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by Ricochet
08 Jan 2005 01:51
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Topic: CES 2005 - PSP/Xbox 2
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I cant wait until E3 time rolls around, I gotta see the next gen systems. You'll probably be able to see Xbox 2 earlier than that at the GDC conference in March. But you're right - I'd give anything to go to E3 and not be one of those sorry journalists who spend most of the time typing updates into...
by Ricochet
08 Jan 2005 01:42
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Topic: Resident Evil 4
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I remember sitting at home one night and my best friend calling me, begging me to come over because he was too scared to play RE1. He'll deny it up and down now, but that night when I came over, he and his cousin were sitting wide-eyed in front of a big screen tv practically shitting themselves. As ...
by Ricochet
10 Dec 2004 12:28
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Topic: Hi Res Scarlett Johansson
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Was wondering when you were going to put these up. Because I never doubted for a moment you would.

Stretch marks. :wub:
by Ricochet
07 Dec 2004 12:48
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Topic: wub
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i've only seen promo ads for veronica mars. havent watched the actual show yet. she's cute. i think she's 24 but she plays a 17 year old on the show. like how alison lohman was 23/24 but played a 14 year old in matchstick men. Anytime I see picitures of Kristen, she always looks less hot than how s...
by Ricochet
01 Dec 2004 00:14
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Topic: I'm buying this
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My brother's getting me this gift set for Christmas, just as he did the last Spider-Man gift set (with that great Stan Lee interview bundled with it). I'll probably spring for the superbit version after I get surround sound from my girlfriend, again, for Christmas. Tis the season for milking loved o...
by Ricochet
24 Nov 2004 11:29
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Topic: Hi Res Natalie Portman
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When I saw the Closer poster in the local theatre I thought the eyes of the actors looked so touched up and fake, but upon viewing the 7th photo, where you can clearly compare and contrast, I take it all back.

I'm sorry for doubting you Natalie. :wub:
by Ricochet
31 Oct 2004 23:44
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Topic: Fantastic 4
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Scotty is right - we need mirrors. I tried downloading this from joblo and I keep getting an impartial file. No fun.
by Ricochet
30 Oct 2004 10:26
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Topic: Saw
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Was wondering if you were going to talk about this movie Justin. Glad you didn't forget. *Spoilers* I saw this with my girlfriend earlier today. Gotta say that I didn't know much about the movie coming in, and I'm glad. A lot of those killing devices were too cool, especially the reverse bear trap t...
by Ricochet
26 Oct 2004 03:40
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Topic: *ehem*
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But in keeping with the tradition of this site (excluding the uber members that have been around longer than justin)  GO FUCKING INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!!  There is a Newbie INTRO for a reason you cock nobbler. Furthering tradition, I'd like to remind you that a member doesn't need to make a...
by Ricochet
13 Oct 2004 10:35
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Topic: Hi Res Amanda Bynes
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Ares wrote: I think those are pictures of her when she was younger.
Yeah, I was about to say that she looks a lot younger in these pics than usual. She's adorable nonetheless. Bynes would be a great girlfriend.
by Ricochet
12 Oct 2004 05:57
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Topic: Hi Res Ashlee Simpson
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You'd think that, because she's somewhat behind in looks, she'd dress better. Her stylist, if she has one, should be shot.
by Ricochet
06 Oct 2004 22:12
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Topic: Shark Tale
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I was about to say that I thought the worst reviewed CGI movie was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within , but apparently gives that a 45% fresh rating, while A Shark Tale gets 33%. Ew. As for the movie, I saw it last week...and it really is nothing special. I chuckled at a few parts,...
by Ricochet
02 Oct 2004 04:38
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Topic: Psycho Girl Revealed
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How about, instead of calling this girl and freaking her out, just e-mail her and explain, rationally, what the situation is? Maybe even link to the site so she can come here herself and post an explanation of some sort.
by Ricochet
27 Aug 2004 06:16
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Topic: Legend In The Making
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Wow. Throughout the whole vid, I was torn between thinking this was hot and thinking this was creepy.

Imagine trying to break up with this girl? Yeesh.
by Ricochet
18 Jul 2004 10:29
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Topic: FOX TV
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I was reading some posts, and you guys said Angel was cancelled?  Wtf?!?!?!? How is it cancelled?  I thought they were gonna make another season, because the last show I saw was where they were in the alley-way and there were like 900 guys coming there way, and like the really smart guy d...