Michelle Trachtenberg

Hasn’t been a Trachtenbabe post in quite some time, so these pics of her at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will do nicely.

Michelle’s alabaster skin is absolutely flawless in these. I mean, that complexion is simply ridiculous, she looks like a china doll.

In case I didn’t stress this enough, these are freaking hi res CANDIDS, people. We’re not talking about Photoshopped magazine shots here. How on earth is this possible?


I was just wondering, what deodorant do you guys use?

Me, personally, i use Lady Speed Stick. Orchard Blossom for the win!

I love using Lady Speed Stick so much, i bought 3 (because my wife likes to steal them, what the hell woman).

PS: It’s my birthday today! I’m 29.

Taylor Momsen

Remember when I mentioned that I was happy for Dakota Fanning that she wasn’t in a rush to grow up and seemed to be enjoying a normal teenhood unlike so many other starlets around her age?

Well, Taylor Momsen is the flipside of that coin. Here’s the 16-year old dressed up in her finest “sexy vampire” attire at the premiere of Twilight: New Moon in NYC.

Compare these pics with the ones of Dakota at her high school homecoming football game, and then try to digest the fact that Taylor is a whopping seven months older.


Leighton Meester

These hawt pics of Leighton from the upcoming December issue of GQ have been making the rounds on the interwebs, but while many gutless sites have been taking them down, we’re putting them up.

Why? Because we wub you, that’s why. Enjoy! ^_^

Doesn’t look like we’re ever gonna get to see that sex tape, huh?

Dakota Fanning

Dakota’s got spirit, yes she do! Dakota’s got spirit, how ’bout you?

About a year ago, we first got to see Miss Fanning cheering for her Hollywood high school, and each new fall brings football and football brings cheerleaders. The difference this year is that Dakota was named Homecoming Queen Princess. Yay! ^_^

It’s amazing to realize that Dakota is a 15-year old starlet who is actually (gasp) acting like a 15-year old, unlike peers such as Taylor Momsen who seem desperate to grow up as fast as they possibly can. You only get to be young once, it’s an experience that too many take for granted.