For those born within the past month, you may not have heard the now legendary tale of how tween queen and black soccer star shagger, Jojo, actually visited FUBAR long ago in a galaxy far far away. Yep, she actually wrote Justin a comment, and yes, he probably fapped to it (and likely still does). Cuz, you know…they are practically BFF.

Well, now she’s all famous and has a bigtime funny movie coming out with Robin Williams, called RV. The 15-year old (!) starlet wore a pretty (tight) white dress to the premiere…

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FUN FACT: Jojo is mentioned in Eminem’s song ‘Ass Like That.’ 😮

You go, Joanna Levesque!

Too Much Love:



For Tetris DS:


For Metroid Prime Hunters:


For Mario Kart DS:


Leave yours in the comments if you have any of these games.

Oh and if you have Xbox Live:


Karen Loves Hoof

Stumbled across this little clip today starring everyone’s favorite cloven-foot cutie from

Hmm…I wonder if Karen knows about the hoof? And if so, does she allow it to be used on her in kinky ways which will never see the light of day on their website? mmmmm…hoof sex.

Over on her own site, Kate gushes:

I love playing World of Warcraft, I’ve always been into online games. They are a lot of fun.


Oh, and what would a post be from me without some girls wearing bunny ears? I know many of you do love it so…

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ps. I’ve never put makeup on my naughty parts.*

*this may or may not be true

Scarlett Johansson

Hopefully this will help calm down those few fubarians who have some deep-seated issues with Easter Bunny fappage, while simultaneously pacifying all the closet pedos (correction: all of you).

FUN FACT: Scarlett’s first acting job was in a skit during the first year of the Conan O’Brien show…when she was 8.

Anyone know how old Scarlett is in these? I’d imagine they were taken sometime around the period she starred in ‘The Horse Whisperer’ which would make her about 14.

verdict: I’D HIT IT.

ps. I just found out recently she has an older sister, Vanessa…

mmmmm…Johansson sammich. yumb.

UPDATE: lil Scarlett sure has grown up nicely…here she is frolicking in Jamaica. :jealous:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

She sure looks milky, I hope she remembered to put on lots of sunscreen.

Silent Hill The Movie

It’ll be in theatres 21st April. That’s in four days!

Silent Hill Poster

The veiny boobs in Rumble Roses XX are nothing in comparison to those nurses’ hoohas.

Two more posters here and here, and the movie trailer here.

Bets in on whether this movie will be better than An American Haunting.

Did anyone know that there was a dog ending to PS2’s Silent Hill 2? It was apparently an unlocked ending to the Japanese version. Pretty bizarre, but cool nonetheless. And check out the dog music ending. So cute! ^_^

Edit: Click here for info about The Real Silent Hill.

Charlize Theron

Well, she may not have won the Oscar this year, but she still has lovely golden globes…

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Seriously though, check out ‘North Country’ if you haven’t seen it. Quite good.

FUN FACT: In the scene where one of Charlize’s co-workers is trapped in a port-a-potty which is rocked and tipped over by her male co-workers, the human waste was actually made of Gatorade, Coco Puffs, and pumpkin pie filling.

The film is rated R…but not for nudity.


Au contraire

With all due respect to “Zee,” I wouldn’t exactly say Justin left the site in only one pair of hands. I’ll also be checking in from time to time with offerings to the slavering fubar masses (worship me!)

Take the following for example:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

What would a post be without some Jessica Alba? Her supple, toned body shocked by the cold water slipping around her slender curves…mouth open in a surprised gasp…oh, sorry, I drifted off there for a sec. Why she’s practically an honorary member, given the amount of time she’s spent on the front page here! Yeah, yeah…I know. Justin’s all “penis sad” everytime he makes a post showcasing her gorgeousness, but consider this. A quick survey of the number of folders dedicated to celebs in the fubar image archives reveals the following:

Amanda Bynes – 25 folders
Avril Lavinge – 9 folders
Elisha Cuthbert – 10 folders
Hayden Panettiere – 9 folders
Hilary Duff – 20 folders
Jojo – 10 folders
Kristen Bell – 9 folders
Lacey Chabert – 18 folders
Lindsay Lohan – 24 folders
Mandy Moore – 10 folders
Michelle Trachtenberg – 9 folders
Natalie Portman – 10 folders
Scarlett Johansson – 24 folders

Jessica Alba – wait for it…


Your honors, the prosecution rests. Methinks yellow doth protest too much. It’s obvious Justin wubs Jessica, so I’m dragging him out of the closet. As far as future posting goes, I’ll prolly play things by ear seeing how I’m kinda learning on the job. If there’s any celeb hotties y’all wish to see, don’t be shy about speaking up, I’ll do my best to fulfill your faptastic needs. ^_^


Hello all, some, and none… my name is Zee [obv omg lol] and I will be taking over this Testosterone Infested Site in Justin’s absence. He’s too busy playing with his dugong, his pirated DVDs, and maybe his shlong [you thought I was referring to this with the dugong, weren’t you? You Damn Fool!], to want to have anything to do WITH ANY OF YOU. That’s right. He’s like a little dog who chased it’s tail for too long. And what’s that? Chasing your tail is not as fun as it turned out to be? Give a bitch a chance… she’ll chase your tail for you…

[I’m not a stalker of Justin, I swear. In fact, he stalks ME. But he’ll stalk any girl, so I’m not so special. Really.]

So what should I write about, omgz. Well, for starters, I should introduce myself. Just a little.

I am currently a professional bum [interpret that any way you want; innuendos are noticably common on this here site] cum [ditto] chauffeur. I like animals, especially of the feline species; they are beautiful and enigmatic. I like boobies too, so that explains my unhealthy fixation with coming in here from time to time [I like seeing milky boobies; Asian boobies = a no-no]. I, however, do not like Lindsay Lohan’s current boobies. Are they real? omg! Are they not? OMG! Who cares. I don’t. Not anymore. I’ve lost interest after seeing them on Herbie Fully Loaded. Boy… could those babies bounce back then!

That’s a little.

Stalk me now. I dare you.