ICQ with Shasha/Rant

Normally i wouldn’t do this being the ‘nice’ guy that i am but i feel i need to defend myself. Read this and tell me if my response is justifiable:

Shasha: justin! i hate izzati! i hate tazio!
Me: how come?
Shasha: you know after she confronted you or whatever? they started talking about you and stuff…. ugh…. do you know tazio.. like personally?
Me: nope…dunno tazio
what happened?
Shasha: nothing! he started calling you lame, pathetic and sad… and i was like… how the hell can he say this when he doens’t even know you?! and i was really really angry!
Me: kick his faggot ass. what did you say? what did 9 hour girl say?
Shasha: nothing! whne she came back in, everyone was applauding, and i was just too pissed to say anyhting
Me: what did she say?
Shasha: i don’t know. but she wa slike…. i gave him a piece of my mind blablablalala
Me: hah…all she did was mock strangle me and asked what i meant by the 9 hours…thats all. no pieces of mind anywhere

Shasha: ugh. yeah.. well i sort of avoided her the whole lesson after that.
Me: kick her ass….what a crock of shit. Piece of her mind my ass.

Shasha: rant time!
Me: i will…after this I’ll give her a piece of my mind…biatch muahahha

For the record, i’ve explained below about the 9 hour thing earlier and i did it because i was being ‘nice’ and in doing so, clearing her name. But noooooo…little miss BITCH and fuck face faggot Tazio mutherfucking Lai decides to bad mouth me. Okay, here’s the scene…i’m enter room S25 to see Mr. Pasztor to get him to sign my leaver’s cert. In the room was Shasha and also Izzati and the rest of their class. I get the signature and leave. I walked away from the class and i see Izzati come out of the class behind me. She calls me over and says “I wanna talk to you”. She comes up to me and kinda playfully mock strangles me and asks: “What did you mean about the 9 hour thing? People have been asking me about it! They think i slept with you..!” I just laughed and explained it to her a bit.

Then she asks when i’m leaving and then she pinches my arm lightly and says good luck or something like that. And well, you know what happens after that.

Okay, on with the ranting: Hey you fuck face Tazio, i don’t even know you and i’ve never shown any malice towards your faggoty ass and you have the fucking audacity to bad mouth me? Lame, pathetic and sad eh? Haha…have you ever looked in the mirror recently? I don’t think you’re the most popular guy in school dude. I know i’m not. But you sure act as if you are you ass boy. You don’t know me and you seem to think it’s okay to bad mouth me so i guess it’s okay that i bad mouth you too even though i don’t know you.

You’re fucking lucky that i’m not in school anymore you little shit. You think you know me? You can’t even IMAGINE what i’m capable of doing you fuck face. Think what i’m saying here is a bit too extreme? Am i being a little immature blasting you on my site with oh so mean cuss words? Well, fuck you cuz i don’t give a fuuuuuuck. The next time i see you…i want you to know that i’m quietly judging you. So what are you gonna do? Run to mommy? Who started this first? Motherfucker.

And as for you Izzati, i’ve been very very nice to you. Even after we broke up, i never said anything bad about you at all. But you…you little bitch….you just went on and on about how i was the bad guy. You even thought i loved you? Tell me this people…how the HELL can someone fall in love with someone else in the span of 9 fucking hours total of being together? I don’t believe in love at first sight. You obviously do if you thought that i was in love with you.

What was it that made you think that i loved you? The fact that i once signed off my ICQ messages saying “Luv u, luv u, luv u” ?? Come on…. Jeanne signs off her e-mails saying “Luv Jay” and i don’t think she’s in love with me. Also the fact that you actually believed what Ben told you about me even proves your naiveness. I mean..who can truly trust Ben?? Shit girl. You suck. So you gave me ‘a piece of your mind’ eh? You call that a piece of your mind? Well, i’m fucking giving you my whole BRAIN now.

