Some of you may be wondering why I am posting here. First of all because Justin told me too. Second of all because my site is down and I have nothing better to do, and third of all Justin told me to. He wants me to put a picture of me up here where I wrote “Justin wishes he was here” on my shirt but that won’t happen.

(and because suzi’s such a lazy bum, i had to put it up for her at the bottom myself. lazy bum..! – Justin)

I am also supposed to talk about my new haircut. To make a long story short, I let my sister cut 4 inches of my hair off. It is short. Everyone asks why not go to a salon and do it. Why the hell should I pay someone to do what I can let my sister do for free? I am cheap, just like Justin when he is off whoring himself to pay for his college tuition. <3 anyways... (=P)

Have any of you noticed that Justin has a mullet? I have been nagging him about it.

psykotik2k: i need a haircut
ex0ticnsull3n: mullet man
ex0ticnsull3n: you could be a super hero
ex0ticnsull3n: mullet man
psykotik2k: i dont have a mullet!
ex0ticnsull3n: you could make a movie, like spiderman!
psykotik2k: no!
ex0ticnsull3n: :]

(i assure you i don’t have a mullet)

Anyways I am going to spare you people from having to read anymore of my lame story about haircuts. You can blame Justin for making me write this crap post!! g’day.

(that’s a pretty good haircut if i do say so myself)


psykotik2k: i’m listening to enya
Typical Lewser: You’re a sick, sick man
psykotik2k: like my AIM info?
Typical Lewser: You’re SO gay, on SO many levels.

Memento LE DVD navigation guide

The new Memento Limited Edition DVD probably has THE most infruriating DVD menus ever. It’s fucking ridiculous. I really hope it doesn’t turn into a trend: having you jump through hoops just to access the extras and stuff. If you didn’t already know, the menus on the LE DVD is set up like a psychological multiple choice test where you have to pick certain rights answers to access certain features. It’s frustration, annoying and very irritating.


I hear the Harry Potter DVD does the same too. Making you do all sorts of shit just to get to the bonus material. Very very annoying.

Anyway, here’s what you have to do to get to each feature.

Disc 1

  • Watch to view the film.
  • Read to choose subtitles (choose Y for question 3 or 4).
  • Listen to choose audio format (choose Y for appropriate format).
  • Comments to hear commentary (choose D).
  • Chapter to see scene selections.

    Commentary variations: branches at 1:33:52 (end of chapter 13). Takes you to Title 2,3 or 4 (chapters 14 – 16) ONLY if commentary track is selected. Otherwise, it will stay on Title 1 and commentary becomes garbled after 1:37:15.

    Disc 2

    (* indicates a feature not advertised on the DVD packaging)

  • Stills/production sketches gallery: compass – C-C-C-C
  • Journal*: compass – C-C-C-D-C-C
  • Supplement menu*: clock – C-C-E
  • DVD Credits*: clock – C-C-C-D
  • Chronological edit of film*: clock – C-C-C-C-C – pictures 3,4,1,2
  • Memento Mori short story: clock – C-C-C-C-C – pictures 2,1,4,3
  • Director’s script: book – C-C
  • Anatomy of a Scene featurette: skull – C-C-C
  • International poster art gallery: globe – C-C-C-C
  • Props gallery*: binoculars – C-D
  • Trailers (US/international): binoculars – C-C-C-C-C
  • Concept art gallery*: binoculars – C-C-C-C-D-A

    Ring card on stack: A = left, B/D = forward, C = special feature, E = right

    Other ring cards: A/B = left, C/D/E = right

  • I should post

    Okay here i am updating again. I’ve been lazy. My apologies.


    Wait. Lemme get your attention first.

    This picture needs no caption.

    I bought a coupla DVD’s two days ago. Well… a ‘couple’ may just be an understatement in this case. It’s been a while since i’d actually gone out to buy stuff so i sorta indulged myself on a DVD spending spree. These movies should probably last me a good few weeks worth of time spent in front of the TV to keep myself from going out and buying more crap so yeah… DVD’s!

  • Vanilla Sky
  • Say Anything Special Edition
  • Memento Limited Edition
  • Following
  • Legend Ultimate Edition
  • The Princess And The Warrior
  • How High

    I finally got around to watching Vanilla Sky yesterday. I’ve had a copy of it on VCD with me since December 2001 but i just never found the time to sit down and watch it. Same goes for that copy of Lord Of The Rings that i have. I still haven’t watched LOTR. To tell you the truth, i never really had any interest in watching LOTR. And i still haven’t seen it… and i probably won’t. Not at least til later in the year in November. That’s when the 4 disc DVD of LOTR comes out. And then of course, in December, The Two Towers is gonna be released. So i’ll be pretty much watching both LOTR’s back to back by then.

