I am slowly going insane.

“Technology for Educators” sounded like a pretty decent class when I signed up for it. “Cool,” I thought. “It’s a prereq for my major, AND I’ll learn something useful.

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig disappointment. Big, huge, massive, ugly disappontment. The guy knows a lot about slide shows and overhead projecters, less about computers themselves, and even less about the internet in general, which (I think) is going to be a HUGE part of education in the future.

Let’s take a few minutes ago, when he started telling us about ways to do research on the internet. According to Professor Slappy, USENET is not only unaccessable by any means using a webpage (available only through a newsgroup reader), it is also the “dark, seamy underside of the internet. USENET is where all of the pornographers hang out, and the spammers, and people like that.”

…Apparently, homeboy has never seen Google Groups, never went to Dejanews.com or Remarq while they were still around. I guess he’s never been to Stile’s world of…uh…stuff. Nor has he apparently gotten any ENLARGE YOUR PENIS NOW or WATCH ANOREXIC SLUTS GET PLOWED emails. (Anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking…Justin?)

Now we’re learning about trolls and how he deals with them in the About.com group he assists in hosting. GOLLY, what a guru!


LessThanKeli: do you watch MTV?
psykotik2k: all the time
psykotik2k: clone high!
LessThanKeli: yay <3 clone high LessThanKeli: did you enter the avril contest?
psykotik2k: OOOH
psykotik2k: i wish
psykotik2k: i saw the ad for that
psykotik2k: i wanna spend 5 days with her
psykotik2k: *swoon*
psykotik2k: she’s so cute
LessThanKeli: LMAO
psykotik2k: gosh i love her
LessThanKeli: you’re a sad little man
psykotik2k: why do the clone high girls have weird looking boobies
psykotik2k: joan of arc has one pointy boobie and one round boobie
LessThanKeli: because they were deformed while being cloned
psykotik2k: cleo’s boobs are too high
psykotik2k: you get to see her naked holding her boobs in the shows opening credits though. reee!
LessThanKeli: lol and you observed that all on your own?
psykotik2k: mhm!
psykotik2k: hot
psykotik2k: i wanna see joan of arc naked
psykotik2k: the avril ad is on mtv again *swoon*
LessThanKeli: lol you’re so lame
psykotik2k: how can you not love her?? she’s adorable
psykotik2k: i want an avril doll. i hope they make one
LessThanKeli: shes like a little boy
psykotik2k: that’s what my girlfriend says too.
LessThanKeli: yay <3 your g/f Avril does not look like a little boy! Damn yous all! In other news, my stomach is hurting and i think i need to take a dump. Even though i just dropped the kids off at the pool like 5 minutes ago. I hate that. Taking double dumps. Hm. Overshare. Oh well.

“Just no thongs, ok?”


Picture yourself, if you will, in the upper level of one, KOHLS department store, at the top of the escalator… right between women’s lingerie and shoes. You just picked out a new pair of kicks and are intent on going down to the first floor to check out and leave. But something stops you. Out of the corner of your eye you see them.

The clearance panty bins.

40% off the lowest ticketed price.

What were you to do? How were you to proceed?

Normally, you would just walk over, sniff a few and then leave. But you can’t this time. Because your freaking FATHER is with you.

“Sure,” he says with a knowing glance, “go pick out a few.”

Oh. Ok then. I walked over and was expecting to see my dad head over to home furnishings (he has a thing for soap dispensers)… but to my surprise… he ran to my side, taking in the full view of the panty party.

Ok, that’s a lie. It wasn’t to my surprise. My dad and I like to make a scene.

So there we were, rummaging through the briefs, bikinis, thongs, g-strings and girdles. No wonder they are on clearance. All of them being truly gag-inducing. Example:

String bikini cuts made of shiny red polyester with silver lightning bolts. Blue cammo thong. Purple mother fucking polka dots (yes Justin, I did get those). Mammoth white briefs that you could wrap around your head four times and still have enough fabric to tie a not.

WHO (besides Jenn) buys this stuff?


“Ohhh, honey, how about these.”

