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Nip/Tuck anyone?

Nip/Tuck is definitely one of my favorite shows. I own Season 1 on DVD, and will soon own Season 2 (just recently released).

This show is so good. The actors can act. They are hot and dysfunctional — in a plastic surgery center, no less. If you have not seen it, see it. If you have seen it, know that Season 3 starts September 20th. (Check your local listings, blah, blah)


  • Season 3 Promo Pics
  • High Res Season 3 Photos (Spoilers)

    And here’s Rhona Mitra at the premiere screening of the third season of Nip/Tuck.

    Creepy fact: Rhona’s father worked on her fake boobies. He’s a plastic surgeon.

  • Neighborhoodies.

    So I was Neighborhoodie of the Week and I didn’t even know it. Rock on! Please go vote that I have the coolest neighborhoodie! And you can vote once daily. Rock on.

    I love my goodies from neighborhoodies! Oh, how I count the ways… I love how you allow us to customize our own gear. That leaves a lot of opportunities out there for everyone to look truly awesome! I love how my gear now blatantly declares the truth. “Stacy Rocks!” I’m excited to go to class just so I can show the world!

    This post is completely selfish. Oops!

    Kristi Frank: The Softcore Apprentice

    I am not a big television viewer, but I am a huge Apprentice fan. If you haven’t seen the show, you should, because it’s quite entertaining. Donald Trump is looking for the next president for one of his companies. The best part is at the end of each show where he flicks his wrist and says, “You’re fired.”

    Okay, before you exit out thinking this is another dumb post of mine, let me tell you that you will be rewarded with nudity.

    Last week contestant Kristi Frank was fired. I was very sad. She’s really pretty –with Cindy Crawfordesque good looks. Saddened, I took it upon myself to google-search her name to see if she is doing well. I found nudies!

    ::giggles like a little school girl::

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    pepsi pop stars

    Britney Spears, Pink, Beyonce and Enrique Iglesias go head-to-head “gladiator style” in a new Pepsi television commercial.

    This is what I can gather from all the news articles:

  • The female artists will be dressed in gladiator costumes while Iglesias will appear as the “evil” emperor.
  • The spot is being directed by Tarsem Singh (who can be blamed for The Cell).
  • The clip will use Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as its theme.
  • Okay, now on to the pictures…

  • Britney – Is it just me or did someone forget to airbrush out her thigh chub?
  • Pink – She looks mean and scary… as usual.
  • Beyonce – Hmm. Okay, it’s official: They all scare me in their “gladiator-russel-crowe-wannabe” costumes.
  • All the popstars – They all scare me here too.
  • Okay… so this wasn’t really entertaining in anyway and there’s no naked chicks. Oops. I’ll try better next time. (Happy Belated Chinese New Year btw)

    thanksgiving with stacia

    Just spent a ridiculous amount of time watching a stupid martial arts show on the discovery channel. Well… a stupid martial arts show that featured hot, topless and athletic men displaying intense physical prowess. Good god. Screw girls jumping on trampolines; i’ll take my athletic He-Man anyday ::snaps fingers::

    Mmm… Thanksgiving. No better way to celebrate the genocide of a people than by killing a bird, stuffing its body cavity by way of the ass, pouring on cranberry sauce and calling it good. I can’t wait for my tryptophan-induced coma to kick in.

    Mmm… tryptophan.

    Strange occurances around Thanksgiving with the rellies:

    [Random Person] Well you know the Mexicans, they come up here and don’t bother to learn the language. And they just made up Cinco de Mayo!
    [Me] You mean like Thanksgiving?