lame. this post is just to let you all know that zoe & i are in love & running away to iraq together to make sweet sweet love (& run the beautiful new puppet gov’nt which will be set up sometime soon by mr george w bush). & they lived happily & evilly ever after.

the end.

if you’re happy & you know it clap your hands

lyke oh mah gawd, fubar is back!!! hiya kids!!! i’m sooooo super stoked, yipee! erm, or not.

so anyway, a lot went down while justin was on his little hiatus. a lot concerning me, but i’ve decided to forgive & move on. its not going to be so easy for megs, & i doubt she’ll be back on here anytime soon. shes really hurt. & to the person who caused the problem, i don’t know why you did it. well, i mean, i guess i do know why…but i’m just sad that you did. i had a lot of respect for you, & enjoyed talking to you. oh well, this is done, not going to drag it on painfully.

i’ve been talking to zoe a lot. i <3 teh zoe!! i must make that known, because shes awesome & we're really alike. i know that the j-man likes to shelter his girl, but i'm glad i've gotten the chance to get to know her a bit. i've been stretching my ears, they look hot. here is a picture. they’re at 6 gage, please ignore the nasty zit i have…yes, i get zits, i am a teenager. ew. but my ears look hot, oui?

my site has been gone for almost a week? but it was really destructing before that because of just, well, me. i was neglecting it. i was sick of posting new pictures (who really needs to see me every fucking day, honestly? no one. NO ONE.) i seriously thought solo wasn’t going to host me anymore. i didn’t know what to do! but luckily, he is a rad guy & has set up my ftp & new server & everything. so thank you solo, i’m sorry if i’m a bad hostee! but i’m a v. greatful one!!

i don’t have much to say, but last night i was working 6:30-11pm & i started falling asleep & my contact went to the back of my eye & ripped. this is the most tragic thing in my life right now because i am always working or at school (i’m back in highschool!!! wut wut!!) & have no time to go to the optomitrist. wow, i think i should run for the razors (jk, lol). so i’m happy. i’m happy & thats whats going on with me. whats up with all you commenters? fill me/us in by commenting to this entry. share whatever the fuck you want….

I’ve decided to be annoying…as usual.

I’m pulling a Meg and plugging myself…TEENAGEVICTORY.NET, new layout, bitches!

…Only because a) Justin likes it when I plug myself, b) half of you kids (prolly not, but some) read my site, and c) I enjoy bugging fellow fubar girls Thess and Eve…Heh.

Since I’m mentioning all the girls on here, Suzi and Keli are beautiful.

Now go because I’m going to have a terrible day, and want somewhat of a fanbase to complain to.

Now, please, someone post something interesting before everyone attacks me for this. Heh.

It’s not brain surgery, children.

For all those people who worship teh Justin and think he’s a super cool guy, and that he is just completely a smoooooth operator, I’ve got some news for you. He’s not.

I’ve had some people ask me “wow! How do you talk to a guy like him? I wouldn’t know what to say!” Well, have no fear my children, its quite simple. You’ve all gone to elementary school, yes? Then you have the requirments to be Justin’s new best friend! Believe me, talking to him is not about intellectual stimulus. Here’s an example, we’re talking about the little poll he made about me…

TiesAreTehSexee: now 53 or something say NO
psykotik2k: FEH!
psykotik2k: they are all STUPID
TiesAreTehSexee: haha you are all STUPID
psykotik2k: YOUUUUU
psykotik2k: YOUUUUUUUU
psykotik2k: YOU!
TiesAreTehSexee: haha we’re sooooo mature
psykotik2k: ME
psykotik2k: not you
psykotik2k: ME
psykotik2k: only me
TiesAreTehSexee: *sticks out tongue*
psykotik2k: feh!

So there you have it. It’s really not hard. Someone like dik kok could chat this boy up just as well as anyone else. So add him to your buddy list and if he ever goes off privacy, then harrass him in the most immature way possible. It’s fun.

On a side note: Yes, Justin is a doormat. But thats good because I like the owner of teh Justin doormat. And look, the guy called you all stupid! *shakes head*. Oh, and I DO NOT look like sexy and hawt Eliza Dushku. That would be a dream come true if I did…Its just in that one picture where u can see my chin clef and I look really heinous. I hate that picture.

I want to ride me a beaver, cuz daymmmmnnn them some sexee ass…

You know whats great? Canada. Yes, my homeland is wonderful. Which is why you must go over to RIDETHEBEAVER.NET. This site is growing slowly and surely, but I urge any of you Canadians out there to join up. And to all you Americans, theres a niftly little place where you can ask silly questions that have obvious answers about Canadians. Ever wonder what the hell a chesterfield is? And why they let someone who looks and talks like a special ed student be our Prime Minister? What is a Prime Minister anyway? Head on over to RIDETHEBEAVER.NET

Hah, wow, for once I’m plugging a site thats neither mine, nor Megs. Rock!

Here’s some PORN to keep you kids all happy. Meh.

Stop touching yourself while your little neice is watching “Beauty and the Beast!”

So, yes. Justin’s girlfriend is awesome and is letting him post, but he sucks and is lazy. I actually…haven’t talked to him much in the last few days which is weird becuase normally we talk a lot, and when we’re not talking and he’s on ‘away’ I like to harrass him by saying completely untrue and stupid things. Or, y’know, warning him just like every other laydee in his life *i keed*

Anyway, Bubba who is a very smart individual has decided we need to offer teh Justin a little incentive to post. Here is it….Holy shit dude! Cartoon puss-ay!. Lemme tell you, I’ve spent many hours rolling my eyes at J’s ramblings on and on about how ‘friggin hawt’ Ariel is. And Belle. And Alladin (haha okayyy so I made the last one up). But yes, I just don’t understand how cartoons can make you go to that hot, happy place? The only one who is half decent to me would be Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon because he looks like a real person, and I just like his voice…It’s so…in pain. RAWR. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I, in fact, am Sailor Moon (not many people will understand that…hah.)

Anyway, I’ve made a supreme sacrifice in order for teh asian man to post…So lets hope he does before I get bored and send his warning level sky high. Heh.