Ummn, no. I do not feel uncomfortable taking under garment suggestions from my 64 year old man.

“No no, Dad. I’ve grown out of the fuchsia phase.” And with that, the ladies peering over a nearby bra display started to giggle and my face turned to match the pair of panties in my father’s hand.

… my face being a fierce shade of scarlet was apparently not enough for my father.

“I don’t understand why you women would wear anything at all if you are going to wear one of these (holds up neon tie-dyed thong)- they can’t be comfortable.”

“You get used to the perma-wedgie, feeling, Dad.”

“This one (previously mentioned cammo thong) looks like a sling shot.”

“… or something you could wear.”


Yeah. At 21 my father still slaps the back of my head when I shoot off at the mouth. And yeah. The nearby women shoppers giggled at that too.


What came next was, by far, the pinnacle of the experience, my father and I came together to compare our picks, and 6 out of the 7 pairs we had matched.


Welcum to my world, fubarbs.

And after all this time…

…people still think i’m Avril Lavigne. But we’ll get to that later. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, you’ll find out later. If you want to.

Anyway, recycling some old content aside, i’m done with my midterms for the week. Although i still have a class project thing to work on for my TV Studio Production class on Monday and a 12 page paper to hand in for my Media Criticism class on Wednesday. Blahhh. But enough about that.

In other news:

psykotik2k: http://dontlinkthis.net/movies/joemilsearch.jpg
Teflon Parakeet: Nice.
psykotik2k: Google: Frenchie Davis pictures xxx
psykotik2k: been getting those too
psykotik2k: i bet if i mentioned ‘trista in a bikini’, i’d get hits off of that too
psykotik2k: or anything to do with the bachelorette
Teflon Parakeet: More than likely.
Teflon Parakeet: Mention anal donkey fucking and you’d probably get hits off of it.
psykotik2k: 😀

So yeah, it’s been a couple of days since i mentioned Trista Rehn and that little white girl from the Missy Elliot videos. And i’m still not yet listed on Google if you try searching for them. Feh. Damn you Google. Maybe in a coupla more days. Usually works sooner or later.

It does. Really. I tell you, if you ever wanna get free hits from people searching for stuff using search engines, all you have to is just mention whatever’s ‘in’ at the moment on your website. Like… say.. Joe Millionaire or something. That was the ‘in’ thing last week. Mention anything that had to do with Joe Millionaire or one of the other golddigger whores and voila! You get this:

Hits by the minute.

(anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking)

Reader e-mail time:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: thank god
From: Jon Anderson jonathanscottanderson@yahoo.com
Date: Mon, Feb 10 2003 10:49:23 PM -0800 (PST)

glad you’re finally back…makes my “Michael Jordan” theory on you even stronger.

Here’s a little more eye candy for you:


would you consider a taTu version of fubar?


TATU??! TATU YOU SAY??! I can’t stand TATU. What the fuck is that anyway? TATU. That’s the stupidest name ever. It’s even worse than FUBAR. What is that? Really. She loves her? Tatoo? Taty? Titty? T.A.T.U?

I tell you what. S.T.U.P.I.D is what they are.

Plus they’re both ugly and their music sucks. Lesbian/Bi chicks usually turn me on like a light switch. But these girls, they do nothing for me. But for some reason they leave the rest of male population with a buzz in their their pants. They’re fucking cockteasers i tell you. I hate that. Stupid cockteasers. Stop teasing people’s cocks!

I despise them so much that every morning after taking my ritual shit, i look down in the bowl and name my turds “Lena and Yulia” before flushing them down the poop bowl.

On a scale of Avril Lavigne (0) to Nelly Furtardo (10), i give TATU a 9 on the please die meter.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Fkin draggin their ass’s
From: “Nick” dionysus187@msn.com
Date: Wed, Feb 12 2003 9:00:20 PM -0500

Hey, I made your web page my home page so it would get a hit every time i open IE, so tell every one else to do it so i’m not pulling their ass’s and getting free credit.