You know what still gets me? The fact that before we broke up, you had a fucking ROUND TABLE discussion with MY FRIENDS and NOT ME on whether or not we should break up. This after the countless times i’ve told you that if you ever had ANYTHING you wanted to say, just tell me. You said you couldn’t trust me? And you trust Ben more than me? HAH. All i have to say is…. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU BITCH? You’d rather trust a druggie than me? Shit. What’s the world coming to?

I admit, Ben is a friend of mine…even though he treats me like shit i still tolerate him. But you trust him more than me? Shit girl. You ARE deluded. Also, your fucking hypocrisy disgusts me. I remember vividly about how you said that you hated all the rich Malays and that you’d never hang out with any of them. The same goes for the group of girls who hang out at T block in school. I remember how you said you’d never hang out with them and about how you liked to be alone. HAH. And now what do i see? You hanging out with the T block girls that you ‘hated’. Please…You know…i did some research on you after we broke up from your own cousin and your ex-classmates from your old school.

You know what they had to say? I quote: “She used to be nice…..now she’s a complete psychopath”. This coming from your OWN COUSIN.

I’ve had enough of being nice to you. You suck you little bitch. I know that i myself am not perfect and if you’re thinking of using any of the bullshit that i’ve done in the past…well, you don’t know me and you can’t really use what you don’t really know about me against me. If i had to say at the top of my head right now, only Oliver truly knows a lot about me….and even then…he doesn’t even know at least HALF of who i am and what i’ve done.

And you think you know me from the 9 fucking hours and stories of me from jilted ex girlfriends and druggies? HAH! If i sound hypocritical here…..well hey, look at yourself. Unless you’re just too fucking blind to see past the fucking ‘mask’ you put on in school. Hypocritical little bitch. I have no qualms on ripping on people on this site.

If you think this is the worst i can do…well…you’re sadly mistaken. And know this…the next time i see you…even though it may not seem like it…i WILL be quietly judging you too. That goes for the both of you. Fucking ‘complete psychopath’.

ICQ with Jia Ying

JY: poo boy… i saw that funny forum post .. cool.. so have you?
Me: haha..i wish =)
JY: heehee.. im trying to eat a french fry wit no hands
Me: i’m trying to type with no fingers
JY: hehe sille poo. i have a feeling ppl are talkign abotu em.. its scaryy..
Me: about who?
JY: me
Me: what about?
JY: about stuff that isnt supposed to be tlaked abouit don ask so many q’s poo.
Me: poo. have you ever pooed out liquid poo?
JY: no.. isnt that sick..
Me: yeah…i know…hehe
JY: ahh,….i am gonna be sick if you keep up wiht all this stuffz
Me: hey jia ying, what do you think of lesbians?
JY: i think they’re just normal.. dun think about that kinda stuff but gay guys RULE! they are the BEST guy frensss!
Me: i wish i was gay…haha. i bet you’re gonna take me seriously aren’t you?
JY: no.. but whywould you wish that? then you.. actually, it wouldnt matter hey.. i dunno.. i dun care if youre gay or not
Me: dammit….i was hoping you’d be grossed out so i can post this conversation on my site
JY: okay okay, ill be grossed out.
Me: woo hoo anyway, hey jia ying….what do you think of liquid poo?
JY: i think iot’s completely sick. i mena, who the hell would think of LIQUID POO????? hey, thats kidna like that scene where jim carrey poops on his neighbours lawn. that was funny..
Me: that wasn’t liquid poo you poo. i want liquid poo
Me: say you like it
JY: dammit, i dun wanna b known as the gurl who thinks liquid poo is cool?!?!?
Me: say it…… i’ll make you famous
JY: you are disgusting.. okay fine. ill only do this becaus eyour never coming back. oh god whyy?!?!? why?!@?!?!?
JY: I lIKE LIQUID POO- quote me justin
Me: i want you to say “i like liquid poo very much”
JY: okay.. I LOVE LIQUID POO!!!!!!!!
Me: cool…now i gtg..hehe i’ll be back later =)
JY: ahh!!?!!? jusitnt?>!??!?!?!
Me: i’ll be back in about 10 mins
JY: NO?!!?
Me: i’ll be back..! really! 10 mins

