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by Sky
01 Oct 2004 11:00
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Topic: Psycho Girl Revealed
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Hey cool! If this story is right thats kinda cool...Well for me anyway. I live in Central PA, and it is nice to know we have women like that around here. It is also nice to know that we are finally known for something other than the Slinky. :rolleyes: Yep yep, Slinky's and sluts....Doesn't get much ...
by Sky
19 Jul 2004 11:11
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Topic: The Ultimate Versus
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Oh man, wouldn't you know it, I have checked all the local stores, and even checked with all the people in the "know"...No one knows of this.... Man it sounds cool too. Well I guess I will just have to e-bay it. 15 bucks, I guess I can live with that. If anyone finds a torrent of it, let us know. Ma...