I know my site’s good, but it can’t be THAT good. I tell you, if it not mentioning me in the same sentence with Michael Jordan, it’s making my site seem like it’s the next best thing since avrillavigne.com. I’m not that great!! In fact, i suck. Donkey balls.

(anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking)

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Da Man iS baCk
From: TrU2BeAu@aol.com
Date: Mon, Feb 10 2003 10:40:54 PM EST

Hey brotha, I was pissed that your site was gone. If I was bored and surfing I could just hit your site up and there was always something funny or interesting. Stay pimped out and don’t do that shit again….aight! Peace!

MaJeSty aka JaVy

What? There’s funny and interesting stuff on this site? I never knew that.

Moving on.

LessThanKeli: you need to make a poll of who’s disliked most out of the girls
psykotik2k: should i?
LessThanKeli: hate is always popular
LessThanKeli: YES
psykotik2k: haha
psykotik2k: yeah
psykotik2k: but wouldn’t that be…. controversial 😮
LessThanKeli: i would finally win something
psykotik2k: no you wouldnt
LessThanKeli: uh huh…and controversy is fun
psykotik2k: you’d probably be the most least hated
LessThanKeli: na ah thess and suzi would be least hated and eve too
psykotik2k: i’ll put up that poll tomorrow then
psykotik2k: but only because you told me to =P
LessThanKeli: YaY
LessThanKeli: controversy

And to make it even more controversial, we’ll just include Meg into the mix. And Jenn too.

Which fubar girl do you hate most?


Current Results

Reasons as to why you chose who you chose in the comments please. Constructive criticism is always good. Flame wars are even better.

Anyhoo. Did i miss anything that i promised to post about? Ah yes. The two potential fubar girls. I’ve already chosen one. I’m still undecided about the other. Will i tell you who they are?

NOPE! Because i’m a bastard like that. Hahahaha.

Okay both their names start with the letter L. That’s all for now.

Anyway, that’s the end of this post.

Pretty anti-climactic after all the build up eh? OH WELL.

Click on more if you wanna see the stupidy that i encounter on AIM whenever i unblock everyone. Otherwise, just ignore everything and go vote on the poll or something. And then comment. And then maybe visit these other sites or something:

SLBSMaddoxHi Res Celeb Pics

Toodles for now!

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Not quite a full update

God. I should really update. But i can’t. Not yet anyway. I have a midterm later this morning at 11am. And another one on Friday at 2pm. Which is why i haven’t been able to update sooner. Been too busy studying. Anyhow, look forward to a post that:

  • makes fun of stupid people (joy!)
  • mentions my intense dislike for those stupid lesbian tatu chicks
  • includes a poll
  • introduces two new potential fubar girls (ooh!)

    …amongst other things.

    Oh and for those of you who’re new to the site, my name is Justin and i am the ringleader of this circus called fubar. I have several other people (see: floating heads near the top of the site. No, not Avril Lavigne. I wish. The other floating heads) posting here so not all of the posts you’ll see below this one are mine. Important to note. Because you wouldn’t want to be reading Thess’ post and thinking that i have a boyfriend named Shawn.

    That would be embarassing for you and for me.

    Anyway, just for the hell of it:

    Alyson Stoner.
    Little white girl in Missy Elliot work it/gossip folks video.
    Bachelorette Trista bikini pics.

    No, those aren’t supposed to be links but trust me, they will serve a purpose in a few days time. *grin*

    But for now, go check out the archives. Or visit the message boards. There’s always something crazy going on in there.

    Or you could try visiting these other fine sites:

    Spy MagazineMindless ConformityApechild


  • “RULE OF THUMB?! In the early 1900’s…

    …it was legal for a man to beat his wife, as long as he used a stick no bigger than his thumb.”
    “Can’t do much damage with that, now, can we? P’raps it should have been the rule of wrist.”

    So I’m sitting here, updating Justin’s page rather than my own, because I’m lazy to the point where now that I no longer have a handy little box to update into (I update the whole page and upload it via FTP) I’d rather do this unless I have something I really want to say.

    And you want to talk about BORED?

