Ok so over the next coming 10 posts, i’ll be posting chicks that would probably be in my top 10 chicks i would wanna bang if given the chance in real life.

Or in my dreams.

More likely in my dreams.

But funnily enough though, no matter how much i try, it’s really hard for me to dream of a banging specific chicks. I think of it easy, but to actually fall asleep and dream of doing it with them, it just doesn’t happen.

In fact i can’t even think of a time when i’ve actually dreamt of banging anybody in my top 10. What the fuck dreams. Let me dream of banging my top 10 goddammit! So it’s not just in real life that i can’t bang these chicks, but i can’t even bang ’em in my goddamn dreams? What a load of bull.

But given the chance, these 10 chicks would be the ones.

Starting with…

Amber Heard.

Good God, this chick is hot. So so beautiful.

She’s also a lesbian but who cares. Helps that she’s always naked in almost every movie she does. I remember seeing Amber for the first time in that All The Boys Love Mandy Lane movie. That was like in 2006.

Look at this woman. I say GAT DAAAMN. How can anybody not be into her? Or at least want to bang her. It’s impossible. Unless you have an aversion to incredibly hot women. You’d be crazy. I’m not crazy. I want to bang her.

Even as a brunette she’s hot. Anybody here seen The Informers? I haven’t. But i have seen all the good parts. The good parts where she’s like completed naked. Which is probably like for the entire movie i think but i wouldn’t know. She’s completed naked in all the parts i’ve ever seen of that movie though and that’s good enough.

Anybody else a fan?


FYI, i just finished fapping to Salma Hayek and it’s my birthday today. Didn’t plan on it but i downloaded a 720p BRRip of Ask The Dust last night and figured what the hell. It’s been a while.

So somebody mentioned Chloe Moretz in the comments not too long ago.

Coincidently, i’d also posted a facebook status update like the day before saying:

I also followed up that posting with this:

Both are true.

But it’s strange really. When you really look at Chloe, she’s not exactly THAT great looking but goddamn, there’s just something about her that’s so appealing, i have no idea what it is. Thinking back to Kick-Ass, you never really got to see much of her face, only her mouth and her smirks, so i’m guessing that’s probably what it is. Her mouth. Her lips. How old is she now? I wonder what she’s gonna look like when she’s really grown up.

Oh, here’s that story that i liked up there if anybody’s interested. She’s apparently a real prankster on set.

Chloe Mortez, 14, Tricked Martin Scorsese Into Thinking She’s British

The 14-year-old was handpicked by Martin Scorsese to appear in Hugo after she played an innocent prank on him during her audition.

“It was hilarious. I was speaking in a British accent all the way through the audition,” she tells New York Magazine’s Vulture. “He was like, ‘Wait! You’re American? No way, kid — the whole time I thought you were a Brit.’ I was like, ‘Thank you, Marty.

Oh Chloe.

OH 14! Goddamn, she’s like half my age now. Goddamn i’m getting old.