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by spin0spin0suga
27 Dec 2004 03:58
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Topic: Welcome to the OC, bitch
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Laguna Beach is a terribly boring show and I hate them for using the Postal Service in their intro. And I hate OC for using Phantom Planet. :angry:
by spin0spin0suga
14 Dec 2004 07:35
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Topic: Hi Res Celeb Mix
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my friend had a multicolored eye like that and it turned out to be a tumor in his eye. he got surgery and has a glass eye now. sometiems he wears an eyepatch.

true story.

(does this mean that you'll soon see her with an eyepatch?)
by spin0spin0suga
30 Nov 2004 04:06
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Topic: Hi Res Hilary Duff
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scotty wrote: damn, I missed the good 'ol day when she was slimmer and hittable.&nbsp; <_<
shes fat? :huh:

and by good ol days, you mean when she was 13?