    Anyway, i remember Vicky once telling me how she totally did not ‘get’ Vanilla Sky. How it was just really confusing and all that. Actually a lot of people have said the same. Well i have no idea how anyone could not ‘get’ this movie because i totally ‘got’ it on the first viewing. Kinda like how people didn’t understand the first Mission: Impossible. I saw it on the big screen and i totally got it the first time. While everybody i’d talked to at the time didn’t.

    Vanilla Sky’s an alright movie i guess. If you really pay attention, you’ll notice certain ‘clues’ throughout the movie hinting at what’s real and what’s a dream. Oh and can i just say Penelope Cruz annoys the hell out of me? She does. Just like Nelly Furtado. But don’t me started on her.

    So yeah, Penelope Cruz. Personally i totally do not understand her appeal. I find her to be unattractive; fucking ugly even, and that annoying voice of hers… the way she speaks. Ugh. I’ve only ever seen her in two movies. Blow and Vanilla Sky. And i find her equally annoying and unwatchable in both movies. I’m never gonna watch any movie with her in it again. I can’t stand her.

    I picked up Memento and Following pretty much in honor of the release of Insomnia. They’re all Christopher Nolan movies. He makes really good movies. I haven’t seen Insomnia yet but i was thinking of maybe going to the movies today to catch it. Either Insomnia or Unfaithful. Or maybe even both.

    The Princess And The Warrior. I really liked this movie. You’ve probably never heard of it though. It’s from the same guy who made Run Lola Run. And yeah, just like Lola, Princess is in German. Franka Potente’s in it. She looks so different as a blonde. I kinda miss her red hair from Lola. She’s becoming a pretty big star over here. And not just in Europe. To date, she’s been in Blow and she’s gonna be in The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon.

    If you’ve seen Run Lola Run and you’re planning to watch The Princess And The Warrior, don’t expect it to be Run Lola Run 2. It’s a much slower movie and it’s probably twice as deep as Lola. It’s got the same underlying themes of fate and predestination just like Lola only twice as slow. But it’s good. It’s really good. I totally recommend it.

    Anyway, i’m gonna leave you with a link to the Triumph the insult comic dog skit that was on Conan about a week ago. If you didn’t catch his appearance on TV, i wholly suggest that you download this and WATCH IT. It is fucking hilarious. I never laughed so hard in my life.

    It’s basically Triumph, a hand puppet dog, insulting Star Wars geeks standing in line waiting for the opening of AOTC. Funny funny stuff.

  • Triumph the comic insult dog!

    17 meg file. About 10 minutes long. WORTH IT.

    Get it before it’s gone!

  • Whoops!

    “When the $80,027,814 final tally for Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones’s weekend was issued on Monday, 20th Century Fox’s $86.15 million estimate from Sunday turned out to be off by $6.12 million. That raised a number of eyebrows, especially in light of rival studios’ estimates that had Clones pegged at closer to $80 million.” – Box Office Mojo

    “Discrepancies of the estimates happen like this but usually only by about $1-2 million, not six. While this changes nothing in terms of the records it has broken so far, the reason some are claiming to be motivated by a little jealousy. FOX’s four day haul for SW2 properly stands at $110.2 million, a few steps short of the three day opening of “Spider-Man” with $114.9 million though when FOX made the exaggerated estimate ($116.2) it seemed that it had come a lot closer to beating the webslinger than it actually did.” – Dark Horizons

    Hahahahaha! I guess Fox and Lucas were just JEeAaLLoUSSssS of Spider-Man’s success.

    Tsk tsk.

    And that’s not the end of it either:

    “The day after CNN’s Connie Chung did a live show from “Star Wars” auteur George Lucas’ famed Skywalker Ranch, CNN was asked not to attend a “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones” press junket on the property. The Insider’s tipsters said CNN was tossed off the ranch, but CNN says that’s an exaggeration, that there was “no physical removal” of anyone, that there was a “conversation” and that “as conversations like that go, it was fairly cordial.”

    The tipsters also say that what apparently rubbed Mr. Lucas the wrong way was that Ms. Chung, in a taped piece that set up her live May 7 interview with the moviemaker, ever so lightly suggested that “Episode One: The Phantom Menace” was, “to most, a disappointment.”

    “For all its special effects, critics complained about stereotyping, stale plot lines, even racism,” Ms. Chung summed up, followed by a sound bite from controversial “Phantom Menace” character Jar Jar Binks saying, “Oh, this is going to get messy.”

    At CNN, the stance is that Mr. Lucas expected a one-hour love letter and a wet kiss in return for the access CNN was allowed and didn’t feel he got that.” – Electronic Media Online

    Boo hoo hoo Lucas. Boo hoo hoo.

    Cue the Star Wars music!



    OH NO!!!

  • utterllyLook!
  • raydarLook!
  • amplifiedmouseLook!
  • antzzLook! – Here too!
  • dom007 – (okay i don’t even have to point out where you should be looking with this one)

    In other news (and ironically too):

    Subject: spiderman v episode ii
    From: “Dominic Yates”
    Date: Mon, May 20 2002 12:11:29 AM +0100

    Justin Wrote:

    Sunday, May 5, 2002
    Spider-Man – 11:41pm May 5, 2002
    What about that Spider-Man box office take eh? $114,000,000 opening weekend gross…. [snip] Attack Of The Clones can never touch that. Never. If it does, i’ll quit this site!

