I am Gideon Yago.

Hey folks… Justin is alive… sort of. The J-man has been working an insane amount, which leads me to believe that thier is an over-abundence of work for a cameraman in Brunei. Maybe it is because of all the rain there, I don’t know. Point is, he barely has enough time to to vital things like sleep, eat, and breathe, which I think is pretty important. He is on line time to time roughly long enough to say a few sleep deprived words and then go before I have a chance to respond. In his sleep, food, and sanity deprived state, he has started calling me Gideon Yago… who’s that guy from MTV News. I don’t know whether or not to be complimented or insulted. I don’t know when Justin will post, hopefully soon, cause this is his site… and it would suck without him. I just kind of come over and raid the fridge every few days. Hmmm… bacon….

Edit:Woah… many a edits on this post after it’s first read over. I guess I was in a hurry, and just wanted to let ya’ll know what was goin on. Thanks mike.

A Highly Pointless Post.

Sorry for dropping in on your post Zac, but since our pal Justin has dropped off the face of the planet, I’ve decided to contact him using his site… sorry it came down to this. Anyway… read on Justin, and the rest of you onlookers can too because I know you will regardless.

I really like how your new job is 24/7 … haha … yeah anyway I saw you come online for like a minute..then you left…I haven’t been on much cause of moving and I think I’m not gonna be online that much for the next two months, because of moving/school/going back to Cali to visit… I emailed you but since you’re email retarded and didn’t reply, I’m posting this here.

I’ve posted here once before, I rarely do, if you don’t think I should post my personal messages to people via this site please e-mail me and I’ll gladly reply 🙂

Hey, for sitting through that, look I have pics! … which is either pleasure or torture, I’ll take the second, click if you want. Self promotion is hot.

Napster, how I love thee…

Stimulating conversation is a great thing. So is fighting like little kids. Here we have both! Thanks for all the notes, I really wasn’t expecting much or anything for that matter. One really valid point was brought up and that is Napster. oh, Napster. I, personally use Limewire, mainly because Napster was dead by the time I stopped actually paying for things. There has been a lot of debate on whether downloading programs are legal or not, and the answer is obvious, of course they aren’t freaking legal. Bands like Metallica complain that it takes away profits that would normally give them the extra cash that they, as uber mega rock icons, need for their 6th houses. It’s no longer about the music, because if it was, then they would just let people enjoy their music.

Metallica is a great example of, not sellouts, but just have a serious tweak in their priorities. This was the band that 15 years ago, told people to come to their shows with tape recorders and spread their music, and now they are pissed off at the fact that people who wouldn’t buy their stuff anyways are getting a few songs off the net! I wouldn’t pay for a lot of the music I download, because it usually isn’t worth it. 15 songs on a CD, 2 are good. I am not paying $18 for that!

Now on the flip side, a few years back I was looking for the theme song to the show “Big Brother” don’t make me explain why, and I thought I had found it. It turned out to be a song by a ska band named Mad Caddies. I fucking loved it! I have bought 4 CD’s and gotten my friends into the band, so more CD purchases. Now what is the problem with this?

Now if you are Madonna (and I really hope you are) you have obvious solution to this. She wanted to stop people form pirating songs from her new CD, so she released a bunch of fake titles, and when you download them all you hear is Madonna saying, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” How friggin awesome is this? Ill tell you what I am doing. I am simply expressing free speech, and that is FREE speech, not Twenty bucks a few good songs and an hour of crap.

It seems all I talk about is music. Sorry for not mentioning any chicks… I stand by my comment…

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Hi. My name is Zac. I am also PacManJesus, and the pupeteer of Tasha-Ray in the chat logs. There really does seem to be an insane amount of talk about Avril around here. Hell, there was less talk about her when she was on the actual site! You people just can’t let go can you? Speaking of, Avril’s CD “Let Go” has probably gone like triple uber platinum by now, and it really bugs me. Now I have a confession to make. I actually went out and bought that damned CD. I feel horrible about it, I really do. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hump her, though. But I spent almost 15 bucks, American, for that. Not only do I feel bad about the CD, but I feel bad about actually paying for ANY CD. The only CD that I have bought since then was Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”…. hey, I had to spend my Best Buy gift card somehow…

