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by CrazyBeaner
04 Jan 2005 07:19
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Topic: Kiki's boobs
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I like it, and why, when I click on da link from da main page to go to make a comment, it takes me to the very last page of comments, its starting to get annoying.
by CrazyBeaner
29 Dec 2004 07:38
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Topic: PMS
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I thought it was funny and watnot. Fuck you. random moment of da day, 3 more to go.
by CrazyBeaner
23 Dec 2004 04:02
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Topic: G4techTV
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I don't hate it, but it pisses me off that it's all gamer now. My brother watches it non-stop, until I scream at him and kick his ass to put something good on. I loved The ScreenSavers. I stopped watching for a while and then I see that the one guy is gone and replaced him with 2 people. What happen...
by CrazyBeaner
11 Dec 2004 13:44
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Topic: Hi Res Jessica Biel
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SEXYYYY! She has sexiful eyes.
I apologize.
by CrazyBeaner
28 Nov 2004 15:02
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Topic: Hi Res Chyler/Dominique
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I was looking up pics of Chyler just a few days ago. And Not Another Teen Movie happens to be on right now on Comedy Central, but I already have the movie so watever. Great pics of her in the school girl outfit.
by CrazyBeaner
15 Oct 2004 08:01
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Topic: Hi Res Kathleen Robertson
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She kind of reminded me of Jennie Garth, the chick that plays Amanda Bynes sister. She used to be on 90210 right?
by CrazyBeaner
14 Oct 2004 10:07
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Topic: Hi Res Amanda Bynes
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I think she's real perty.