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by UncleMao
28 Jul 2006 13:57
Forum: General Banter
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I'm getting a car.

I'm gonna pay $300 to buy a goat to tie to the front of my little red wagon.

...puts anyone's elses mileage to shame.

... Take that, Towelheads. I don't need your filthy Muslim crude.
by UncleMao
28 Jul 2006 13:54
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Has anyone checked out TJNR lately?
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Wax on, Wax off.

... mindless pseudo-Asian wisdom BS talk #1.

Focus on the finger. Not the moon stupid.

...mindless pseudo talk #2.
by UncleMao
28 Jul 2006 13:47
Forum: General Banter
Topic: This question is the worst ever
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Somebody should kill Eamon now before he really gets bored and starts raping pre-schoolers.

...I'm saving this poll as prosecution evidence.
by UncleMao
28 Jul 2006 13:45
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Do asian girls have sideways vaginas?
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Asian vaginas are linked up to their sadness nerves.

Pokery makes them have crying noises
by UncleMao
28 Jul 2006 13:44
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Who is the worst person ever?
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I'm gonna consult the Silver Surfer on this one.
by UncleMao
10 Jul 2006 13:37
Forum: Rants
Topic: Smash!!
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I blame Smash for gaying up POTC2.

I don't care. It's his fault.

Davy Jones is my new Jack Sparrow.
by UncleMao
03 Jul 2006 20:45
Forum: Film
Topic: Mao's list of Commie endorsed flicks
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New 10.

1 Click
2 Slither (heh)
3 The 3 burials of "insert filthy mexican name"
4. Over the Hedge
5. MI:3 (it could have been hell worse)

Yup. There wasnt even 10 decent films to rub together in the last 3 months. Hollywood has been fag.
by UncleMao
03 Jul 2006 20:37
Forum: Film
Topic: SuperPoll
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I really, really wanted to like this film but the second half plot-rot really let me down.

Sorry Clark.
by UncleMao
28 Jun 2006 12:41
Forum: General Banter
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I voted for Bush.


I brokeded the poll.

I will tap all your phones now.
by UncleMao
28 Jun 2006 12:37
Forum: Videogames
Topic: Xbox 360
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He lies. He is a bum.

I have Rumble Roses (because I'm a pervert), Oblivion and deciding whether to buy the upcoming RTS LOTR game or just grab GRAW and Blood Money.

And no I haven't completed Oblivion. My life begs to be attended to.
by UncleMao
28 Jun 2006 12:31
Forum: Sports
Topic: Soccer
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Referees make baby Pele cry.

World cup referees are teh suck.

JSD stop denying your filthy heritage and embrace the beautiful game, you Mexican't.
by UncleMao
05 Jun 2006 14:38
Forum: Television
Topic: That's So Raven
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Is RAVEN a secret nigger code for pigmonkey?
by UncleMao
05 Jun 2006 14:37
Forum: General Banter
Topic: Bored
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I just kicked Brett Ratner in the vagina for leaving Psylocke out.

...And no. The series DOESN'T need Gambit.

unless you are a fag.

Are you? A? Fag?
by UncleMao
05 Jun 2006 14:34
Forum: Anime
Topic: Bathroom sign
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hacking is so 1987.
by UncleMao
05 Jun 2006 14:31
Forum: Sports
Topic: justxpl
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i are the korea.

l33t am i now. green and short be i.