Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a good Spooky Day! This girl and her awesome Starcraft Ghost costume were seen at Blizzcon last weekend, but I think work this good deserves some exposure on the biggest dress-up day of the year.

If I had a costume this kick-ass, I’d have gone to Halloween parties three nights in a row. Yep.

Okay, I’m off to get ready for The Walking Dead on AMC. Zombies ftw…squee! ^_^


Miley Cyrus: November 23, 1992. Not yet 18, but will be soon.

Selena Gomez: July 22, 1992. Legal.

Victoria Justice: February 19, 1993. A few more months.

Emily Osment: March 10, 1992. Legal.

Ariana Grande: June 26, 1993. Not yet legal, few more months…

Demi Lovato: August 20, 1992. Legal.

JoJo Levesque: December 20, 1990. Legal.

Daniella Monet: March 1, 1989. Legal!

Alison Brie: December 29, 1983. Legal! Almost too old.


I’m totally facebook friends with Leeann Tweeden now.


Leeann Tweeden is so hot, i used to fap to her on Fitness Beach on ESPN2 before i even knew she was a model (who had done nudes before). But then again that was all back in like 1996 before the internet was even invented or something so how the hell was i supposed to know she’d done Playboy before. All i had to go on her was her appearances on Fitness Beach. Which used to come on at like 3:30am in the morning in these parts of the world. I’m pretty sure i wore out a VHS tape rewinding and fapping to the good parts of her workouts.

I remembered seeing some screencaps of her all topless on a beach from some video that i never saw. Decided to seek out that vid and it turned out to be some Pamela Anderson and friends type video, called EdenQuest. Downloaded it, edited out all the other girls and now i have about 2:53 minutes worth of full motion topless Leeann Tweeden footage for my spank bank. I would upload it here but it’s like 29 megs big and i’m too stupid to know how to compress it into a manageable size.

If i had a proper top 10 list of women i would love to rail, Leeann Tweeden would probably be in there somewhere. Along with Lacey Chabert, Kristen Bell, Monica Bellucci and Susan Sarandon.


So i hadn’t been following any news about this movie at all and had absolutely no idea what it was about. Initially thought it was a remake of some Wes Craven movie or something (sounded like it) but apparently it’s a remake of some Swedish flick from 2008?

So i checked out the trailer last night and surprise! Chloe ‘Hitgirl’ Moretz was in it! Loved her in Kick-Ass, saw her again in (500) Days of Summer and again in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. It was like when Dakota Fanning started popping up in almost every other movie ever made.

Anyhow, i downloaded the original Let The Right One In and i’m debating whether i should watch that one or the remake first. I read somewhere about how they changed some things in the remake.

But whatever!

A commenter posted a link to this video of Chloe in a pink blue wig and we all know how much we like seeing girls in wigs on this site.

Blue wig, purple wig, Chloe Moretz is pretty awesome.