Well look at that…

That has GOT to be some sort of high since the whole “Libby Holler Death of Fubar Part 2: Revenge of Libby” episode.

What I want to know is how the guy gets 300 people at once by moving back into the country and putting up porn for a week… oh… wait…

I guess that is what happens when you are too lazy to post a real update… but I guess I’m not helping by posting crap.

But tough. Because I can post and you can’t. Unless you are Bubba. In that case go on a diet, fatass.

Bring back the Fubar girls.

Gabba Gabba Hey!

pangwinking: some times, i just wanna take a shit on my computer, throw it out my window where a steam roller is waiting to crush it, then after it’s crushed, and even fatter man takes an ever bigger shit on it.
Teh Bubba: bahahahahaha
Teh Bubba: that’s some funny shit. you can really tell it comes from your heart….your fat sweaty heart…

I love those guys… you know what else I love? I love having a Mac. While half this country is scampering around trying to figure out how the hell to get rid of a dozen and a half viruses, I’m sitting at home, perfectly happy.

I haven’t posted in a while mainly because I’ve been lazy. But now school is starting so then laziness has to end… right?

Speaking of blowing up the school, I just watched ‘Rock n Roll Highschool’ for the first time in forever… actually I didn’t it was pang, but thats not the point. That movie was so awesome because it was just a blatent excuse to put the Ramones in a movie. That movie kicked so much ass. Incase any of you haven’t seen it, it is kind of like ‘Footloose’ exept with Rock n Roll music… and no Kevin Bacon…

WinkingPang, Bubba, and I, are the process of starting our own website. This should be hilarious concidering we are the three laziest peoplea around… but it’ll be good, if it ever goes anywhere.

Oh… and:

Suzihottbutsex… just think about it.

That was for you, Pang, all for you, man.

Suck a fuck…

I went and saw SWAT today with my friend Terry. I actually liked it, and thought it was a really good movie. Colin Farrell was good, and was Samuel L. Jackson. LL Cool J has gotten fat… and then there was that other dude…

Two things i noticed: One, the camera never stays still in an action sequence… there is a shitload of pointless shaking and panning and jerking the camera around to add, i guess, to the suspense of the scene. And Two, the music was really great except for some shitty rap at the end about Sammy Jackson.

Yesterday I watched Donnie Darko for the first time in a while… that movie owns all. Donnie Darko is my hero… and I’m going to be a giant scary apocalyptic-telling bunny who is doer of evil things for halloween… but no one will get it… because they suck.

Two days ago I watched Monty Pythoin and the Holy Grail. God I forgot how funny those guys were. The random shit that they can come up with is hilarious

I’ve just realized I’ve been watching a lot of movies as of late… and I got tired of seing Justin’s post…

Cellar Door.

The Governator…

I have the wierdest feeling that Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be the next California governer. If you don’t know I live in California and there has been a recall election because people hate our current governer Grey Davis… because he is a dumbfuck. I wouldn’t mind Arnold as our Governer, because honestly people, no one would even try to fuck with us! Who is going to fuck with a state run by the Terminator? I actually think he is pretty qualified… oh and he’s got a pretty cool website too.

Speaking of pie, did anyone see the Teen Choice Awards? Yeah, me neither… but Justin says they were good. Due to the fact that we couldn’t find any pictures from the 2003 Teen Choice Awards we are giving you these instead.

I’ve touched Hilary Duff… and you haven’t.

…touched her good…

…oh so now you want the story, huh? Well Hilary Duff actually lives close to me and one day back in like June or something she was at a Teen Center around here and she was kind of hanging out, and I guess promoting the Lizzie McGuire movie. So I went up to talk to her, and she was surprisingly nice and it wasn’t like it was a bunch of people around it was just us talking, so then I just said i thought she was a good actress and i liked her (what was i going to say “I want to fuck you brains out??”) The Teen Center was taking pictures for some shit, so they asked if she would stand with me so I put my arm around her waist (touchy touchy) got the pic and left. Justin is making me tell the story… but it really happened…

(Justin says: Suuure it did..)

While we are talking about pedophiles… Amy wrote a pretty funny rant about fubar and about the creepiness of guys who want to bone underage women… but not that we know any of those…

And once Google gets it act together we should start getting a descent amount of hits from things like Playboy Pictures and from things like:

Hot sex porn Colin Farrell naked sex blow job boys kissing naked nude fuck bukkake Lindsay Lohan

Stop reading now…


Girls Kissing

6 Degrees of Canadian Bacon…

I’m leaving for a week and out of sheer boredom I wanted to post to say a few things:

Justin, don’t go too gay on me… when I come back I really dont want to see man on man action when I get back… unless it involved Johnny Depp… in that case, just send it to my hous ealong with FUCKING PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN DVD! Which you still have yet to buy, mind you…

Second, I love my iPod. I’m taking a 10 hour drive to Santa Cruz for a week of surfing, and without my iPod I would either die, or kill someone… so much music, I’m never dissapionted. Oh, that and fuck ww.buymusic.com! Those jackasses not only rip off ideal commercials and copyrights from Apple, but they a shitty job of it. Justin and I both use Macs, and there is no disspaointment once again… especially after I just installed my one gig of Memory!

Lastly, who the fuck does Oprah think she is? First of all, this cow and a half gets voted by VH1 to be the number one pop icon… ever. Oprah doesn’t give two shits about popular culture, or those who reside in it, mainly ages 16-29. (just for sm4shy) I think that Elvis would have been a better choice, he affected the popular world, and changed fasions, influences music forever. All Oprah does is sit on her ass and talk more shit then Dr. Phil. Oh, I also forget she makes a magazine named after herslef, also adding to the size of her head… or waistline.

