Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in…

Hey, guys, I’ve decided that I need a new car. I also don’t want to bother paying for it myself, or learning any sort of financial responsibility. Send me money. GIGGLE.

Hi, y’all. It’s been a little while. I’ve been working a lot lately, and attempting to figure out what to do with myself now that there’s the absence of that former constant in my life, Shawn…I never realized how goddamned much time we spent together.

Anyone seen Anger Management yet? What a heaping pile of shit THAT is, yeah? We went to go see it last night, and I came about this|close to walking out; I like Adam Sandler, and I love Jack Nicholson, so I figured it would be decent at least, but uh…no. Adam Sandler needs to stop doing these Goofy Good Guy characters, they just aren’t working for him.

Marisa Tomei and her hotness were the only saving grace of the movie. Well…her and the monk scene, I guess.

(Yes, this “update” does have a point…I just didn’t want to throw out the plug and click submit, so there was the waste of space filler to go along with it.)

Marleysghost, y’all. I’m not just plugging him because he plugged me, just so you know…it’s kinda like a hearkening back to the days when there was that retarded little linky-circle thing of Will, the Romeo-Turn boys, that other guy whose name I forget, Lucy from Godzillafine/Chrome and that girl who was really hot. (Whose name I also forgot.) That, and he’s a great writer; I figured if you could take a break from the camgirl livejournals and tit pictures, money-grubbing and ass-kissing for hits long enough to read it, maybe you’d enjoy it.

That, and I’m sick of reading about Lillix incessantly.


Porn, schmorn. Stolen from a forum:


I am slowly going insane.

“Technology for Educators” sounded like a pretty decent class when I signed up for it. “Cool,” I thought. “It’s a prereq for my major, AND I’ll learn something useful.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig disappointment. Big, huge, massive, ugly disappontment. The guy knows a lot about slide shows and overhead projecters, less about computers themselves, and even less about the internet in general, which (I think) is going to be a HUGE part of education in the future.

Let’s take a few minutes ago, when he started telling us about ways to do research on the internet. According to Professor Slappy, USENET is not only unaccessable by any means using a webpage (available only through a newsgroup reader), it is also the “dark, seamy underside of the internet. USENET is where all of the pornographers hang out, and the spammers, and people like that.”

…Apparently, homeboy has never seen Google Groups, never went to Dejanews.com or Remarq while they were still around. I guess he’s never been to Stile’s world of…uh…stuff. Nor has he apparently gotten any ENLARGE YOUR PENIS NOW or WATCH ANOREXIC SLUTS GET PLOWED emails. (Anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking…Justin?)

Now we’re learning about trolls and how he deals with them in the About.com group he assists in hosting. GOLLY, what a guru!

“RULE OF THUMB?! In the early 1900’s…

…it was legal for a man to beat his wife, as long as he used a stick no bigger than his thumb.”
“Can’t do much damage with that, now, can we? P’raps it should have been the rule of wrist.”

So I’m sitting here, updating Justin’s page rather than my own, because I’m lazy to the point where now that I no longer have a handy little box to update into (I update the whole page and upload it via FTP) I’d rather do this unless I have something I really want to say.

And you want to talk about BORED?

I came to visit Shawn on Friday, after work, and took his truck back into Orlando the next day so I could go to work. It was a girlfriend of mine’s 21st birthday, so she and her boyfriend came in to drink Car Bombs and Flaming Dr. Pepper’s until I got off work; we picked up a bottle and some beer, went back to her apartment, and proceeded to drink until her boyfriend passed out.

For some reason, his fingernails were bright red, his toenails were sparkly blue, and he had makeup on when he woke up. No idea how that happened, though. The rest of us were down for the count around 5ish, and since I didn’t have my driver’s lisc. with me, was pretty drunk, and was in a car that wasn’t mine, I stayed there. Got back here to Cocoa around 4pm, looked at the new riggings on Shawn’s boat (making the appropriate “Yes, I care, oh, how nice” noises the whole time)

Pretty boring, but some commenters (*cough*bubba*cough*) wanted something to read, and I’m nothing if not obliging. Shawn’s asleep now, and I’m probably supposed to be making dinner, but I can’t be arsed to get off my butt and go to the store just yet.

