Come on now. How can anyone NOT be totally in love with Amanda Bynes?

Look at that dress! Those boots! That’s totally a ‘fuck me. hard.’ outfit if there ever was one.

Amanda Bynes is made of WIN and DO WANT. Totally.

PS: There is absolutely nothing wrong with Amanda Bynes’ face. Or Jojo’s.

Hayden Panettiere

The Heroes cast went to Paris to promote the release of Season 1 on DVD. Our barely legal cheerleader took the opportunity in the City of Lights to strut her stuff in a chest-baring gold dress…

Wait…is that what I think it is?

Is there such a thing as side-nipple?

I need a ruling on this one…


So how about that Halloween remake eh?

from: cody
date: Aug 29, 2007 3:33 PM
subject: halloween remake

just saw it and there is at least 3 pairs of nice tits so u should most definantly check it out and get so pics on the site most r definatly fap able

At least three pairs but only one worth mentioning: Danielle Harris’!

I haven’t seen the flick yet but will probably download it when i find some time.

Miley Cyrus

Well, now that Hayden is all legal, I’m sure more than a few of our loyal fubarians lost interest immediately. Have no fear, a new underage postergirl has arrived to take her place in your hearts (or locations south). Say hello to Miss Destiny Hope Cyrus, better known to young fans of Hannah Montana and Disney Channel-watching pervs as Miley.

These pics were taken over the weekend at the Teen Choice Awards. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering…Billy Ray’s little girl will be turning 15 at the end of November.

FUN FACT: Miley’s godmother is Dolly Parton.


I love scans with the article still in them. Makes for good free readin’!

(am too cheap to buy the actual magazine).

Jaime Pressly needs to get naked again. Sure, she’s been naked before (e.g Playboy, that Poison Ivy movie etc) but not with the body that she has right now!