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by macabre
14 Jan 2005 17:34
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Topic: Hi Res Emmy Rossum
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groddy5 Posted Today, 03:48 AM   i've said it once and i'll say it again.. Who the hell is this bitch? am i behind the times or something.. God i hate being 22.. you start to lose touch with the youth base. She's the girl from Mystic River and Phantom of The Opera. Oh, and you only have 3 year...
by macabre
06 Jan 2005 08:55
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Topic: Kiki's boobs
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and this is the woman everyone says i look like???
Wow, you do look like her.
by macabre
30 Dec 2004 09:14
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Topic: Classic
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I AM among peers. I thought I was the only heterosexual male that liked that movie. Would I be going to far if I admitted my love for Footloose and Labyrinth?
by macabre
29 Dec 2004 11:26
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Topic: Hi Res Jennifer Garner
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I like her. Sure she doesnt have perky, or huge tits, but she more than makes up for it in face, abs, and ass. Two thumbs up.
by macabre
16 Dec 2004 12:20
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Topic: Hi Res Scarlett & Natalie
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Awesome pics. I love those ladies. Thanks Justin.

p.s. righthandofgod (post #6) Your an asshole!
by macabre
12 Dec 2004 16:34
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Topic: Hi Res Celeb Mix
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What the hell is Michelle wearing? I think she's hot, and I'm even over looking the food stuck in her teeth, but she's dressed like a Madi Gras float. Kate looks amazing. She reminds me of the hippy chicks I used to date in high school. Probably why I like her. Lohan is over exposed. She used to hav...