Work went well last night; the bar wasn’t so trashed as they were on Wednesday, at least they weren’t when I left. No telling how bad it got after that, though. Pretty good money, customers were a nice lot for the most part. No complaints or special stories there. Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re planning on getting the boat out on the water so he can make sure everything’s set up right for this weekend, when we take it down south a ways.

We’re almost at two years, it’s crazy. I’ve never managed to tolerate/be tolerated by a boyfriend for any longer than a few months before; one or the other of us would get bored, or since I seem to have a propensity for picking people as neurotic and/or prone to fits of anger as I am, things would just get weird and go downhill from there. He’s great, though, he really is. Doesn’t listen all the time, but doesn’t mind that I’m consistently late for everything. Has a bit of an ego problem, but doesn’t seem to mind my own failings in that same area. It all works out; raging fights now and then, periods of absolutely perfect contentment, you know…the way a relationship is (I think?) supposed to work.

Okay, now for the commenters/other girls. I know a lot of you are in relationships, and what with Valentine’s Day just passed and all, you’ve probably done a bit of thinking about your s.o…so maybe there’ll be some interesting replies to this question:

What exactly is a “good” relationship? The give-and-take, balance between what you want and they want, etc.

Throwing a match on gasoline-soaked eyeballs.

Teflon Parakeet: Posting?!
psykotik2k: not yet =(
psykotik2k: on the phone actually
psykotik2k: but i’ll post later
Teflon Parakeet: suuuuuuuure.
psykotik2k: oh hush
psykotik2k: why dont you post? =P
Teflon Parakeet: Because that just gives you a reason not to. 🙂
psykotik2k: haha
psykotik2k: i’ll post if you post
Teflon Parakeet: Besides, they’d really rather hear from you.
psykotik2k: well. you post. then i post
psykotik2k: we’ll both post
Teflon Parakeet: Deal.

So, we all missed FUBAR; that’s pretty much been covered by now. I was starting to like the Cobalt Raq, though…it was a comforting constant in my life.

I worked last night. Ended up just not taking tables the last three hours that we were open. The bar was in and out of the bathroom all night, bumping lines with their friends, and they were trashed besides that (shots of Patron all night), so it was taking me 20+ minutes to get drinks for each table. Not that I really have any room to bitch about anyone doing anything like that, but at work? And to the point where none of the three servers on were getting tipped properly, or even at ALL in some cases…eh. Fuck that.

They had tabs walk out, and didn’t care, some old couple was groping each other (literally, she was on his lap, grinding, and his hand was up her shirt…fucking nasty shit; take it home, don’t do that at a BAR.) Add in the tourtured artist wanna-be sitting in a back corner, eating soup and demanding refills every time I walked by…nevermind that he already had a server, and could just ask her, plus *I* had no check with him, kiss *my* ass. …It really was just chaos, and there were a few other reasons I was feeling completely insane; had to do with what all was going on, but more in a peripheral sense, something I’m trying to get over and just don’t like to BE around.

So I ran my reports and sat up with our doorguy, chainsmoking and talking, watching the new server guy run around trying to get phone numbers from various skanky Rollins girls. Chugged coffee while the other girl on the floor also gave up, sitting down with a table with a tray of shots and grabbing a pack of cigarettes. Utterly useless excuse for a “business” last night, I’m sure someone should be told about all the shit that was going on.

The thing is, it won’t be me. They don’t pay me enough to care.

Right. A post. There it is, Justin. A deal’s a deal.

