Zhang Ziyi

I have the yellow fever for Zhang Ziyi.

She’s so pretty!

It’s too bad she’ll never do any real nude scenes though. Chinese actresses rarely do.

Shu Qi doesn’t count because she was a softcore porn actress before she went mainstream.

The Unrated Havoc DVD

I’ve read reviews from several people who bought the unrated DVD and they’re all crying foul.

Apparently there’s NO additional nudity other than what we’ve already seen thus far. No frontal action, or heavy sex. And i guess most disappointing of all, NO LIPS! The rumors were just those, unless such footage was axed by the editor, which is very unlikely.

It was nice to finally see Annie’s yams though.

(I totally fapped to them)

More TV Cancellations

Well if you haven’t already heard, it looks like the jig is up for Alias, which just got officially cancelled. They’re still gonna air all of season 5’s episodes, but beyond that, no more Alias. I haven’t really followed the show all the way through. I’ve only seen season 1 and i’m about 4 episodes into season 2 on DVD. I hear it’s all downhill from season 3 onwards though. Something that’s probably bound to happen with that other J.J Abrams show…

Threshold got cancelled too which is a shame for Carla Gugino. First Karen Cisco, now Threshold. No word yet on if they’re gonna air the rest of the episodes they’ve made thus far.

Speaking of TV, i bought a whole bunch of TV on DVD boxsets last night. I got the first three volumes of the X-Files Mythology sets (Abduction, Black Oil and Colonization). I think volume 4 (Super Soldiers) just came out not too long ago but i didn’t see it on the store shelves. I also picked up season 1 of Veronica Mars. Completely bare bones set but Kristen Bell is TEH SEX. I will fap to her in Spartan after i’m done writing this post.

I also bought seasons 1 and 2 of One Tree Hill a coupla weeks ago, which i haven’t even watched. I don’t know why i even bought those seeing as to how i have absolutely zero interest in wanting to watch the show, be it on TV or on DVD. But hey, i got them both for super cheap bootlegged so it’s no skin off my back.

Now if i can only find the time to actually watch all these DVDs. I still have Desperate Housewives season 1, Alias season 2, The 4400 season 1, The O.C season 1, Millenium season 1 and Kingpin to finish watching.