Taylor Momsen

Cindy Lou Who and her band are playing the Warped Tour.

Despite the fact that’s she’s almost a year younger than Smiley, Taylor is not about to be outskanked by that 17-year old hussy, so she put on her best lingerie and flashed some crotch to the cameras around the stage. Beat that, Hannah Montana!

In case you were wondering what jailbait rock sounds like these days, here’s a sample…

So when The Pretty Reckless rolls into your town, put on your Pedobear t-shirt (I know all of you own one) and go check them out!

Selena Gomez

A few of these pics have been teased in the comments by our ever-vigilant jailbait watchers, but I figured why not give you as many as I could scrounge in one handy gallery.

That’s not so much a swimsuit top as it is a Wonderbra, which might account for Miss Gomez’s rather bodacious bikini bosom.

FUN FACT: Selena hits the big one-eight on July 22.