Who Am I?

I took it off before my career took off, posing for these pics when I was 18 or 19.

But I’d already gone nude on the silver screen when I was just 17.

Who am I?

Note to the starlets of the 21st century: getting naked didn’t seem to hurt this woman’s career, something to think about when you are obsessively having those no-nudity clauses written into your contracts.


I’m really amazed that this isn’t just a fake movie trailer like the ones you see in Grindhouse (Planet Terror/Death Proof).

This movie actually exists and is apparently coming out (on UK DVD) May 18th.

I should probably mention that it stars Ron Jeremy’s penis.

When a ferocious blizzard strands the cast and crew of an adult film shoot, the ragtag band of eccentric heroes must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien menace which has literally possessed the casts largest member — Ron Jeremy (naturally)

After slaying Ron, his detached penis embarks on a spree of carnal carnage on a colossal scale. With the help of a half-crazed Vietnam vet (Russ Meyer legend Charles Napier), haunted by his own wartime experience with this alien fiend, the race is on to trap and destroy this penile predator before there are more victims of its vicious, utterly unique method of murder.

Starring adult film legends Ron Jeremy & Veronica Hart and Buffy The Vampire Slayer pin-up Amber Benson, One Eyed Monster is an outrageous and spectacular homage to the classic sci-fi horror of “Alien” and “The Thing”. Its also a thrilling, throbbing, thoroughly depraved comedy which dares to invade the parts other aliens can only dream of!

Megan Fox

Pics of the foxy Miss Fox on the Louisiana set of her latest film project, Jonah Hex, have surfaced on the interwebs.

For those unfamiliar with the name, this is a DC Comics property that has attained a cult following over the past three decades or so, based on its antihero title character. It’s set in the American Old West, which should help explain why Megan is dressed up like a saloon whore.

Josh Brolin is playing Jonah, and John Malkovich and Will Arnett are also cast in key roles in the movie which is due in August 2010.


It’s been awhile since Miss Levesque has made a fubar appearance.

Here she is at some charity function that helps fix facial deformities of little kids in third world countries. Ironic?

Jojo is looking pretty thick these days. In fact, if girlfriend isn’t careful, her lower legs could soon find themselves dangerously close to cankle territory.

Miley Cyrus

Miss Cyrus walked the purple and yellow carpet at the London premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie in a short and sparkly silver dress that showed off her legs.

Smiley also showed off a little something else while exiting her ride to the premiere.

Pantsuuuu! ^_^

Jessica Biel

I guess someone managed to get ahold of a copy of Powder Blue, because some screen caps are starting to hit the internets.

Enjoy ur topless Biel.

I predict this may become one of the most torrented DVDs of all time in the not too distant future.

UPDATE: Some enterprising soul decided to use Photoshop on these caps to adjust the red levels and then was nice enough to make some collage images. Since they went to all that trouble, I figured I’d at least add them to our gallery.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

In their May issue, Maxim brings you Miss Hewitt in what they call “her sexiest shoot ever.”

I’ll leave judgment calls like that to our discerning readers, but I’m still leaning towards the green bikini pics Love posed for a few years back.

BONUS: Jordana Brewster has a couple of hawt pics in this issue also. Enjoy.

Mow The Lawn

This fun British commercial was featured this week on Attack of the Show.

I think it makes a fine companion piece to Justin’s last post.

FUN FACT: Shaving may be more convenient, but every girl knows that waxing is smoother and lasts longer. True story.