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by The Colonel
31 Jul 2004 10:27
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Topic: Bill O'Reilly vs Michael Moore
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In reality I hate them both.  Why do people believe Michael Moore?  9 times out of 10 he's spinning the truth to meet his agenda.  Thus, it is no longer truth.  I will never understand this. Because you're gay. Even if your hypothetical statistics were correct (and we all know you just made them up...
by The Colonel
29 Jul 2004 13:51
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Topic: Chyna sex tape
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She is fucked up as it her book & on stern she admitted to being traumatized in college when she woke up at a frat party with some guys dick in her mouth and another doing her from behind and not being able to get away. which would lead me to make certain assumptions as to why she is as big ...
by The Colonel
09 Jul 2004 07:48
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Topic: I'D HIT IT
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WP_LeGeNd wrote: I'd hit it.... she could hit me too...
Took the words right from my mouth...