Can anyone make a really good Fubar shirt design and send it to me? If you can I’ll print it and make you a shirt for free… and then sell more to people with bad designs, on my website. 😀

<3 kthx. edit: Oh, I forgot my email address.

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I’d just like to let you guys know that if you aren’t: Justin, Eve, or Thess , then you shouldn’t ever be allowed to post on FUBAR again. If you aren’t one of them then chances are your posts suck…really bad, like mine. I shouldn’t even be allowed to post on here, which is why I rarely do. I will spare you guys now from having to read one more lame poem.



As if it hasn’t been said enough on here already, Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I hope you all enjoy your day away from work (hopefully) and school, to sit around with your family and friends while stuffing your faces with turkey. I wanted to post a picture of a guy dressed up like a giant turkey, but I couldn’t find one on google. I only found a guy dressed as a giant red condom. Sorry guys, but I guess this will have to be a good enough substitute.

Lame, I know. Deal with it. Someone find me a guy dressed as a turkey please. 🙁


Justin is lame, the epitome of all things lame, really. :\ It is quite sad. He has no originality what-so-ever. I’m not saying I have too much either but atleast I don’t have the AIM name psykotik3k!! Look what that tard has gone and done now.

susan onCRACK: alo
suzi onCRACK: what a tard

It is bad enough that he steals mine and Liz’s words constantly due to an incurable disease he has which I call, the lame. He even admits to it. 🙁 Look!

suzi onCRACK: bastard!
susan onCRACK: bastard!
susan onCRACK: i will steal that

Pathetic. I think Liz defined him best when she said,”TiesAreTehSexee: hes a litle asian bitch!”

Sorry ignore this post and read the funny, GOOD, one below it. 😀

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Keli is your mom! (yet another pointless post)

Oy, Justin is not longer the one with the dilemma. Forget about his dumb little boob problem. I’ve decided for him. Zoe’s are the only hoo hoos he shall ever like. EVER!. Anyways. Tis I, who is in need of your opinions now. I am getting a domain; yet for the life of me I cannot decide on a name. So I leave it to you.

domain names like WOAHWhich domain name is best?
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This will be short and pointless. I am not meaning it to be some long interesting post, like those you have all loved reading about lately (like from Thess and Jamlink.) I could try to write one like that but I’d look like an idiot while doing so. I just wanted to share THIS with you all. Oh I love me some Jenny… Everybody look at that short movie and giggle!

Please, no “you suck.” comments. I already know that.

love me again? please? :)

Alas, I finally see what it takes to be liked around here now that Justin is gone. It takes boobs. Real boobs, not like the hot stuff I posted before (boobie sex!). So here I come baring the most disgusting pictures of this person, that I have seen atleast, and she just so happens to be topless! EEP! I know that since they make me want to gag, every horny guy here is going to like them, possibly. Bleh.

Christina Agustupidwhore!!

and there’s more… (sorry girls, don’t look at any of the pictures if you are squeamish!)

even more nastiness!!

Since you all miss Justin, you probably miss the Avril tards too! Har. I’ll ask Justin later if he has gotten any emails that you all might care to read, since that is all he ever posted anyways and you guys think he is a saint! Eh, on to a tard.
Taken from Justin’s guestbook!

Fullname: Someone who doesn’t pretend I’m Avril Lavigne and says bad things about her
Where are you from?:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Whoever made up this site, why are you doing this??!?? You just hate Avril Lavigne, and are trying to make her look terrible. Well, you know what? She’s a down to earth girl who doesn’t care what other people think about her. She rocks, and does not deserve to be treated like this, so quit it, and stop acting like a freak. AVRIL LAVINGE RULES!!! From someone unlike the person who made up this stupid site. Someone who isn’t an idiot.

Haha. Justin, you are an idiot and Avril Lavigne rules! *cough* Only half of that statement is true… and more unimportantly never…ever.. forget when Justin said this statement to me on AIM, months ago.

Psykotik2k: I am a homo!

OOH! To end this post I’ll let you all in on my new found discovery. I have also stumbled onto something that I don’t think Big J let onto any of you before his departure. Just the other day I was informed, by the flaming homosexual himself, that in three months Justin shall have the mullet we all once teased him about. It is true. Justin.. is growing a mullet. oh wee.