Holy shit it’s 2015.

And looking back, there were only 5 posts in 2014! LOL what the fuck!

Don’t get your hopes up, the site is still technically dead for all intents and purposes. Who knows how many posts there’ll be for 2015.

Anyhow, let’s do something new for once. For the 3 of you out there who still come here. Let’s do an AMA, like on reddit except not on reddit.

FYI, as dead as the site may be, i actually still get notifications anytime anybody leaves a comment. And for those of you who still do, you have my sincere thanks and gratitude for taking the time to come here and keep this site somewhat alive.

So anyway, yeah, let’s see what happens. Ask me anything in the comments and i’ll get around to answering what i can.

Since there’s probably only like 3 people who ever read this post, feel free to ask lots of questions even!