    Dominic Writes:

    looks like you don’t have to QUIT your site… AGAIN

    nice site, keep up the good work,

    p.s have you seen JLo’s snatch @ ??

    Dominic Yates

    Yes! AOTC sucks shit (in more ways than one)! It didn’t even beat Harry Potter.


    “Spider-Man’s powerful word-of-mouth, broad fan base, and universal appeal have made it the fastest grossing film in box office history crossing the $250M in 15 days and the $275M mark in 17 days – both new records. The previous benchmarks were held by Star Wars Episode I with 19 days and 24 days, respectively. At its current pace, the $300M and $400M hurdles should both be passed by the webslinger.”

    Go Spidey!

  • Britney Spears! Bitch!

    How? Let me count the ways!

  • Britney’s not only got more money than Bill Gates, she’s also a cheap bitch (in more ways than one)! On at least 3 separate occasions, she’s left a restaurant without tipping the waiter a single penny. One time the waitress actually ran across the street and ordered what Britney wanted cause her place didn’t have it, and Britney skipped the check AND stiffed the waitress!
  • Britney’s thinking of dropping her last name. Apparently she thinks since everyone calls her Britney anyway, she’s now as great as Madonna, Dido, and Cher. Except Madonna and Cher did it because their last names were too freaky to be pronounced by the public, and Dido did it as a pseudonym. Britney’s only called by her first name in casual conversation, formal events still refer to her as Britney SPEARS. She’s just being arrogant at this point.
  • Britney’s satanic psychotic egotistical little sister is breaking into show-biz, first with a Clorox commercial and now with her own show on Nickelodeon. Does anyone remember the Amanda Bynes show? Anyone remember how GOD-AWFUL it was, and that it got cancelled? I can’t believe Invader Zim is getting the can and Britney’s sister gets her own show. By the way, I made my own guess as to how the commercial will go (she got the gig with her 2 little lackey friends of course, hooray for nepotism!): “Hi, I’m Jamie-Lynn Spears. You may recognize me as the little sister of the insanely famous Britney Spears. When my sister wanted to go from sweet, innocent brunette to skanky blonde whore, she used (holds up bottle) CLOROX BLEACH. Nothing strips away the sweet, innocent look of your natural hair color like CLOROX BLEACH. In fact, my friends and I are gonna bleach OUR hair! (friends hop on screen, all giggle, Jamie-Lynn dumps bottle of Clorox on her head) Being a slut is fun!”
  • During one concert, when Britney finished “singing” and her fans cheered rabidly for her, she started cracking up laughing. The beginning of her hysterics were caught on mike before it was shut off. Then she blew them a kiss, they were whipped into a frenzy again, and she cracked up laughing AGAIN. What a nice girl, eh?
  • The ultimate hypocrite cusses like a sailor backstage at a concert. HA! Britney explained this by saying that she was upset about her audience having to stare at an empty stage all that time. Now how does that justify all the swearing?

    Okay okay so maybe i didn’t really pick the best reasons of why she’s really a bitch. I maybe have even gone off track to include that little bit about her sister but still! If she’s not a bitch, then she’s definitely really stupid!


    Random quotes!

  • “Sometimes I forget I’m a celebrity.” That’s pretty dumb right there.
  • “Don’t forget your underwear and bra for your date” What kind of slut are you that you have to be reminded of that sort of thing?
  • “Jamie [Foxx] is a funny creature.” He’s not a creature, he’s a man, and he’s not funny either.
  • MTV asks Brit if she likes Eminem. “Yeah i think they are cool!”
  • “I’m a Christian. My mom always taught me to treat your body the way it is.” So you treat yours like a whore.
  • “The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  • “I went home for a concert, and all my family and friends were there and I just felt really at home cos I was really at home! *giggles*” Oh my God, I think I feel my brain sliding out my ear.
  • “I think it’s cool. You know, it’s just flattering when someone will, you know, write about you in their song.” Eminem wasn’t flattering you, he was insulting you. He called you garbage, retarded, and said you couldn’t sing. Maybe you ARE retarded.
  • More here!

    BUT WAIT! There’s EVEN more!

    What you’re about to read is a 5000 word rant of why Britney is SATAN.

    Okay maybe not exactly but it’s close enough. It was written by the webmaster of A diehard fan of hers. It was supposed to be like a goodbye message for when he was gonna quit his site back in March (but the site’s back up and running now). The rant’s pretty semi-famous and it has been in the news. It’s SUPER long but it’s worth reading. If you have absolutely nothing else better to do.

    Otherwise, just go here. And read the quotes and facts. It’s funnier, shorter and more straight to the point.

    If not, just click on more if you want more!

    Continue reading