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by SigmundFrodo
31 Jan 2005 06:51
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Topic: I Miss Making Out
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Eve, you should be expressing these wants to your man. We are not mindreaders.

Personally, I love playing kissyface!
by SigmundFrodo
06 Jan 2005 07:25
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Topic: Alias/Hi Res Jennifer Garner
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Boob job? What boob job? She often has Wonderbra-type bras on during the show... never really seen anything that would make me think she had a boob job. She's gorgeous as is! :wub:
by SigmundFrodo
30 Dec 2004 09:42
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Topic: Classic
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:weep: I had already been missing Jerry Orbach's character, Lenny, on Law & Order and have been eagerly awaiting his reprisal on Law & Order: Trial by Jury. He will be missed.
by SigmundFrodo
29 Dec 2004 13:33
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Topic: Hi Res Jennifer Garner
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Such a natural beauty. I love her freckles. Truly exquisite! :wub:
by SigmundFrodo
23 Dec 2004 06:36
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Topic: G4techTV
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I miss Leo Laporte and "Call for Help" and "Screensavers". Was never a gamer, but I'd watch X-Play just to see Morgan Webb. "Unscrewed" really sucked.... only watched a few. Since they had their big switch to G4 bullshit, I don't even try to find the time slot where they moved Morgan Webb. I do have...
by SigmundFrodo
14 Dec 2004 07:30
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Topic: Hi Res Celeb Mix
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Justin... Your Michelle T. pics are missing a couple side shots in the same dress... with underboobage! I was going to upload them, but apparently admin doesn't think I'm worthy! :weep:
by SigmundFrodo
23 Nov 2004 07:33
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Topic: Stretch marks.
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I've mentioned before on this site that (breast) stretch marks are usually caused from a girl's breasts developing rapidly... a natural occurence. Not that anyone would listen. I love real breasts! As far as strippers go.... seen a lot of them. Lived behind a strip bar for two years. Out our back ga...
by SigmundFrodo
22 Nov 2004 06:16
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Topic: Hi Res Alyssa Milano
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With Thanksgiving so near, I think we should all be thankful she, at least, shaves her pits! ;)
by SigmundFrodo
18 Nov 2004 08:57
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Topic: Kate from Kate's Playground
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Well... it just shows to go you.... any hot-bodded chick can pose naked and guys will look at her. :omfg:
by SigmundFrodo
26 Sep 2004 12:50
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Topic: Hi Res Christina Ricci
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I can appreciate the artistic vision in those pictures. The photographer should win an award for those. Its amazing how she can look so damn hot in some pics and so freakishly alien in others. I believe my favorites are her see-through and topless pics! After all... I am a guy! :P
by SigmundFrodo
24 Sep 2004 05:40
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Topic: LMAO
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I clicked on the link... forbidden... and after reading the comments... I, for one, am grateful I was forbidden!

Mine is a sensitive soul..... and it doesn't like pics of self-mutilation!
by SigmundFrodo
27 Aug 2004 06:44
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Topic: Legend In The Making
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Damn! That girl is HOT. Couldn't get the original site..... thanks for the mirror, Justin... you da' man! If I knew how... I'd mirror it myself.

I had to save that one on my hard drive (its still a little hard!).
by SigmundFrodo
15 Aug 2004 03:35
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Topic: How does it stay up?
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I think that before we make any hasty decisions, we need to study this further. We need many more pictures... of hot chicks modeling this new panty... shown from various angles! :idhitit: :idhitit:
by SigmundFrodo
14 Aug 2004 14:31
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Topic: Kirsten Dunst a dirty girl?
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I just got back home... drunk from a bar... and shouldn't even be replying... but I never saw the attraction for Kirsten Dunst, except for her exceptional breasts! I find her unattractive... but she's got a great set of tits! They are just exquisite! They looked fantastic in that rainy scene from th...