Jessica Biel

Miss Biel was looking as hawt as I’ve seen her look in some time at the premiere of her new movie Easy Virtue (wut) in Rome this week.

Look at that dress, those curves…Jessica was a glittering goddess.

Still one of the best bods in the biz. Yumb.


Remember Psycho Girl?

from: pete
date: Oct 26, 2008 4:19 PM
subject: Psycho Girl’s MySpace?

This is her. Isn’t it?


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from: Justin
to: pete
date: Oct 26, 2008 5:21 PM
subject: Re: Psycho Girl’s MySpace?

oh snap. it sure looks like it could be her!

time to fap to her video again.


Olivia Munn

With Halloween right around the corner, Miss Munn did a yumby costume photoshoot for Complex magazine.

She wore some classics, such as sexy bunny and sexy librarian, but also busted out some more original ones like Chun Li (always a fave for us azn chicks) and In-N-Out girl.

Trick or Treat, bitches! ^_^

Lindsay Lohan

I’m trying to clean stuff off my hard drive, so I’m getting rid of these semi-seethru candids of teh Hohan.

Is it just my imagination, or do I see puffies in some of these? If so, Justin will be pleased.

Do we still care about Lindsay, or should I just skip stuff like this in the future?

Dakota Fanning

Who’s the 14-year old sophomore cutie who made her high school’s varsity cheerleading squad?

Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar! All for Dakota, stand up and holler! WOO!

Thanks to Dex for bringing these pedolicious pics to my attention, and Pacific Coast News for the images.

Mila Kunis

Yumby cleavage from the red carpet at the premiere of Mila’s latest, Max Payne.

This can’t possibly be as bad a movie as Marky Mark’s last one.

The Happening? More like The Crappening.