Jia Ying likes liquid poo. Quote: “I lIKE LIQUID POO”

Interesting signings

Fullname: Cristy Harrison
Email: hippychic43@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Australia
Homepage Name: Hippyopia
Homepage URL: http://hippyopia.dynamiczone.com
Comments: hey, i like your website…thanks for signing my guestbook i like reading your news its interesting

i dont really have anything to say but you have guts for putting anything you feel like putting on here and not caring about who reads it or what they think

thats cool

Now that’s someone who understands what this site’s all about.

Fullname: jeanne
Where are you from?:
Homepage Name:
Homepage URL:
Comments: i feel strange

I doubt that that’s really Jeanne.

Anyway, i bought a playstation game last night: The Legend Of Dragoon. Should be quite a good RPG. I absolutely LURVE RPG’s.

Probably the best RPG’s i’ve played are Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger on SNES. Classics man. I would’ve gotten FF9 too but it was in Japanese so i didn’t bother.

I also wanted to get X-Men Mutant Academy but i playtested it and it pretty much sucked ass. But then again i only did play it for like…half a minute. Oh well. Looks like i’ll be preoccupied with playing TLOD and with updating my site everyday during the whole month of August or so.


I’m back at home now. I’m pretty hungry. Gonna eat some cheesecake later on. I’m probably going back to visit school again this Thursday to get the last signature that i need from the principal and also to get a refund for the fees that i paid for this term. I have to say again though, my recent posts have been pretty boring. I really gotta stop dwelling on the ‘past’ and shit and start moving forward but i just can’t seem to let go. Expect me to still keep on writing about ‘my’ school (even though i’m no longer a student there), about Jeanne and about other school related things that ‘other’ readers (those of you who’re overseas) won’t ‘get’. I’ll probably be back in top form soon enough. I’ve also got some stuff to talk about later. So watch out for that.

Actually, you know what? I’ll just talk about it now. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to clear up. Okay, on my last day of school, i sent an e-mail to the whole school telling em i was leaving and shit. I also did a shoutouts thing to everyone i knew. It’s kinda tradition to send out an all school e-mail when you leave in JIS. Anyway, i did lots of shoutouts and said stuff like; John, i know what you did last summer…Shasha, dammit. It sucks to be me…etc etc bla bla. To be slightly funny (as i ever am) i decided to give shoutouts to my 2 (two) ex’s who are still in JIS, ex-girlfriend no. 6 and 7. Anyway, i sent out a shoutout to Mira saying thanks for the 2 months (meaning thanks for the 2 months that i went out with her) and one to Izzati saying thanks for the 9 hours (meaning thanks for the total time that i was with her during the 2 weeks i went out with her…have a look in my archives to read about my ex no. 7)

Apparently, some stupid people who didn’t get the (sarcastic) joke thought that i’d slept with her….the 9 hours geddit? Sheesh. For the record, i’ve never slept with her and i barely even know her enough to even DREAM of sleeping with her. Heaven forbid. 9 hours of actually being together face to face isn’t long enough to warrant a real relationship…much less a real friendship! (Again, see my archives page and look out for a rant about her to understand what i’m talking about)

Anyway, on the subject of relationships and stuff, i’m actually surprised that some people in school actually think of me as being the smooth player type of person. You know…the kinda guy that ‘gets all the girls’ and shit. Hah. I can only WISH that i was like that. But alas..i’m not. Really. Jia Ying thinks of me as the pick up guy cuz i pick up lots of girls successfully….to a certain extent. Another friend, Fina, thinks of me as being a ‘lucky’ guy cos the past 4 (four) girls that i’ve been associated with were all pretty and beautiful etc etc. I beg to differ though. If i’m so ‘lucky’, how come i’m still single now? How come i’m not going out with anyone? Oh and that’s not the only thing. Word around the school is that i’m ‘the most sexually active’ guy in school. HAH. Again, i can only WISH.

