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by Nate
16 Dec 2004 11:07
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Topic: Hi Res Scarlett & Natalie
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in the 4th pic scarlet looks really really weird...

really weird

natalie portman is gorgeous... and brilliant... i will marry her

by Nate
27 Nov 2004 11:17
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Topic: I'm back, I think
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I am a sucky newb, but I do say welcome back... and great choice of books, that one is very entertaining.
by Nate
05 Nov 2004 09:27
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Topic: Fill in the blank!
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what a topic People that voted for Bush didn't take their pocketbook to the election. Statistic: In the Gore-Bush election, Gore frequently claimed that Bush's tax cut was for the richest 1% of the country, which was true. Interestingly enough, after that election, a survey was conducted and 30% of ...
by Nate
12 Oct 2004 10:39
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Topic: Hi Res Lindsay Lohan
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What I want to know is what the theorizing on celebrity sexual habits is all about? What information is this based on?  Does ikuve have any experience in psychology, or are they simply pulling this information out of their ass? What's it matter where he gets it from???? Let him entertain our s...
by Nate
27 Sep 2004 10:25
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Topic: Hi Res Lohan & Ricci
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how do i get upgraded from a stupid fucking newbie to just a stupid newbie... is there a proccess???? am i missing some reading... i've been around kinda since before the new format... not as new.... where's the justice?!

and lohan is hot.... i could totally take fez
by Nate
26 Sep 2004 01:20
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Topic: Hi Res Christina Ricci
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does anyone have a link to or the actual pictures from prozac nation.... i like her as well but those pics were....almost as terrifying as the post before....
by Nate
23 Sep 2004 10:31
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Topic: LMAO
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i threw up a little in my mouth, and i only looked at four pictures. please, i beg NEVER AGAIN!
by Nate
20 Sep 2004 02:04
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Topic: Hi Res Alexa Vega
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not hot. well.... maybe from the neck down.... but not really that hot....i'd hit it....
by Nate
15 Sep 2004 10:56
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Topic: Fable
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how are you getting by in college..... that's not a sarcastic question... i'm goin in a year and want to know how you do it... video games all day and still pass i guess
by Nate
06 Sep 2004 01:23
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Topic: AIM and me
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My new goal in life is to somehow say something worth while enough to end up on Justin's buddy list....

I think I've hit a new low.
by Nate
04 Sep 2004 11:18
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Topic: GOP Convention
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Read Al Franken's book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them , very good and excellent research. On the cover is Franken's favorite person Bill O'Reilly, from that fair and balanced news station you mentioned. My current reading is The Lies Bush Tells by David Corn, which is a less Saturday Night L...
by Nate
25 Aug 2004 11:02
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Topic: Hi Res Natalie Portman
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SirLoin wrote: She's smart too, so that adds some mega brownie points. Isn't she going to Harvard?
She graduated from Harvard with a degree in psychology, which officially makes her smarter than I will ever be.
by Nate
15 Aug 2004 13:08
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Topic: Buncha movies
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Also look up "Suspect Zero." Looking up a link to the trailer isn't worth it on this crappy dial-up, but I thought it looked entertaining.
by Nate
29 Jul 2004 12:18
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Topic: My dream girl!
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Although I don't have the capabilities, it would be interesting to see a Conan O'Brien like combination of the body parts of the chics that ya'll wanted combined. It could lead to some entertaining pictures.