Emma Watson

Okay, I’ll own up to not really ever getting what all the fuss was about Hermione, but I’ve got to admit, the girl is growing up nicely.

Here are some candids of her from a couple of events this month. Not crazy about the outfit in the second batch, but those shoes are teh hott sexx. Do want.

Emma’s got sessy legs, and she obviously knows it. Well played, Miss Watson.

Olivia Munn

G4’s most adored hostess appears in another magazine photoshoot, this time for the June issue of FHM.

I also threw in a couple hi res shots of Olivia in her bikini from Attack of the Show’s 420 special, filmed in Hawaii, and one of Miss Munn’s new nude ad for PETA (boo).

ps. Look for Liv in Iron Man 2 this Friday! ^_^