Return Of The King*

Well shit. My site is back up. I was kinda hoping that it wouldn’t be back til like after new years or something so that i could get away with not having to update the site for a week. Hohoho. There goes that idea.

Anyhow, if you hadn’t already noticed, the site was down for about 3 days. I managed to rape my bandwidth again. I have no idea how. I figured i’d be able to get by alright this month. Wasn’t like i’d been hosting any huge bandwidth raping files or anything. I guess my site’s just that DARN good of a read* *.

TheGammaddict: your site is famous
TheGammaddict: you are like a modern day Gandi
TheGammaddict: maybe you should go onto the Screen Savers
psykotik2k: i’ve seen cat schwartz’s boobies
TheGammaddict: kinky
TheGammaddict: Morgan Webb has nice legs…
psykotik2k: have you seen cat schwartz’s boobies?
TheGammaddict: i think so
TheGammaddict: not impressed
psykotik2k: arent they all going to be in playboy or something?
psykotik2k: girls of tech tv
psykotik2k: i read that somewhere. maybe on cat’s blog.
TheGammaddict: hmm
TheGammaddict: linkage..
psykotik2k: it was a while back
TheGammaddict: wow
TheGammaddict: *drools*

Here are some pics of both Cat Schwartz AND Morgan Webb. Topless. For those of you who have been living under a rock.

Note: I’m not quite sure if the Morgan pic is really her. Could just be a lookalike. But if it is, who cares. Just pretend it’s her.

Anyhow, i picked up Return Of The King on DVD a coupla days ago. I still haven’t watched it yet. And i probably won’t until it finally comes out on DVD (officially) next year in August.

This remind me of the time when i bought Fellowship on VCD and didn’t even see it until it actually came out on DVD that next year. I ended up throwing away the VCD without ever even watching it. So for the record, i only saw Fellowship in August 2002. And The Two Towers in August 2003. I’m planning on watching Return of the King in August 2004.

I will be the last person on earth who hasn’t watched Return Of The King by then.

XxPapErdOlLcUtxX: hi avril
psykotik2k: hullo
XxPapErdOlLcUtxX: is this really her?

I think someone has been telling people that i’m Avril again.


* am i talking about me or the movie? you decide.

* * (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

hook up?

here are some rules for you horny little fubarbs:

1. If you meet a person at a party/bar/social gathering with alcohol and hook up with said person within the next 24 hours, it was a hook up.

2. If you meet a person at a party/bar/social gathering with alcohol and you dig them in a iwanttodomorethanjusthookupwithyou sort of way, do NOT hook up with said person within the next 24 hours.

3. If you plan on hooking up with someone, don’t EVER expect it to be more than that.

4. If it IS more than that, you should inform the other party involved BEFORE you hook up.

5. If it BECOMES more than that after hookuping� either keep your mouth shut and just enjoy the play, or come clean to partner.

6. Parties involved in random hook ups are not to get jealous or possessive of said hook up partner.

7. If one party becomes jealous/possessive, walk away. quickly.

8. They are called RANDOM hook ups for a reason. When/if one or both parties want to stop the hookuping� that is the end of it. PERIOD.

9. If you think you are DATING and not just HOOKING UP, then you should be able to discuss this openly with other party involved.

10. If every time you hang out you hook up and/or only hang out in order to hook up� you are NOT dating. You are hookuping.

11. If you want more that just a hook up, don’t lie and say all you want to do is have fun.

12. If you are happy and comfortable with yourself and being single� stop obsessing and bitching about guys hitting on you.

13. If you cannot hook up with a person without becoming attached to said person� DO NOT FUCKING HOOK UP WITH THEM AND STOP BITCHING ABOUT WHEN PEOPLE PLAY YOU.


21/12/03 3:24 AM
trojanman2092: is this averal levine

You know, i probably shouldn’t encourage the fact that i *might* be Avril Lavigne on my AIM info. But hey, it amuses me.

Since this is post up crap that’s old day, i just realized that i actually sort of reposted that Jeanne story without even realizing that i’d done that before. Albeit it was a whole lot meatier and it included a story about this psycho stalker i once had which i was telling Nikki about earlier tonight. Oh i went out with ‘the girls’ again tonight for dinner. Then the four of us hung out at my place for a bit.

Nikki looked good (as usual)*.

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Like Jailbait?

I don’t normally take stupid online quizzes because i think they’re gay and fucking girly (kind of like me really) but this quiz is just too cool. And besides, it’d be interesting to find out which one of you are really fucking pedos.

Me? I’m just a…

Renee Zellweger

Yeah. I’d do the fat Renee.

Personally, i always thought that Jerry Maguire Renee was the best Renee. But between Bridget Jones Renee and Chicago Renee, i’d do Bridget Jones Renee. Potato face notwithstanding.

I wonder how she made all that weight go into her breasts…