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by -L7-
22 Aug 2004 18:55
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Topic: Hi Res Keira Knightley
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Natalie all the way. I fell in love with her when I seen Beautiful Girls.
by -L7-
21 Aug 2004 16:46
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Topic: Hi Res Carly Patterson
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She is 16 and that is acceptable to me. The lack of titties and the fact that she is 3 foot 7 turns me off but can you imagine how hot she would be in bed? I could write a whole new chapter of the Kama Sutra with her.
by -L7-
19 Aug 2004 09:32
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Topic: Pics pic pics
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What the hell happened to Duff's tits? It's like the shrunk in the wash.
by -L7-
17 Aug 2004 10:48
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Topic: Coupla pics
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Hillary makes my penis twitch.
by -L7-
05 Aug 2004 14:56
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Topic: Batman Begins
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This movie looks to suck. Batman Begins? Capitalistic pigs just want another series. It should be how Batman ends. I want to see The Dark Knight Returns staring Bruce Campbell. They could get Frank Miller to write the screenplay...wait he wrote Robocop 2 and 3 so get someone else to write the screen...
by -L7-
16 Jul 2004 12:16
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Topic: Voicemail
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My shitty impression of my redneck Nascar fan friend Jim who has a straight man gay crush on Dale Earnheart Jr. got to be voicemail number one?
by -L7-
09 Jul 2004 15:23
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Topic: Hi Res Avril Lavigne
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I would kiss her with my penis.
by -L7-
07 Jul 2004 13:34
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Topic: Cameron Diaz S&M Video
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