Weekend Update!

Well today marks the culmination of this past week’s Lindsay Lohan hype; Mean Girls hits theaters today. I’m *probably* gonna go see it today, if not tomorrow. And i’m sure some of you probably will too. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing more of Lindsay, there’s still her SNL appearance to look forward to this Saturday. Judging from the promos, expect a fair amount of cleavage vidcaps to come out of that. Holla!

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Anyhow, in site news, we’ve successfully made the move to the new server. And for the first time in this site’s entire history, we’re actually paying for the hosting and domain name now (we, as in, me with the help of the monetary donations those of you have made so far). Yep, for 4 years, i’ve never had to spend a single cent running this site. But alas, the time has come to strike it out on my own. No more free hosting. But with that, no more middle man too. Now i truly am the master of my own domain. Gyahahahaha.

So yeah, with your help (and donations *cough cough*) we can probably keep this site alive for another 4 more years to come.

Oh and by the way, watch out for the UNDERCOVER COP that’s trolling the comments as a 14 year old girl and teasing us with pictures of ‘herself’. If she tries to meet up with you, just say no!!!! Or you’ll go to jail and end up being a story on Dateline NBC!!!!!

They’ll never catch me though. I’d never try to meet up with underage girls. Or accept nude pictures of them. Besides, i hate girls. Everybody knows i’m all about the cock. I loves teh cock. MMMM.

Beware the UNDERCOVER COP!!!

Seacrest out!

Charisma Carpenter Playboy Pics

So the big news of the day is of course, the Charisma Carpenter Playboy pics which have popped up on the net. I’ve gotten at least 4 e-mails from people sending me various links to the pics. I would have posted them up yesterday but i was too busy moving shit around the site. Anyhow, better late than never. Here they are.

Personally, i’m kinda disappointed by her nips. Not what i imagined them to be.

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  • Site update

    Notice: FUBAR is in the process of switching servers. Site will be on hiatus for a day or two. Comments have also been turned off for now. The forum will be down too. Hang in there!

    UPDATE: Okay everything has been moved over to the new server EXCEPT the domain name. Since it take a coupla days for the DNS to propagate, i’ll just continue posting here on this server for a bit. Forums will still be down but comments have been turned back on.

    I’ve also manually added the comments that were blocked earlier to their respective posts.

    UPDATE: The move is complete. Forums are up again.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone Flash Movies

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Trey Parker and Matt Stone Flash Movies
    From: “C F”
    Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 02:39:53 -0500
    Hey Justin,

    I just found these 2 flash movies done by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and I think these definitely deserve their own post on f.u.b.a.r.

    Watch them and judge for yourself. Apparently Shockwave commissioned Matt and Trey to make a couple short movies for them, and the South Park boys said the flash movies would be really offensive. Shockwave still wanted them, that is, until they saw the final product.

    **OMG Warning! Extremely offensive content ahead!**


    I’ll tell ya, I don’t know why Shockwave wouldn’t want these works of art. ‘Tis a mystery to me. But share! Share with the people! I just didn’t want these movies to get lost in the comments section of the site somewhere.

    Nerds Away and all that,


    Nerds away!

    The Clothes Make the Man

    FUBARshirt (7k image)

    A few of the F.U.B.A.R.bs visit my website: Bubba, Pangwinking, cf, JustSumDude, Discommode, and even Justin to name a few.

    Recently, I started a shop in order to make some extra money. (I’m really poor and I need to pay some debts and fix my piece of shit car.) Ever since I started the shop, I’ve had people asking me if I’d do F.U.B.A.R. shirts for Justin. Naturally, I can’t really do that in good conscience because I’d be making money off of Justin’s site. He should be selling his shirts himself.

    I myself have thought about the fact that Justin is hard-up for cash, and so he’s started asking us for donations in order to keep F.U.B.A.R. running. Hardly anyone so far has been willing to donate. If Justin started a store, he could get enough money.

    I’ve approached him with the idea, but he still hasn’t said anything.

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