Stephanie from LazyTown

8 09 2005

If you read this post, you will become a pedophile.

You’re still reading. Pedo. Anyway, Supher has recently brought to my attention, Stephanie from LazyTown. So what the hell is LazyTown and who the hell is Stephanie? Apparently it’s some crazy kids show from Iceland and Stephanie is like some European pedo dream queen. I hear that pedos love posting about how hot she is in the IMDB forums. Oh and i think the show’s on Nick Jr.

Here’s a video.

If you watch that, you will become a pedophile.

Oh and i suggest NOT looking at the pictures on the official website, where you’ll find one of her grown up castmembers sporting a boner and trying to cop a feel from her (i’m probably exagerrating). Oh and you’ll also not notice that she’s pretty furry for a 14 year old if you don’t look at the pictures. Did i mention she’s 14? She’s plays an 8 year old on the show. That’s like a double whammy or something (if you’re a pedo)

“One day I am going to rape Stephanie from LazyTown” – SpiegalPwns

psykotik2k: it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
Gogoyuyuhakugo: it’s a piece of cake to plan your statutory rape

nfoxxnum7: You know, you probably could pretty easily mess with the lyrics on that to get across a completely different message
nfoxxnum7: I feel dirty

You’re all going to hell.