I really think that she was picked because she was black. And that is what I have been noticing a lot lately. In everyone’s attempt to correct racism, they are bumfucking total equality by being overly generous to minoritys, which are, no longer the minority! I live in California where white people are the minority… I’m technically caucasian, but due to being Italian and a nice pair of genes, I’m rather dark… Now there is a law that says that when hiring for a job you HAVE TO interview at least one black person, or one sian person, or any other person of a minority, but there is no law saying that you have to interview a white person! An NFL team was just fined $200,000 for not interviewing a person of a minority when they hired Steve Mariucci as head coach. They didn’t want to interview people, he was the one they wanted for the job, so they went and hired him, not a problem, right? WRONG. Because they picked out a guy they liked, and he happened to be white, the team in 200k in the hole… i don’t think it would cost them a lexus or two if they would have hired a black guy.

Please don’t be so small minded to take this rant as one out of racism, or out of any kind of hate… except for that of Oprah… but I hate Dr. Phil more, and he’s about as redneck as they come…

Until next week…

That’s Just Not Right…

True to it’s name this site just ain’t right. I don’t know what the hell Justin is up to, but it sure is gay. Homosexual if you will. Ghey. Géy. Gai. Gey. Gé.

In music news, which is what I am supposed to be talking about, Dave Grohl has unnoficially joined the Queens of the Stone Age, and why is this? Because the Foo Fighters are no more. One of the best bands around, in my opinion, has broken up… that is teh suck.

I guess I am posting because I want you all to demand that Justin un-gay-ify the site.

Bring back teh b00bs!

Musical Mayhem…

Ok, I have to get my mind off of Johnny Depp, and the fact that Justin only sent me the first 40 minutes of the movie isnt helping. Anywho, I am curious about your guys’ opinion on something:

Last December I went to go see the Dead Kennedys live, only one problem, it wasn’t the Dead Kennedys. The lead singer, Jello Biafra, had long since left the band, and when the infamous punk icons got back together they picked up Brandon Cruz of the band Dr. Know, to sing for them… the show was really awesome and it was great to see the rest of the origninal band. I didn’t mind too terribly the loss of the lead singer, but without him it wasn’t the Dead Kennedys, Jello was the symbol of the band. In much the same way the 60’s rock icons, The Doors, are touring once again, but there is a problem with this as well… Jim Morrison has been dead since 1971. He has been replaced with a guy named Ian. On request of the drummer, the name has been changed to The Doors of the 21st Century but they still refer to themselves as The Doors. No, there is no question that this band isn’t the same one that rocked out in the late 60’s, but would it be any diffreent if the only missing part was maybe the drummer John Densmore?

What I am talking about, I guess, is if a band is no longer a band when the leader singer is gone, is it any different if maybe the guitarist is gone? I think what Dave Grohl, who was the drummer for Nirvana, did was smart, once Nirvana was dead, along with Kurt Cobain, he focused on a new band, the Foo Fighters. I’m a big Dead Kennedys fan, so I would have been just as dissapointed if the guitarist East Bay Ray, or any other memeber of the band was AWOL. So if a band looses a member, is it still the same band? Does it matter what member it was? Should the band change the name, or split up, or just keep going on their merry way… I am curious what other people think…

Justin is a 15 year old girl!

It is the truth! Hi! It’s me, PacManJesus… if anyone really cares. I started posting about how much music sucks right before www.badinagoodway.com went down the crapper. Then I spent 2 months trying to get Justin to get off his lazy ass and email his host, which he never did, so he just went off and created a new fubar. So with the return of fubar means the return of me talking about what I hate… or is it? I was going to write about the 2003 Vans Warped Tour that I went to but Justin is telling me to write about Johnny Depp, in honor of the release and sucsess of Pirates of the Caribbean, which the J-Man still can’t spell.

Justin seems to think that I have an obsession with Johnny Depp, and wants me to post about how much I want to “bone” him…

example A:

psykotik2k (12:46:59 AM): post about johnny depp
PacManJesus (12:47:05 AM): sure…
psykotik2k (12:47:08 AM): and about how you want to bone him

And now I present to you example B:

PacManJesus (1:09:54 AM): what am I supposed to say about Johnny Depp??
psykotik2k (1:10:04 AM): that you want to bone him
psykotik2k (1:10:05 AM): in fact
psykotik2k (1:10:30 AM): set aside one whole paragraph where all you say is: i want to bone johnny depp. over and over again
psykotik2k (1:10:35 AM): for about 4 lines

Ya know, it’s lucky for him that I am really desperate to post on fubar…

I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.I want to bone Johnny Depp.

Happy you sick bastard?

What do I have a feeling I am either going to get my ass kicked, or hit on by Kingolf?

I am Gideon Yago.

Hey folks… Justin is alive… sort of. The J-man has been working an insane amount, which leads me to believe that thier is an over-abundence of work for a cameraman in Brunei. Maybe it is because of all the rain there, I don’t know. Point is, he barely has enough time to to vital things like sleep, eat, and breathe, which I think is pretty important. He is on line time to time roughly long enough to say a few sleep deprived words and then go before I have a chance to respond. In his sleep, food, and sanity deprived state, he has started calling me Gideon Yago… who’s that guy from MTV News. I don’t know whether or not to be complimented or insulted. I don’t know when Justin will post, hopefully soon, cause this is his site… and it would suck without him. I just kind of come over and raid the fridge every few days. Hmmm… bacon….

Edit:Woah… many a edits on this post after it’s first read over. I guess I was in a hurry, and just wanted to let ya’ll know what was goin on. Thanks mike.