wutz ^

yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyooyoyo jk lol
anyways its me again just updatin it up on here. AS u can see i got my gf 2 post on here and she is cool. I got some big [members only content] ‘t let that slip out! lol jk

Anywayzzi’ve been reading the comentz and i kno you guyz lyk girls boobs and stuff lyk dat. sooo i wen on some of the linkz jusin (old guy that nobody lyks) gave me 2 find new girl boobs. heres what i cam across.


im not alowd 2 watch stufl ike that so i cant tell ya wuts on it! PLSU MY GF WIOUDL KILLLLLLL ME!!!!11

iv ask my gf 2 help me restyle the page a little more to mkae it look better and more profesinal hopfuly she iwil!!!!! (she taks art at skool)

Here is my future planz 4 da site


From: CoolDud47@aol.com

Hey man i lyk ur site its kewl. yo do u hav any pass for lyk outwar or RunScAP? thx l8r

jus glad i got all my fans out der seeya!!!!!!!!!!

New Layout

I have been hard at work lately. I changed the site layout so it looks sooooooooooo much beter. aALso

I added New high re[members only content]o hot in the 3rd one !!! LOL

SOo anwayys on the lyaout!
I put a gundam cuz gudumz are sooo fuckin cool lookin and then a big ass plane too. ALso a google ad please click it all the time so i can have more money to feed my weeeeed addicityon lolllllll jk i never done weed BUT IW Ant to! caz eminem does it and hesss STREET

OKs o im get my gf from skool 2 come post here prolly. im ask her she sits next to me in anatomy but shes cool she likes the rineternt. idk wut she does prolly like aol ns tuff but shes cool and hey you guys try to act like im cool (duh act? LOL!!!!) so then she will maybe go out with me 2[members only content] be havin some hot sexxx!

I’ve also added fubar membership! Get yours now only 39.99$ via Paypal and you can have access to members only content! If you arent a member you can still view the site but certain randomly chosen parts of posts will be edited out for members only! Do you part and help me out this hosting costs like 500$ a month!!!! So Hurry or the site might go away!!!!!!


Justin Sells Site


I’d like to inform everyone that I have bought fubar for 50,000USD. So now you will hear alot less about boring shit like stupid girls and alot more about stuff I wanna write about.

So first post for the new fubar is about how kewl the new xbox wil be. It will be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo kelw. ok i heard that the processor is like 10 processors in 1 processor and its lyk ok the graphics are lyk soooooooo good like u can see even hairs if u look really clsoe.

ok next post is abouuuuutt michael jackson lol hes a child molestor

ok next post is about starwars!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TIL li comes out even tho it looks lyk not that good but still im gonna ask my mom if shoull take me.

Everyone stay tuned there will be alot more cool stuff like this in the future from me. Also if you wanna email me and tell me about what you want me to put on here or if you have some cool pictures of planes email me here.