Tonight was a good night

So i was watching this retrospective video on the old Flash TV series from 1990 (on this pretty awesome Youtube channel, give that dude a sub a binge watch on nostalgia like i’ve been doing) and i notice in one of the clips from one of the Trickster episodes; this chick (that played Trickster’s sidekick, Prank) that i remember totally having a crush on in the 80’s and early 90’s and i’m like WOAH it’s her, what’s her name, i gotta know her name. And more importantly, has she ever done any nude scenes.

So i hit up the googles and type in ‘The Flash Trickster Girl’ and click on the first link (to IMDB).

Clicked around checking out the cast list trying to find her name. But wouldn’t you know it, her name isn’t listed and her headshot is nowhere to be found on the IMDB cast page for The Flash (1990).


So ok, IMDB is a bust. Either that or i just didn’t look around hard enough. But fuck it. So i try the google images route. Put in the same search terms and BINGO. First image has her in it. Clicked on the image and BAM, her name is in the picture caption. Corinne Bohrer. So that’s her name. Checked out her IMDB right after that.

Then i saw that she was in Vice Versa, this pretty awesome Fred Savage flick from like 1988, which i remember i had taped on VHS off of a TV broadcast back in the day. Really fun movie. Must’ve watched it like dozens of times.

So anyway, nostalgia sinks in and i’m like ohhh yeahh, i remember her in that movie and i remember thinking she was cute. Vice Versa was a movie i watched a lot as a kid and had always had a crush on her in that movie, never even knowing or remembering what her name was, probably because like the internets didn’t even exist yet or something and how the hell was i supposed to look her up?

I guess the opening credits probably would’ve helped but 8 or 9 or 10 year old me (must’ve been a few years or so after theatrical release since it was on broadcast TV when i taped it) actually bothered to read the opening or closing credits. But whatever.

So anyway, IMDB lists off a bunch of stuff she’s been in. Oh cool she was in Valley Girl? Never actually seen that movie but i’ve definitely heard of it. Saw that she did a few TV commercials too. Neat.

So it’s off to Youtube. Typed in Corinne Bohrer and first clip i see is from Joysticks (1983), a movie where she played a valley girl. Like, woah!

And her in a McDonalds commercial! Goddamn, she’s cute. So fucking would.

Some dude even recently uploaded a clip of her in a Clorox Bleach commercial like a month ago! (August 18 2016)

Dude probably had the same crush i did on her too.

How old is this commercial? She looks fucking fine. Still would.

Then i hit up the trailer for Vice Versa.

What a great movie. And Corinne is cute as fuck in it.

And then i hit up a clip of her as Prank from The Flash. Might as well check her out again in that. Seeing as it was what set me off to search for her.

Mark Hamill before the Joker. Corinne pretty much doing a Harley Quinn. Awesome.

Ok so enough of this. I know her name. Watched a few clips of her from back in the day. Now the important question:

Has she ever been nude? Whaddaya say Mr. Google?

Oh snap. It looks like she has. And hot damn, there’s a clip of her on Celebrity Movie Archive? A site that i’m actually a member of and still have some download credit on? Fuck yeah.

And OH SHIT. She did FULL FRONTAL? That’s like, the best kind of nudity. That’s like, SUPER nudity. And her boobs DO NOT DISAPPOINT. They’re pretty fucking nice.

And that. Is the usual process of when i wanna find out the name of chick i remember crushing on from back in the day. And whether she’s been nude.

The internet is great.

Corinne Bohrer’s boobs are great.