I love this picture. Took it about 3 years ago at the hospital while my wife was in labor with my first kid. They had these two trainee nurses come in and this one nurse was wearing a ridiculously tight nursing uniform and i had to take a picture. IN SECRET. Can’t remember what her face looked like but she was fairly cute and wore glasses. But dat tightness!

I showed the picture to my wife and she called me a pervert and rolled her eyes. She keeps threatening to delete the picture off my iPad. Won’t happen.


Sigh… and i’ll probably fap to this.

It’s a video which should spark a lot of discussion in the following hours.

Papparazzi Jean-Claude Elfassi announced on his blog he will reveal on friday the images from a sextape with singer Adele, no later than tomorrow on his blog, with no censorship whatsoever.

Likewise, gossip magazine Public announced tonight on its website that the front page from its new issue (to be published tomorrow) will be dedicated to this sextape, which is said to have been made by her ex-boyfriend and published as an act of revenge.

Adele, who was successful in the latest Grammy Awards 2012 by winning 6 trophies, is therefore back on the mediatic stage with a video she must never have wished to be published on the internet. Get more information on security staff for London escorts on this site.

A few days ago the singer published a Tweet saying “I hate papparazzi”. It is certain that she must hate them even more by tomorrow!”

Translated from here. There’s a teaser screenshot on that page.

People who respond with “Do Not Want” really mean to say “will grudgingly download and possibly masturbate to”.


I’m here because Avril’s here and she doing a show tomorrow night at the Stadium.

No idea if she’s already flown in or not. I wonder if there are people waiting for her at the airport. I think her last stop was over in the Philippines. Or was it Japan.

Airport’s like an hours drive away or something and i’m too cheap to take anything but buses and trains while i’m here. Heck, i’m even just walking to the Stadium tomorrow night from where i’m staying (not far, less than a KM away).

Wonder where she’s staying. Probably the Hilton. Time to stalk her Twitter.


I like Kate Upton.

She’s cute and she has an amazing set of tits.

Not everyone likes her though.

Sophia Neophitou is the editor in chief and founder of UK fashion magazine 10, the former creative director of Harper’s Bazaar UK, and a consultant for Antonio Berardi, Roland Mouret, and Elie Saab. In 2011, she was put in charge of casting the Victoria’s Secret runway show. Neophitou spoke to the Times about Upton’s rise to fame, telling the paper that she found the 19-year-old midwesterner average and compared her to a “footballer’s wife”.

“We would never use” Ms. Upton for a Victoria’s Secret show, Ms. Neophitou said by telephone last week from London. And, while Ms. Upton has, in fact, modeled on occasion for the company’s catalog, her look, said Ms. Neophitou, is “too obvious” to be featured in what has become the most widely viewed runway show in the world.

“She’s like a Page 3 girl,” Ms. Neophitou said, referring to the scantily clad voluptuous women featured in The Sun, a London tabloid. “She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

This makes me sad.

You know what else makes me sad?

The fact that Kate Upton has a MUSTACHE.


Will still fap to for the boobs though.


I’ve been thinking a lot about fat Christina Aguilera these days. It’s pretty crazy how she’s let herself go. It’s also pretty crazy that i want to see her naked, fat and all.

I also want to see Snooki naked.

Here are some decidedly not fat pictures of Scarlett Johansson on the beach.


Holy shit. I just discovered today like 10 minutes ago that Sara Rue did another movie where she took her top off in 2009.

And all this time i’ve been occasionally fapping to her fatter self in Gypsy 83 from like 2001.

I’m pleased to note that in the 10 minutes that have since passed, fapping to 2009 topless Sara Rue promptly occurred.

She’s lost a lot of weight since.

I prefer fat Sara Rue. The 2009 version.


It’s that time of year again.

You know, i was actually surprised Kathleen Robertson showed some skin in Boss. Had always wanted to see her naked since seeing her in that movie, Splendor. That was like in what? 1999? Took a while but she finally showed the goods. Not really full on but i’ll take it.

I haven’t seen Sleeping Beauty yet but from the looks of it, Emily Browning get completely naked in it. Did a little Googling expecting her to be British but turns out she’s actually Australian. Close enough LOL.

(i have this theory that every British actress will eventually do a nude scene one day. look out Emma Watson.)

Other nominees i totally fapped to last year were Kirsten Dunst (HOW COULD I NOT?) and Addison Timlin (great set of tits). Surprisingly, i did not fap to Emmy Rossum.

Check out the vid below for tits.