Also, while on the subject of Jeanne, i just wanna say that i’m not going out with her. Probably never will. She’s just a friend right now. I know lots of people have seen me walking around school with her and some people even thought we were going out. But we’re not. Sure, yes, i do admit that i like her but not to the point that i’m obsessing everyday about wanting to go out with her. (That would’ve been like John during his Harriet obsessing period) It would be nice if Jeanne and i did go out but nah…it’s just not in the cards. She knows this, i know this and we’ve even talked about it. And we even had a good laugh about it. So even if she doesn’t have the same feelings that i have, it doesn’t matter. I can still say that i enjoyed all the time that i’ve been asscoiated with her. In time, this’ll all be just a distant memory. I’ll be starting afresh in University and maybe then i’ll probably start writing about another girl….and maybe the same thing will happen again: Nothing. Just like what’s happening now…nothing between me and Jeanne. But maybe next time it’ll be different…who knows though? I don’t….

It’s funny how the power of suggestion works eh? Especially on this site and the stuff i write about…some people just take em soooo seriously. It’s like…”If it’s on the internet, it must be true”. Sorry people. It doesn’t always work that way. Granted, all the stuff i write about is true…but sometimes, i like to screw you guys over a tiny little bit. Not to say that i make things up…but i sometimes write in a way that makes people think that that there’s more to the story than there really is. And you all just like to add in your own thoughts and make it what you think is the truth.

A good example would be Jeanne. She’s nice and all, it’d also be nice if i ever do go out with her even for just 24 hours but right now we’re just friends and nothing more. But all you people seem to think that we are going out and that i’m obsessed with her and bla bla bla etc etc. Oh and the fact that i mention her name everyday is because it’s sort of kinda like a running joke thing…except that it’s not a joke. It’s just a running thing that i like to do. I can honestly say that i’m NOT obsessed with her.

Anyway, all you regular readers kinda expect me to mention her name everyso often now….so i do. It makes you think “Ahaha..he mentioned her again..he must be really obsessed with her”. If that’s what you think then i guess i’ve done what i set out to do. Manipulate you. (Cue evil laugh) “Muahahhahaha”. But those of you who’re smart and know what i’m trying to do….well….what can i say…you’re smart. Nothing can get past you.

In short, what i’m trying to say is….my writing has many layers to it, Jeanne’s just a friend, i’m no casanova, i’m not lucky, this is a long boring post that no one will give a damn about and finally, i’m not ‘the most sexually active’ guy in school.

That would be ****n.

(Name censored to protect individual)


Anyway i should explain myself. I wasn’t updating at all yesterday because i went to ‘the big city’.
A friend brought me up there and i called up Shawn and we met up and played pool at..the pool hall i guess. Shawn’s ex was there too and apparently she knows my name. Cool. Actually she’s from my ‘hometown’ in KB so she must’ve seen me around somewhere or something and that’s how she knows me i guess.

Anyway, we ate at A&W’s later and played more pool. Oh i also saw Jeanne over at another pool hall. She dyed her hair black/blue so when i did see her i did a double take. I went up to her (she was with her friend Rosie) and called out ‘Jay’. Sure enough it was her. She was on her way back home so we didn’t hang out that long.

Right, i went back with Shawn and stayed the night. This morning i made my way back to school to get my shit from the dorm and also to get my damn leaver’s cert signed. This is a pretty boring post. I’ll post more slightly interesting stuff later. I’m kinda under pressure now cos i’ve got at least 9 (nine) friends leering over my shoulder right now as i type this.


Back with a vengeance

Hey sorry for the total lack of updates last night. I was away for the whole day and night. I’m actually back in school right now updating but i’m here just to get my leaving form certificate thing signed by all my teachers and shit.

Anyway, i’ll write a long ass post later when i get home. I gotta go mingle with my friends now. For what might possibly be the 4th or 3rd or 2nd last time that i’ll appear in school again before i leave.
Later alligator.

