Is it 12am on the best coast yet? (east coast bitches!)

It’s been 2011 for about 11 hours now where i am. So happy new year and here’s looking forward to more sporadic posts every now and then going forward on this site HOHOHO.



So i downloaded the first 2 episodes of Californication Season 4, and i don’t know who this Addison Timlin chick is but damnnnnn, she has a pair of REALLY NICE TITS.

Like holy shit.

And not only that, Carla Gugino is now on the show too. I REALLY HOPE SHE GETS HER TITS OUT. OMG.


So what’s going on with this whole kewtr thing anyway? As far as i can gather, it was shut down or something? I never followed the site and i think the last time i checked it out was like in 2007 and even then, i don’t remember it being what people in the comments are saying it to be (a real pedo central) or whatever (unlike this site, which only pretends to be). I also remember kewtr offering to help out with some of my server related problems back in 2007 but that’s pretty much the extent of my contact with kewtr and his site.

Anyhow, speaking of getting shut down and whatnot, remember that cybercrimes.us website? (now defunct). I’m actually a bit disappointed that they never managed to shut this site down after all their work and investigation into this site’s alleged cybercrimes pertaining to:

Current Sites Under Investigation


Reason: Pedophile Gather & Resources Site “Illegal Dialogue, references to child rape, incest, kidnapping, corruption of minor child under the age of 16, links to off sites containing all the above and below content, impersonating known minor celebrities, fraud and impersonating a minor child under the age of 16 for either pleasure, profit, fantasy and or fame, dedicating user post able boards to a minor child under the age of 16 in an illicit manner”

And, remember, this site was actually once listed as #2 on their ‘Websites Currently On the Verge of Shutdown Due Our Investigations’ list.


Good try cybercrimes.us, good try.

Bonus link: Man, i wish i had shout out videos likes this for my site back in the day.