oh boy!

American Idol… Joe Millionaire… They’re becoming trashier than Jerry Springer –but the well-planned escapades are FUN! I know this info is old, but I want to make sure everyone knows of it.

Before Fox Television turned him into “Joe Millionaire,” the eligible bachelor supposedly worth $50 million, Evan Marriott earned spare change modeling skimpy briefs for a California firm specializing in revealing rubber underwear. As Buddy Holly would say, “Oh boy!” Hilarious, I say. The pictures that leave little to the imagination are here.

One of three women finalists on the hit Fox reality show “Joe Millionaire” has starred under another name in dozens of bondage and fetish films, a Web site has reported. Sarah Kozer has appeared -often bound and gagged but fully clothed – in such movies as “Hogtied” and “Helpless Heroines” under the stage name “Cindy Schubert.” The pictures are here.

Frenchie Davis was a semifinalist for American Idol 2 –until she got booted, after they discovered her past. *dun dun dun* She posed topless and appeared to be masturbating on a kiddie-porn site (which would be illegal). However, Davis was 18 at the time she posed for the photos. Nonetheless, she’s gone from the show because of this. Got opinions? Post it in the comments section. (and out of morbid curiousity, if you have her pics, post those too *wink*)

Kitana Baker is the hottie in the controversial Miller Lite commercials. She’s so “interesting” that Don Kaplan had to ask who she was in the NY Post. See her nudies here. Yeah, nuff said ’bout that.

chipper people piss me off

Chipper people piss me off. I mean, it is one thing to be happy… that’s great, but chipper people are goddamn annoying.

The effort they are putting into sounding happy just kills me. The worst is when you’re in a bad mood already and then someone is being all chipper around you. They’re so fake. They’re not really happy –they just get happy by pretending they’re happy because it pisses you off. Does that make any sense?

If you’ve seen Office Space, think of that guy that works with Jennifer Aniston. Remember how CHIPPER he was? NOT HAPPY —CHIPPER. He was getting pleasure by being a super hyperactive “spirit” dude, because it pissed Aniston off.

There’s this one guy that I work with (at a coffee shop). He sounds so goddamn enthusiastic when he says “order please” and puts
the ticket on the spindle. You’d think that was his favorite thing in the whole world. He seriously shouldn’t enjoy it that much, but every time he puts that ticket up there you know he’s gonna yell “order please.” And he sounds much too happy. Even if you’re right there to take it from him, and you obviously know there’s an order, and he obviously knows that you know, HE WILL TELL YOU IT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!

I need to learn how to deflate the chip out of the chipper.

hi. my name is stacy

stacycam (5k image)Hi. My name is Stacy. The image to the left is my current “cam image.” That might give you an idea of who I am. Maybe some of you know me and you can scream, “omg, that’s stacy!” to the picture. I’ve newly turned 18, and I really like myself. Justin is letting me post on his site, because I’ve made him fansigns –and fansigns are lovely and Stacy is lovely and Stacy and fansigns are alotta love in one little picture.

Actually, he begged me to post on his site a month ago, then I left for vacation, and now I’m back. Ahem.

I went to Hawaii with my boyfriend. And when you take a vacation with someone, you learn a lot about them. A lot of stuff that I learned about him, I never ever wanted to know about anyone, and now whenever I think about it I want to puke.


1. His Money
2. His Hair
3. His Height
4. His Manhood

I teased my man about all four of these things. Sometimes a couple at once. Oooh, I got in big trouble. :-/ Don’t attempt this at home. Just, umm, trust me on these things, ok?