mmm turkey

I wanted to post about the little prank that me, alex and jen are playing on alex’s stepbro David. He ordered one of those motored scooters…i dunno what they are called but it was like a grand, and he has been waiting for it for a while, well the UPS guy just came and dropped it off and we decieded that we are hiding it and i am telling him that the guy came and I sent him away. If any of you knew him, you would know how funny this will be because he is kinda uptight sometimes. Anyway, I just wanted to post about me hiding that thing. I am going to see THEY tonight, has anyone seen it? Cause I think it looks really stupid, and I want to know from someone who has seen it…..maybe it is coming out today, i dunno..oh yeah….


Have a great weekend.

I dont like Jenn

Well I am sure everyone has been exposed to Jenn, and I dont like her. I know you are all thinking, bla bla nothing to post about. Well I found this funny video on Stick Death and it is the much more violent version of my feelings towards her, mostly i would like to kick her in the face, thats about it….So yeah, I thought I would give you guys the link to this video called Blood Sport I thought it was funny. Oh and I am starting to think that Ellen Feiss is pretty fucking cool. And to even out what Miss Jenn says, I think the people here are pretty cool, NOT Jenn….although I am sure, if she was not ranting like a wretched bitch that she could be pretty cool….meh….check out that video cause it is fucking funny… a scary violent way….here are a couple other funny videos

Tony Rawks Skate Park
Mafia Bloopers

Ok I am going back to school….have a good day guys….

the many complications of fuck buddies

I have been having some trouble figuring out the concept of fuck buddies I mean the whole thing makes sense to me, but it at the sme time makes no sense to me. You get with a guy, you two are “fuck buddies” then it is all like, “I dont want a relationship” and you/me are left there saying….huh? I didnt want one to begin with. So I will explain the situation, this guy, Andrew (not huron) and I were like friends back in the day and we hooked up again after me and the loser/steve broke up…whatever, he was a cool guy, and straight up I told him I didnt want a relationship…and it was cool. We chill, talked, watch movies…all that shit..anyway, we are talking on MSN last night and he was telling me he went to a party and I was like, “whatcha do? have fun?” and he went on this whole think about, “I didnt want a relationship cause i didnt want these 1000 questions”…..umm….ok? What? I got so irritated with him…lol…so did Liz, so here is what I said to him…

your touch sets my body on fire 😮 says:
well, because i chill with Alex everyday, I chill with Liz every day
your touch sets my body on fire 😮 says:
and then you come along and you are something new
your touch sets my body on fire 😮 says:
when you were a kid and you got a new toy
your touch sets my body on fire 😮 says:
you played with the fucking thing everyday
your touch sets my body on fire 😮 says:
so whatever
your touch sets my body on fire 😮 says:
maybe i have worn my toy out…

I thought that was kinda funny….he is a nice guy, but wow…way to take things out of proportion..oh well. So I am not really talking to him right now cause i think that offended….anyway, I am leaving. This was a request from someone who wanted me to post here….oh yeah, Justin, WELCOME HOME!!! off to work…..*cries*

No subject

I guess as you all can see Justin is NOT back, and, well i know what some of you think, but seriously, he got permission, and I love the guy dearly, but now I think he is being a pussy…well no, no i dont. I have to talk to him, I am sure he has his reasons, but we miss him…JUSTIN WE MISS YOU! Anyway, I am greatful to his lady for being so understanding, and I dont think she did what she did for no reason, so I am, once again, greatful…Not that I dont like the other people posting (myself included) but none of us carry justins wit, I think he is funny. I this Thess is a good writer, but I cant read anymore of her posts…and I am sure everyone says the same about me, and about all the other posters…we need justin….anyway, that was my totally POINTLESS post about Big J. PLEASE COME HOME SOON! love you guys…

No subject

I feel bad but i am posting because I have moved. The check is on the way, and I am in my new domain, I am semi comfy, but yeah, It is nice, and I felt bad because I refused to tell anyone the addy and, well stupid me because, now no one knows it, my old site is gone and liz cant get it back to put a forward on it, so shit. Anyway, check out my site PLEASE! I am sorry to anyone who went to my old one who i wouldnt tell…i though i could have a whole grand opening thing….oh well


Oh yeah to the person who didnt do what he was supposed to do..I am very dissapointed in you, DONT BE A PUSSY!

Anyway I am heading to bed, going to the gym in the morning because i looked in the mirror, and my ass has grown…..cardio here i come, oh and thanks for checkin my site!…MUAH <333333333

Stupid People

OK i was on MSN today, and well, this guy added me, I didnt know him or anything, but listen to him…I am EYECANDY he is the wierd one… says:
where are you from??

EYE(*)CANDY says:
canada says:
Italy says:
how old are you??

EYE(*)CANDY says:
i am 17 says:
I am 25 says:
have you a cam??