    I came to visit Shawn on Friday, after work, and took his truck back into Orlando the next day so I could go to work. It was a girlfriend of mine’s 21st birthday, so she and her boyfriend came in to drink Car Bombs and Flaming Dr. Pepper’s until I got off work; we picked up a bottle and some beer, went back to her apartment, and proceeded to drink until her boyfriend passed out.

    For some reason, his fingernails were bright red, his toenails were sparkly blue, and he had makeup on when he woke up. No idea how that happened, though. The rest of us were down for the count around 5ish, and since I didn’t have my driver’s lisc. with me, was pretty drunk, and was in a car that wasn’t mine, I stayed there. Got back here to Cocoa around 4pm, looked at the new riggings on Shawn’s boat (making the appropriate “Yes, I care, oh, how nice” noises the whole time)

    Pretty boring, but some commenters (*cough*bubba*cough*) wanted something to read, and I’m nothing if not obliging. Shawn’s asleep now, and I’m probably supposed to be making dinner, but I can’t be arsed to get off my butt and go to the store just yet.

    Work went well last night; the bar wasn’t so trashed as they were on Wednesday, at least they weren’t when I left. No telling how bad it got after that, though. Pretty good money, customers were a nice lot for the most part. No complaints or special stories there. Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re planning on getting the boat out on the water so he can make sure everything’s set up right for this weekend, when we take it down south a ways.

    We’re almost at two years, it’s crazy. I’ve never managed to tolerate/be tolerated by a boyfriend for any longer than a few months before; one or the other of us would get bored, or since I seem to have a propensity for picking people as neurotic and/or prone to fits of anger as I am, things would just get weird and go downhill from there. He’s great, though, he really is. Doesn’t listen all the time, but doesn’t mind that I’m consistently late for everything. Has a bit of an ego problem, but doesn’t seem to mind my own failings in that same area. It all works out; raging fights now and then, periods of absolutely perfect contentment, you know…the way a relationship is (I think?) supposed to work.

    Okay, now for the commenters/other girls. I know a lot of you are in relationships, and what with Valentine’s Day just passed and all, you’ve probably done a bit of thinking about your s.o…so maybe there’ll be some interesting replies to this question:

    What exactly is a “good” relationship? The give-and-take, balance between what you want and they want, etc.


    You can all stop going to the Oyster Derby boards now. Muahahaha. Or not. Up to you really. Just letting you all know that the fubar boards are back to it’s former glory. Huzzah! So you can continue where you left off last year.

    All the old posts are there. Mhm. Ohhh yeeah. Love me much? Yes you dooooo.

    oh boy!

    American Idol… Joe Millionaire… They’re becoming trashier than Jerry Springer –but the well-planned escapades are FUN! I know this info is old, but I want to make sure everyone knows of it.

    Before Fox Television turned him into “Joe Millionaire,” the eligible bachelor supposedly worth $50 million, Evan Marriott earned spare change modeling skimpy briefs for a California firm specializing in revealing rubber underwear. As Buddy Holly would say, “Oh boy!” Hilarious, I say. The pictures that leave little to the imagination are here.

    One of three women finalists on the hit Fox reality show “Joe Millionaire” has starred under another name in dozens of bondage and fetish films, a Web site has reported. Sarah Kozer has appeared -often bound and gagged but fully clothed – in such movies as “Hogtied” and “Helpless Heroines” under the stage name “Cindy Schubert.” The pictures are here.

    Frenchie Davis was a semifinalist for American Idol 2 –until she got booted, after they discovered her past. *dun dun dun* She posed topless and appeared to be masturbating on a kiddie-porn site (which would be illegal). However, Davis was 18 at the time she posed for the photos. Nonetheless, she’s gone from the show because of this. Got opinions? Post it in the comments section. (and out of morbid curiousity, if you have her pics, post those too *wink*)

    Kitana Baker is the hottie in the controversial Miller Lite commercials. She’s so “interesting” that Don Kaplan had to ask who she was in the NY Post. See her nudies here. Yeah, nuff said ’bout that.