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by whatsup
18 Jan 2005 23:22
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Topic: Hi Res Celebs @ Golden Globes
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Semper Phildelis wrote:Does Jamie Foxx have some sort of tattoo on the back of his head? I think I see something when he turns but they never show it completely.
Yes. Jamie Foxx was recently on Inside the Actors Studio and it is a fake tatoo for a movie he is doing.
by whatsup
13 Jan 2005 02:10
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Topic: Libby Hoeller Lives
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mitchevious, I can't beleive anyone has asked... How did she look?
by whatsup
28 Dec 2004 02:00
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Topic: Hi Res Lacey, Emily & Monica
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Just in case it is accurate... according to Stuff magazine Nicki and Bobcat are only engaged. Love is blind…or maybe it’s just her: The 26–year–old Cox is engaged to her 42–year–old former Unhappily Ever After co–star Bobcat Goldthwait. <a href='
by whatsup
04 Aug 2004 04:16
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Topic: Libby Hoeller Suicide?
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JoeSchmo - Just for the record that isn't Libby.
by whatsup
01 Jul 2004 03:26
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Topic: Lindsay Lohan
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This is not a recycle... Lindsay's dad was arrested again!

<a href=' ... index.html' target='_blank'>Lohan's Father Arrested</a>