Shootin the shit with an AK-47

On impulse, i called up Rod and we talked for a bit. I found out earlier before that he’s coming down to ‘hicksville’ (where i’m at) from the city (where he lives) for the weekend so we made some plans to meet up before i leave. So yeah, gotta meet up with him. And this time, IT WILL HAPPEN DAMMIT!. Unlike all my plans which didn’t happen for the past 2 (two) days. Anyway, he told me something quite disturbing. His dad just got back from Cambodia and was telling Rod about how for $15, you can get to fire an AK-47 machine gun. Extra clips cost 25 cents i’m told. You get to shoot a cow too. Yeah. You heard me. For $15, you get to shoot a cow with an AK-47 at 25 cents a clip. Or something like that. I have bad memory.

Unfortunately his dad didn’t try giving the whole thing a shot. (No pun intended)

Etc etc

Conniving, insidious, and all around plain nasty – no, i’m not talking about a mullet. What am i talking about? Nothing really. I just wanted to do that mullet joke. Anyway, i didn’t do much today so far. I’m thinkin’ of going to town later though. Probably to buy more Dreamcast games. I think i have 16 games so far. And i’ve only had my Dreamcast for about…what? a week and a half? I dunno if that’s good or not but i know it’s not as good as my 300+ Playstation game collection. Anyway, i talked to Scab on AIM just a few minutes ago. He seems cool enough. He even knows where the hell Brunei is (Don’t click on that. It’s a horrible website). Brunei is where i’m living in at the moment. So actually knowing about Brunei a bit earns him even more brownie points. Anyway, you should go visit his site. So go. Go right now even. I’ve added him to my links. I’ve also thrown out some links that i don’t wanna link to too. I want a webcam. A good webcam costs about $200+ here. I’ll probably get a cheaper one once i leave for Malaysia this Saturday. I just really really hope that i can get access to the internet as soon as possible once i’m there so i can post daily. (For the uninitiated, i’m leaving for KL in Malaysia to do University at Sunway College doing the Western Michigan University twinning programme. I’ll be in KL for 2 years and in Michigan for another 2 years) Anyway, i can’t stress enough that i don’t know how long i’ll be WITHOUT internet access while i’m there. So yeah, this site’s gonna be on hiatus for a while starting this Saturday afternoon.


Visit Scab dammit. Like now.


You might be wondering again what i’m doing posting right now when i’m supposed to be in the city with my dad. Well…turns out that I’M SICK. I think i’m coming down with the Flu or something. So my dad told me not to go with him. Know what that means? That means i WON’T be able to visit school, i WON’T be able to see my friends, i WON’T be able to see Jeanne one last time and i WON’T be getting that photo that she was gonna give to me.



But hey, at least something good came out of today’s adventure.. I made my dad stop by a videogame shop and i bought 2 Dreamcast games. Haha. I bought Power Stone (i know Power Stone 2 is out already but i read that it doesn’t hold a candle to the majesty that is Power Stone 1) and i got Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2. Sweet. Oh by the way, if you’d like to see some really hairy women, direct your mouse cursor over this link here and click on it.


Tomorrow, i WILL try my VERY best to somehow visit my school ONE LAST TIME DURING LUNCH. I fuckin’ promise! I promise i’ll try, i promise i’ll try, i promise i’ll try……..

Boo fucking hoo

What the fuck am i doing posting when i’m not even supposed to be here? Well, i’m back home that’s why. My plans for a night in the city went down the proverbial shitter because we still had some unfinished business concerning my leaving for University. Apparently there where still a few more forms to fill out that we didn’t have so me and my dad (who has the patience of a fly on ecstacy) had to go to the court ( in judges and shit) and get some stupid form. Some declaration of shit or something like that. And then we had to go to the bank. And the shitty thing is…i didn’t even HAVE to go with him to those places! ARGGGGHHHHH!!! I’m so pissed right now. Not only did i not get a change to visit school for one last time, i didn’t get to hang out with Rod! Something that i was planning on doing today! For the last time! Shit mannnnn. I feel like crying.