mmm turkey

I wanted to post about the little prank that me, alex and jen are playing on alex’s stepbro David. He ordered one of those motored scooters…i dunno what they are called but it was like a grand, and he has been waiting for it for a while, well the UPS guy just came and dropped it off and we decieded that we are hiding it and i am telling him that the guy came and I sent him away. If any of you knew him, you would know how funny this will be because he is kinda uptight sometimes. Anyway, I just wanted to post about me hiding that thing. I am going to see THEY tonight, has anyone seen it? Cause I think it looks really stupid, and I want to know from someone who has seen it…..maybe it is coming out today, i dunno..oh yeah….


Have a great weekend.


As if it hasn’t been said enough on here already, Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I hope you all enjoy your day away from work (hopefully) and school, to sit around with your family and friends while stuffing your faces with turkey. I wanted to post a picture of a guy dressed up like a giant turkey, but I couldn’t find one on google. I only found a guy dressed as a giant red condom. Sorry guys, but I guess this will have to be a good enough substitute.

Lame, I know. Deal with it. Someone find me a guy dressed as a turkey please. 🙁

I’ve decided to be annoying…as usual.

I’m pulling a Meg and plugging myself…TEENAGEVICTORY.NET, new layout, bitches!

…Only because a) Justin likes it when I plug myself, b) half of you kids (prolly not, but some) read my site, and c) I enjoy bugging fellow fubar girls Thess and Eve…Heh.

Since I’m mentioning all the girls on here, Suzi and Keli are beautiful.

Now go because I’m going to have a terrible day, and want somewhat of a fanbase to complain to.

Now, please, someone post something interesting before everyone attacks me for this. Heh.

will trade boobs for web designing volunteer

cinnfuleyes: i don’t want to redesign my webpage.
psykotik2k: me neither
cinnfuleyes: i need to find someone else who will.
psykotik2k: mhm. me too
psykotik2k: hey
cinnfuleyes: hmm?
psykotik2k: you could post about it on my site
psykotik2k: i’m sure someone will volunteer

. —->

So, I got tired of my old site look … I tried to redesign it with frames for convenience. I now can’t stand to look at it. Actually, it just makes me ill.

This is where your part comes in. Like Justin, I’m lazy. If you have some web design skill, and you want to be so kind as to help, I’m sure there’s some kind of incentive involved.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, you can contact me:

By email :
By AIM : cinnfuleyes
By Yahoo (not often used) : obliquenocturnity
or by ICQ : 175891380

Update: thanks Thanks for the new layout, Bryan ;D


Talking about Eve the rapper and tattoos:

psykotik2k: would you get paws on your boobs?
cinnfuleyes: hell no
psykotik2k: i know a girl who has a skull on her left boob
cinnfuleyes: gross!
psykotik2k: i know
psykotik2k: i wouldnt wanna be like, going down on her boob and seeing a skull staring at me 😮
cinnfuleyes: HAHA
cinnfuleyes: <3 justin psykotik2k: 😀

Happy Birthday to me!

Hooray! It’s my birthday today! You all probably forgot. Bastards.

Anyway, i was pleasantly surprised when i got a package slip thing in my mailbox today. At first i was like, “Eh. I didn’t order anything online. Oh well. Package! Reee!”. So i took the package slip thing over to the front desk people and got my package from them.

So then i opened the package and guess what was inside.


Yes! It’s a Mary Jane doll! Kirsten Dunst! Kiki!! In doll form! Oh the possibilities…

Anyway, thanks for the gift and the card Ju. 😀 Arrived exactly on time. She’s nuts by the way. BND $59 just for the postage!! Not including how much the doll must’ve cost! I owe her a lot. This isn’t the first time she’s sent me stuff through the mail. Last time, she sent me bootlegs of Resident Evil and Blade 2 on VCD. <3 So yeah, i'm 22 now. Wee! I should probably stop wanting to hump 15 year old Ellen Feiss from now on =\ Hmm. I wonder if Kirsten's wearing a bra and panties under there.