I don’t have a giant problem with Avril Lavigne, or, I didn’t until today when I caught I giant whiff of MTV News. Turns out that tonight Avril will be in a tribute show to Metallica. There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THIS. I like Metallica, but more importantly I respect them, and I don’t think it is right for their reputation to be shat on my an 18 year old who is this months babrie, with Arista controlling her. Not only that, but you know who will be performing with her? SUM FREAKIN 41! The world has gone horribly wrong. On this MTV News segment, before I tried to hang myself, I saw an interview with Avril about it… and this is honestly what she said. She said that she doesn’t “really listen to much Metalica.” She went on to explain how she hadn’t even heard the song she was performing. Folks, this is fucked up. Metallica deserves to be an MTVicon, just like Aerosmith and Janet Jackson before them, but this is a disgrace. MTV is simply using people that they think are popular to draw in viewers. They don’t care whether the person that is playing has ever even heard the band, as long as they are popluar enough to draw in 10,000 12 year old girls and a few 35 year old guys that just want to hump Avril. Those are the people listening to her music folks. Her concerts are like a bunch of really short high pitched 12 year old prehubesent girls and right in the middle of them is this big balding 35 year old guy who keeps screaming how he wants her body. At this point in my life you would have to hog tie me, kicking and screaming to go to a concert with Avril in it. I don’t hate her. I liked her a lot when I first saw the video, I had a small obsession, and that was great… then it got really old, really fast. And now everyone is questioning whether or not it is act…

She is an 18 year old girl who gets brazillian waxes and hasn’t listened to Metallica… but then again those ties do make her look hardcore. She apparently doesn’t listen to a lot of rock music… and she did say that she hates the “whorish” ways of Christina and Brittany, so she doesn’t listen to pop… so what the hell does she listen to. Or when she goes to sleep does she just play a recording of someone saying, “You are hardcore, you are a rebel, you are punk, you are hardcore, you are…” over and over again. It doesn’t matter who puts the words in her mouth, or who writes the music, all I know is that the world of music is becoming a sad state of affairs. Listen, fubarians, it will be a sad sad day when Avril Lavigne is the definition of punk. Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, The Ramones, any of this ring a bell? This is punk. If the 2004 “Punk” tour features Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, or Good Charlotte, then you can find me lying in my bathroom unconscious, on the floor with a toothbrush jammed in my ears, bleeding to death.

But I’d still hump her…


I am now convinced that there is no hope for the youth of America these days.

06/5/03 5:22 AM
RCcola157: hey
psykotik2k: hey
RCcola157: wats up
psykotik2k: nothing much. just browsing the lillix forums.
RCcola157: cool
RCcola157: brb

06/5/03 5:38 AM
RCcola157: hey
RCcola157: wats up
psykotik2k: the usual
RCcola157: whats your name
psykotik2k: Justin
RCcola157: k

06/5/03 5:52 AM
RCcola157: wats up
psykotik2k: same thing i was doing 30 minutes ago.
RCcola157: people tell me u are a star
psykotik2k: how big of a star?
RCcola157: big
psykotik2k: big like avril lavigne?
RCcola157: yes
psykotik2k: have you ever been to my site?
RCcola157: thatsjustnotright.com
psykotik2k: yeah.
RCcola157: yes
RCcola157: its coll
RCcola157: koll
RCcola157: cool
RCcola157: avril lavigne is cool
psykotik2k: she is.
RCcola157: cool
RCcola157: asl
RCcola157: are u avril lavigne
psykotik2k: http://www.heyasl.com/psykotik
RCcola157: r u avril lavigne
psykotik2k: yes.
RCcola157: relly
psykotik2k: yep.
RCcola157: got any pic
psykotik2k: yeah, tons.
RCcola157: cani see
psykotik2k: sure.
psykotik2k: /movies/avrilflash.jpg
psykotik2k: that’s me.
RCcola157: y did u say u r jusstin
RCcola157: Justin
psykotik2k: because i like to fool people into thinking that i’m not really avril lavigne.
RCcola157: k
RCcola157: so what u like to do
psykotik2k: i like to sk8, write my own music, play guitar. that kinda stuff.
RCcola157: i like hockey
psykotik2k: yeah i play hockey too.
RCcola157: relly
psykotik2k: yep.
RCcola157: were dou go
RCcola157: to plya
RCcola157: play
psykotik2k: at the chelsea pier.
RCcola157: ware
psykotik2k: in new york.
RCcola157: do u live in usa
psykotik2k: nope. i’m canadian.
RCcola157: which city
psykotik2k: napanee, ontario.
RCcola157: k
RCcola157: i live in wi
RCcola157: ever been there
RCcola157: ever fished
RCcola157: i went to can. to fish onced

There’s no hope. Even when i DO tell them it’s me, they STILL think i’m Avril Lavigne. And yes, i get IMs like this ALL the time. It’s not even funny anymore. *breaks down and cries*

In other news, Avril and Tasha-Ray are still fighting:

(Yes. Avril really does have a hairless vagina.)

Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in…

Hey, guys, I’ve decided that I need a new car. I also don’t want to bother paying for it myself, or learning any sort of financial responsibility. Send me money. GIGGLE.

Hi, y’all. It’s been a little while. I’ve been working a lot lately, and attempting to figure out what to do with myself now that there’s the absence of that former constant in my life, Shawn…I never realized how goddamned much time we spent together.

Anyone seen Anger Management yet? What a heaping pile of shit THAT is, yeah? We went to go see it last night, and I came about this|close to walking out; I like Adam Sandler, and I love Jack Nicholson, so I figured it would be decent at least, but uh…no. Adam Sandler needs to stop doing these Goofy Good Guy characters, they just aren’t working for him.

Marisa Tomei and her hotness were the only saving grace of the movie. Well…her and the monk scene, I guess.

(Yes, this “update” does have a point…I just didn’t want to throw out the plug and click submit, so there was the waste of space filler to go along with it.)

Marleysghost, y’all. I’m not just plugging him because he plugged me, just so you know…it’s kinda like a hearkening back to the days when there was that retarded little linky-circle thing of Will, the Romeo-Turn boys, that other guy whose name I forget, Lucy from Godzillafine/Chrome and that girl who was really hot. (Whose name I also forgot.) That, and he’s a great writer; I figured if you could take a break from the camgirl livejournals and tit pictures, money-grubbing and ass-kissing for hits long enough to read it, maybe you’d enjoy it.

That, and I’m sick of reading about Lillix incessantly.


04/5/03 7:50 AM
cuttinchunks: sup bro
psykotik2k: nothing much. just talking to cici.
cuttinchunks: whos cici?
psykotik2k: http://lucky.nu
cuttinchunks: she ur gf?
psykotik2k: haha. nope.
psykotik2k: just a friend
psykotik2k: why? you interested in her?
cuttinchunks: iernos
cuttinchunks: dun even see her pic
cuttinchunks: dun know who she is
cuttinchunks: dunno where she lives
cuttinchunks: dunno how she is
cuttinchunks: etc etc
cuttinchunks: so wut year in college r u?
psykotik2k: junior
cuttinchunks: nice nice
cuttinchunks: imma be a freshmen year
cuttinchunks: ne advice?
psykotik2k: spell properly in real life

30/4/03 7:26 AM
Valid8ted prking: hey whats up
Valid8ted prking: a/s/l?
Valid8ted prking: whats up a/s/l?
psykotik2k: http://www.heyasl.com/psykotik
Valid8ted prking: do you want me to go there?
Valid8ted prking: what is that site?
Valid8ted prking: hello? whats your anem or can i ask that? lol
Valid8ted prking: hello? r u ther?
Valid8ted prking: is thatsjustnotright.com yur web site\?
psykotik2k: yes
Valid8ted prking: what do u have on it
psykotik2k: stuff
Valid8ted prking: can i ask what your name is?
psykotik2k: its on the site
Valid8ted prking: avril lavigne?
psykotik2k: yes
Valid8ted prking: cool
Valid8ted prking: im matt
Valid8ted prking: why does your screen name say psykotik2k?
Valid8ted prking: what u up to
Valid8ted prking: hello?

01/5/03 11:56 AM
otakemaru: is this really avril lavine?

Sometimes you people make me want to shoot myself.

Kim from Lillix

So as you all probably know by now, Kim (and Tasha-Ray too apparently) left a comment on this very site yesterday. Of course, you haters out there didn’t really believe it could be her. So i e-mailed her and GUESS WHAT. omg SHE REPLIED.

From: “Kim Urhahn” xxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com
Sent: Thu, 01 May 2003 12:18:47 -0700
To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Kim from Lillix

Hi Justin,

I am the Kim from Lillix. I went to your site and really appreciated the coverage, but there was that one racist comment that I couldn’t resist replying to. Emma, I think. Is saying that I’m Chinese supposed to be an insult? I AM Chinese. So what. Anyways, I know that the comment didn’t come from you. I forget that the Asian population in this part of Canada is huge compared with everywhere else on the continent. In Vancouver it is not uncommon to be a mix. I’m German and Chinese – I guess I never thought that was weird. I’m not sure if Tasha-Ray was the one who made the post earlier. Have you seen the pic in Blender magazine yet? She’s quite the fox. LOL.

Anyways, keep in touch if you like. I always get a kick out of hearing what other people are doing! I guess I’m nosey that way…LOL.



And she’s so nice!

Makes you wonder if Avril ever checked out this site when i had her featured on the layout. Why wasn’t she nice enough to e-mail me?!?! Hmph!