I fixed the old forums!

Holy shit! I managed to recover part of the old (TJNR) forums from between 2004 – 2006!

And it’s pretty much fully functioning! Like 99% of it (had to disable signatures because most of them were in HTML and phpBB3 doesn’t allow html tags in sigs. Posts with html tags are also broken. Oh and i haven’t figured out how to convert avatars yet, if it’s even possible)

But hey!

Fuckin’ mid 2000’s all over again in there! You won’t be able to use your old password but you can use the ‘i forgot my password’ thing to get a new one (delivered to whatever e-mail address you used back in ’04/’05/’06 hahaha). Or you could contact me to reset it.

Anyhow, it’s pretty much all there where it last left off at the time. My memory is a bit hazy but this was probably around after i left TJNR and brought back what was left of the backup of the forum i had at the time.

It was never meant to be as big as it was before (TJNR has split off and become it’s own thing), and really, the only reason i brought back what i had left of the forum was because; for a period of time, this website was using the IPB forum to show all the front page posts (2004 – 2005). I actually converted those posts back as wordpress posts but couldn’t convert all the comments that were left. So the only way to read the comments (which, face it, is really what made this site so entertaining back in the day) was to have the forum back up.

But time wasn’t so kind to the MYSQL database and the forum completely broke. But after lots of searching for forum converters dating back to the early/mid 2000’s, i somehow managed to revive the old IPB board as a phpBB3 board.

The other forum that eventually came to be, which never reached the heights of the old TJNR forums back when i used to run it, is still around. It covers the time period of 2006 – 2016.

Anyhow, the both forums are all fixed, updated and fully functional. If anybody ever wants to use them. If anything, it’s a trip just going back and seeing posts from internet people from 10+ years ago.

I fixed the pedo counter!

Goddamn i missed that thing.

The script broke a while back. Like, a coupla years back. Had to remove it since it wasn’t working. And i never bothered to fix it. Well, mostly because i didn’t have access to the backend to actually fix it but now i got it fixed!

It’s never going to ever show numbers in the hundreds anymore (like back in the day) but at least it’s functioning. Probably need to have javascript enabled on your browser for it to work. Maybe.

Here’s an old screenshot of the site from 2003 when this place used to have hundreds of people on here at any given time.

Is it bad that we joke about pedos and being pedos on here?

(Yes. It is bad and we should feel bad.)

Holy shit i actually have access to the backend of the site again

So. For like, probably, the last couple of years, i haven’t actually been able to access the backend of this website or even FTP stuff onto the server. It’d been so long since i last logged into there, my webhost actually changed management and all my logins and passwords and shit got changed and i never bothered to get all my new login details sorted out.

Long story short, i finally got my request to reset my passwords all done today and i now have access to my own website again.

It’s been so long since i’ve actually seen the files that i have hosted on the server, i nostalgia-ed HARD. Holy shit. It’s like stepping into a time portal to the mid 2000’s.

Anyhow, there’s this one page i had made back in the day where i put up testimonials about the site from the readers at the time and how they came to find out about the site and why they stuck around as regular visitors and damn, looking back at what people were saying; this was a pretty awesome site. At the very least, i’m glad people were entertained by it.

Anyway, go have a look for yourselves. It’s probably been just as long for you as it’s been for me since we last actually saw this page. It even still has the previous layout.

Nostalgia is the damnedest thing.