EYE(*)CANDY says:
yeah, its on my website… says:
you are beautiful lady says:
do you like video chat??

EYE(*)CANDY says:
no not yet

EYE(*)CANDY says:
i dont have the program says:
understand says:
have you a photo?? says:
pivs says:
pics says:
sexy pics says:
i like you

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The Sniper

ok so everyone thinks that my posts are about my tits, or lizzies tits, or penis’ so I am here to prove that untrue. Ok, so I am sure that everyone has heard about what is going on in the states, with the whole sniper thing. I know not everyone wants to talk about it, but I know that the majority of viewers of this site are from the USA and I thought that I should address it, and send them my best wishes, I really hope that they caught him, I mean, how horrible is it to decide that a small child deserves to die, and shoot them, not right….Anyway, so that was part of my post.

Anyway, I thought i would tell every one that I talked to Renee I know that it is kind of stupid to want to brag about it, but I think that she is awesome, and I want to be as *says with lisp (josie and the pussy cats)* pretty and popular. Anyway, I thought she was pretty nice…in our whole 2 second coversation….

Oh yeah, everyone congratulate Liz on not being a “hermit” any more, she spent last night in the pissing rain to go on a haunted hayride….it was fun!! Anyway, see ya later, going out with Leah, find us some boys!! haha jk…..HALLOWE’EN IS COMING!!!!!! I bought my costume, it is kinda like a goth, or something check out my stockings tho cause they rock see ya guys…i know it wasnt as grrreat as justins, but i tried…

not enjoying ben…..

I like “Ben Affleck” he is a really nice guy, but I dont like how he has been like the main poster lately. So here I am posting the usual bullshit. For those you you who know liz and we so proud that she was going to school today, there is no answer at her house so i dont think she will be making the bus ride or buying me hotcakes (mmmmm cakes of hotness) I know that she wants to go to school but she needs some incuragement, and I am encouraging out….so all of you need to give her a good word…not a bad word, cause I dont think that would be good.

Anyway, it is 7:00 am and the first thing I do, before my shower, before I bruch my teeth, is come to the net, to check my site, this site, lizzies site, god…..

Oh yeah, I dont check the news often but i was following this whole Sniper thing and I was wondering if he has done anything in the last few days….I hope they catch him…anyway, yeah, for those of you who are scared to leave your house, I hope they catch him, then you can siesta outside.

Well I am off to school kiddies, and Liz, GET YOUR ASS TO SCHOOL!….alright, see ya.


Well Lizzie and I have changed servers, Justin’s host was sweet enough to host us as well and we have officially moved, we are still working out a few kinks in the site but it is up an there are a lot of new (very sexy) pics…they are rather naughty actually..

Anyway, my site moved… instead of /meg it is /~meg so yeah… this is my site OK thnx guys…GO CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITES!!! actually nothing changed but go anyway……

Liz says: Hey kids, now that Meg’s done whoring us immensely, I just wanted to say hi. I’ve forgotten my fubar password to post, but I’m sure I can figure it out later when we’re not ditching class and using the libraries computer. Ugh. The librarians are kind of scary actually…Hrmmm…

Solosier is awesome, now we just have to whore up this lots and we’re hosted. But really, Solo, we’re not dirty sluts! We’re HIGH CLASS sluts. Geez, we’re Canadian after all *scoff*. Alright kiddos, I’m out. Muah!


I am not sure how often i am supposed to add an entry on here but it has been a while so I thought I would remind everyone that I am still alive. I havent talked to Justin much lately and it is starting to get to me, I need my daily dose of Justin…. AHHH I AM GOING CRAZY!!! Ok not really, but seriously, Justin is the greatest. I guess I can talk about the wierd days I have had, I was voted Camgirl of the day on I was not expecting that, and Justin and Liz were like, “Yeah we told you we’d make you a star” I owe them everything…*sniffle* oh god…I dont want hate mail from wirting this, I know that none of you want to hear from anyone but Justin.

I was wondering what everyone thought about tongue piercings….i want one, but i dont know if it would look good, i stretched my ears…it hurt like hell….OH YEAH!!! SUZI!!! I wanna add you to my AIM list cause you sound too fucking cool, doesnt EVERYONE agree? Anyway, my AIM is tvdotNETMegs so if you wanna talk then add me.

Ok this is getting pointless, HAHAHA I am talking to a friend on AIM and he is saying the funniest stuff…

him: is the canadian thanksgiving the same concept as ours?
tvdotNET Megs: i think so..
him: what do you do?
tvdotNET Megs: eat turkey mostly
tvdotNET Megs: what do you do?
him: sacrifice babies
tvdotNET Megs: eek

He is so obviously kidding but i thought that it was funny anyhow he went on to say

him: normal stuff
him: pretty much just eat

ahh i feel like i was having a convo with “HIM” from the powerpuffgirls….. you all know who i mean…. ok blah blah blah more meaningless shit… see ya later