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by SunDevilZac
02 Dec 2004 15:57
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Topic: Kate from Kate's Playground
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Holy fuck what a buncha grandma's..   warr, whateber shall I do?!!?  the border is too wide now the interweb is too scawery now.. Muahaha! call da mod to come dewete dis cwap..  >_< Really... you prisses will mess up this pretty cool board with your piece of crap "I am soo cool"...
by SunDevilZac
19 Nov 2004 06:44
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Topic: Hi Res Avril Lavigne
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Avril is hot.  She is not punk.  She's Canadian.  If u know Canadian girls, then u know what I'm talking about.  She's a typical Canadian chick. As a matter of fact i know alot of candian girls. In fact i would have to say 99.9% of the girl i know are canadian. I don't understan...
by SunDevilZac
18 Nov 2004 06:27
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Topic: Hi Res Spongebob
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spongebob is fucking cool....scarlett is fucking hot.

her lips are awesome, and i would like to give her a real pearl necklace
by SunDevilZac
16 Nov 2004 14:09
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Topic: Jewel
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damn shes hot. hooooot
by SunDevilZac
28 Oct 2004 09:07
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Topic: Hi Res Ashlee Simpson
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Wow she is one ugly looking thing. I love how she has the biggest smile in every picture, when she knows she is a complete flop. I'm not really quite sure why she is still around...let alone doing SNL. Her music sucks, shes not pretty, and she obviously has no personality. I'd hit it mind you, just ...
by SunDevilZac
26 Oct 2004 03:48
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Topic: *ehem*
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Omg...funniest thing I have EVER seen on this site. I can't believe that silly bitch. Thank you for making my day Justin.
by SunDevilZac
23 Oct 2004 06:51
Topic: Happy Birthday, Seriously!!
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Happy Birthday, bitch.
by SunDevilZac
22 Oct 2004 14:13
Topic: Crazy MODness
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Sampson,Oct 22 2004, 12:30 AM wrote: I don't see why we couldn't try the Sex and Relationships forum.

It's something that everyone would possibly have some input on.
Well, everyone except the socially inept.
Lets try it. Why not. If it doesn't work, fuck it. I'd post there. About anal.
by SunDevilZac
22 Oct 2004 13:38
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Topic: Morgan Webb
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That was fucking boring. She has some white boobies tho, which is hot. But she was just "eh" I would hit it, only if she was doing maintenance work on that server.
by SunDevilZac
21 Oct 2004 13:14
Topic: 2004 "Reg" Mock Elections
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Not sure if I can vote I did anyway.

I cast my vote for the REAL Zac. :wub:
by SunDevilZac
20 Oct 2004 17:14
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Topic: Hi Res Scarlett
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she's amazing, absolutely amazing. my *only* complaint is the hair - i think she looks a little bit better when it isn't quite as bleached. My thoughts exactly. I think she is hot shit. I would hit it. But that hair is fucking killin' me! I have to say, I am not happy in the pants in these pictures...
by SunDevilZac
19 Oct 2004 07:47
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Topic: Hi Res Kelly Preston
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Shes hot...I'd hit it. But who the hell is she?
by SunDevilZac
17 Oct 2004 16:03
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Topic: Yikes!
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OMG Justin I think that those might be the worst pictures you've ever posted online. Those are some fucked up photos!
by SunDevilZac
17 Oct 2004 15:06
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Topic: Internet...s?
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Hey...who gives a fuck if he pronounced it "internets?" Seriously, who really gives a fuck?
by SunDevilZac
16 Oct 2004 07:59
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Topic: !
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Justin wrote: i'm jealous because <a href='http:///board/index.php?showuser=3266' target='_blank'>april</a> actually got to meet him.
wow too bad she didn't give a FUBAR shoutout! what ever happened to her? she stopped posting a while ago it seems