The final slice

We had a big sleepover at Eric’s place last night. That’s why i didn’t update. It was just Me, John, Oliver and Kristian over at Eric’s. We watched half of Reservoir Dogs and half of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on VCD while eating 3 boxes of pizza, a bag of Lays, a bag of Doritos, about 20 cans of Coke and Sprite and 3 kebabs. Halfway through the sleepover, John decided to call up his slice Jia Shin. Oliver got kinda pissed because John kinda defeated the purpose of the get together that night but nevertheless, John went upstairs anyway to call up his girl. So i was just us 4 left in Eric’s room while John was upstairs on the phone. There was only one slice of pizza left and we all decided to get back at John by ‘staining’ the pizza.

So we all kinda stained it with our ass sweat, armpit sweat, ball sack sweat, saliva, nose pickings, ear wax and other assorted bodily excretions. Ah what a fine slice of pizza that was.

Anyway, we put that lone slice of tainted pizza on a plate to make it presentable for John to eat. But when he came down later, he didn’t feel like eating it then so we saved it for the next morning. We watched Detroit Rock City before we all went to bed and had a looooong talk about all the foul girls in our school and a fairly amusing debate on who was the hairiest girl in school.

Heheh. “All body mohawk”.

Anyway, the next morning, we all got up and Oliver suddenly remembers the pizza and says…”Is there anymore food left?” Eric says…”There’s still one slice left”. John says..” Ah…i think i’ll have it”. So as Eric and John leave the room to get the pizza, Me, Oliver and Kristian pissed our selves laughing. But then…tragedy struck. Eric and John came back in the room with no pizza in hand. Eric had a devastated look on his face.

Eric’s mom ate the pizza.


For those of you new readers to this site, if you’re wondering why the hell the name Jeanne pops up in ALMOST EVERY FREAKIN POST, well i suggest you go to the archives and start reading from July 18th 2000. Thank you very much.

It doesn’t matter

I was just watching Channel [V] for a while and i finally saw the Wyclef Jean/The Rock video. It was pretty funny/good. “IT DOESN’T MATTER!” Anyway, i’m gonna go watch Magnolia again. Haven’t watched that movie in yonks (read that as ‘ages’ for those of you who don’t know what yonks might mean). Those of you who haven’t seen Magnolia yet well you should. So what if it’s a 3 (three) hour movie. It’s a fucking good 3 (three) hour movie. It’s from the guy who made Boogie Nights if you didn’t already know. Now that was a great movie. You just have to watch sometime in your lifetime. PTA (Paul Thomas Anderson) the guy who made those two movies is going out with Fiona Apple. I like her. But none of my other friends do. But hey, Jeanne likes Fiona Apple too. I found that out last night. So that’s pretty cool. (Heh. Can’t resist not mentioning Jeanne’s name in ALMOST EVERY FREAKIN POST can i? It’s sad really…BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!)


Woaaah! I just check my Hotmail and i got 2 (two) e-mails from this girl from school. I don’t know if you’ve been following my site from the very beginning or not but i once or twice mentioned about this girl in a blue skirt coming to study at JIS. Well, that same girl e-mailed me and it seems that we ‘kinda’ know each other..! Shit..! That’s a big surprise..!

She know’s both my parental units’ names so i guess her ‘rents know my ‘rents too. I guess. I also do know that she used to go to the same school that i went to like…8 years ago or something like that. Anyway, the blue skirt girl, i finally found out her name at the beginning of term. Her name’s Rafidah. Apparantly there are quite a number of guys who think she’s quite…how do you say…hot? Hehe. Anyway, she wrote in her first e-mail:

Ok, So I don’t know you but I think I just saw you with your shirt all coloured
with handwriting printed what so ever.
Hey, that is good for you to further your studies else where!
So, Good Luck on that!

In her second e-mail she basically said:

Hey, during chemistry class it just finally clicked to me who you are, well I
think that is what I think.

And then she asked if my parents’ names were so and so or not.

This is cool. Unexpected and cool. But it’s too bad none of you give a damn!!! Cocksmokers.