I’ve got your drivel right here, bitch.

omigod so i went to up to the mall yesterday (ts called waterford lakes and they have everything!!!!!!!!!!!!) and i bought the cutest shirt its a baby shirt cause this girl i work with (her name is shawna) is having a baby and shes having a babys hower i couldnt think of what to get for the baby so i just got this shirt its white. its also got like embroidery on it in white of little flowery things and strapps so its like a baby camisole kinda its really cute

reminds me of something like a hippy thing

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH AND I MET THIS GUY HE LOOKS LIKE EDWARD NORTON i love edward norton hes such a cutie i would love to violently rape him and then put him in my closet and keep him 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 did u see that one movie though which hes in and plays a nazi guy???! that movie was bad i almost didnt like him anymore but my sister says he is just an actor and they paid him to play that part except that i still dont like it. intolerant people suck u kno

i think ill buy a cam and take pictures of my boobs and post them on justins site and then just rake in the hits WHAT a good idea huH?! i mean look its worked for other girls obviously who like to pretend they can make webpages & give that as prof of how smart they are when there sites are really awful and look like n enlarge java popup (popsups are so annoying i HATE THEM with like all my heart i dont think i hate anything more than popups)

except maybe intolerance like the nazis

i painted my toenails yesterday too theyre this teal color now and i like the color its really pretty does anyone else (girls only hahaha) remember mixing their nailpolishes 2gether to make new colors that was soooooooooooo much fun it uesd to be my favorite thing to do other than to read YM which is a great magazine for young girls to learn stuff like fashion tips speaking of fashion tips the agali girl almost has her section like that done!!!!!!!!! i bet meg is real excited about it

valentines day is coming up soon and i was listening to stacys diary last night on the radio she had a really good point about how valentines day a guys success hitting it was directioon porpurtional to his ability to like go all out on vday and get his gf something really nice (or his wife i guess but do married ppl really have sex i think they might just not cause it would be really gross omg except i love my boyfriend and maybe if we got married we would altho most married people dont or so ive heard)

it could be just a rumor tho

so isnt everybody sooooooooooo glad jsutin’s back i missed him so mcuh hes such a silly guy 8) i remember a few years ago when i first talked to him he was different tho he didnt seem so into the porn thing and porn is almost as silly as the thougt of married ppl having sex i think because who reallylooks at that stuff what a waste of tiem!!! newayz justin was a really cool guy we used (wel hes still cool but its kinda in a different way which has to do i think with exitstensialism type stuff)

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I’m too fat. I know I always post about it; it’s really the basis of my every thought on this site, but I just can’t get over it. I am way too fat. I wish I wasn’t fat. If I wasn’t too fat, my life would be happy, but alas, I am too fat. SADNESS. 🙁

Also, my boobs are too small. Everyone else in this world has big boobs but me. Every girl. I walk down the street, and people scream in dismay; I had one lady ask me if they had ever caught the person who’d stolen my boobs. I think Friffboy has more of a rack than I do, my boobs are so small. I should write some sort of angsty poem about this matter, as it deeply concerns me.

I wish I had a picture handy to post of a hot girl that I hate. Ooh, we’ll pick Stal. Not that she’s a bad writer, since her site was great, and she certainly is incredibly sexy on many levels, but NO. Hate hate hate hate hate. I hereby forbid you all to click any and all links to her pictures. In fact, turn OFF the ability to view pictures in your browser, because since I hate her, you can’t look at her.


Jon: I hope your computer crashes and dies, and you have to reformat, thus losing all of your gay porn and satanic lesbian nun tentacle fucking. You are LAME. “Whenever I needed a dose of manliness…” If you really need a dose of manliness, you could always run down to the nearest truckstop and wait in the bathroom with your pants down, bent over.

“less chicky posts, more manly posts. WAY less Ellen Feiss, WAY more fine-ass broads.” You are so lame.

And just like *snap* THAT…

The angsty bullshit is gone.

Well. Maybe not gone, but definitely far from the prominence it’s held for the past few days. I guess we’re going to “talk,” now. Except not exactly now, more like Wednesday. I feel like a normal human being again, not an angsty 14 year old with a fanfic site supplemented by her cam.

Yar. 😀 Gonna go get a smoothie, then hit my roomate up for a run to the video store. Fear of a Black Hat and some beer sounds like a great idea for tonight.

(Please note that come Wednesday evening, I will either be bitchy and jackass-y past the point any of you long-time readers have ever seen, or so ridiculously cheerful and loving towards the world that you’ll probably want to vomit.)

I’m in love with Seriously’s vocabulary, by the way.